Red plaits were the first thing Gaara saw on a bright May morning. Red plaits and piercing green eyes.
"Yes?" He asked sitting, careful not to wake the pink haired woman beside him
"Father, the academy sent me to talk to you"
Gaara looked impassively at his son. At 14 the child was two thirds his height, and growing still. He'd decided when he was twelve to wear his bright red hair in long thin plaits and kept the style ever since, Kohl rimmed serious looking eyes.
They are good to be serious – he is the next Kazekage after all Gaara thought stretching so his spine cracked "What happened" The time was 8am, the academy would have been open two hours already, taking advantage of the cooler mornings.
"Nothing Father – I was just told to come see you about sex education"

Gaara heard a noise from Sakura's side of the bed that could have been a snort of laughter. He lifted a non-existent eyebrow at his son "Why?"
"They didn't say father, but I assume that you are required to teach me some things they will not be teaching the others"
The Kazekage shook his head "Go to my office"
When the 14 year old had left the room Sakura finally gave into her urge to laugh, curling up and silently chuckling. She was turned over to see the pleading face of her husband.
"Oh no!" she said grinning "no way!"
Puppy eyes
"No! I did the last one!" she said giggling
Gaara nipped her ear playfully "I don't remember complaints"
Sakura shooed him away "Go tell your son about sex…."
Gaara grumbled putting on his robes and mock-glaring at his wife as he headed to the door her voice stopped him "Gaara-koi?"
"Hai?" he said smiling gently at her, still snuggled up in bed
"Try not to take him to a brothel till he's at least 16 will you?" she said sleepily
He sighed "oh Alright if you insist"

She got up two hours later and wondered along to his office to see how they were doing.
From the chart she could see through the keyhole they'd just started female physiology.
"Father, don't you have any without the chest protectors?"
Gaara's reply was mumbled
"What?! You mean they're not funny-shaped chest protectors?"

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