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Trials of Love
Chapter 1
In Sickness and In Health

Weak rays of light from the dawn's new birth crept across the previously
dim room. First, it enlightened the beige carpet, then the dark wooden furniture, and the
bare white walls. At last, however, it reached its final destination in the deepest corner
of the room.

Dark forest green covers swallowed a thin body, engulfing it in its warmth.
The figure lay sprawled over the king size bed, his unnaturally pale skin giving a stark
contrast from his dark covers, and dark, unruly chocolate colored hair.

Warily, amber eyes opened, then quickly shut, as he buried himself deeper in
the safe coven of blankets; eager to escape harsh reality.

Unfortunately, Lady Luck was not on his side.


The teenage boy groaned, his already pounding headache increasing as it
beat to the same rhythm as the alarm clock. Syaoran Li sighed as he clambered out of bed,
resigned to his fate.

Minutes later, he was set for school, donning in his wrinkled uniform
sloppily, his already eternally windblown hair messier than usual. His amber eyes held
a slight sheen to them, and he felt frozen, although his sweat soaked brow spoke

Syaoran, feeling his twisting, wrenching stomach, wisely decided that he
would not be able to digest any food; so skipped breakfast. He did, however,
(remembering how much his mother and sisters would fuss,) drink a tiny sip of milk,
the liquid burning as it made itself through his raw throat.

Wrinkling his nose in distaste, he set the full glass of milk down on the
marble counter, and headed out the door of his apartment into the unforgiving cold


"Ohayo minna-san!" The cheerful greeting bounced against the noisy walls of the
classroom, and many smiled at the optimistic teen and replied warmly.

Emerald eyes danced as she plopped herself down in her seat, smiling at her best

"Ohayo, Tomoyo-chan!"

The dark haired girl smiled sweetly at the grinning brunette. "Ohayo, Sakura-chan."
She responded cheerfully; albeit more calmly.

Sakura Kinomoto turned in her seat, ready to greet her soul mate. "Ohayo, Sy-"
The greeting died on her pale, full lips, as she stared at the empty seat behind her. The beautiful
teen twisted in her seat, trying to see where her long-time boyfriend was hiding.

Green eyes darkened with worry as she examined the crazy classroom, punctual
Syaoran nowhere to be found.

Her concern grew, more then lessened when a slouching figure entered the room
and slid into his seat behind her seconds before the bell rang.

Syaoran sighed as he lay his head on the desk, intent on resting his heavy eyelids
for only a few minutes.

A concerned voice cut through his daze, and his sleep-fogged mind registered his
angel's voice.

"Syao-chan? Are you all right?"

With great effort, he lifted his head up, and smiled weakly to the beautiful face
peering at him. With a yawn, he stated, "Ohayo, Sakura-chan. I'm fine."

Tomoyo and Sakura threw each other disbelieving glances, none which Syaoran
caught, for he had already put his head back on the desk.

The sensei, Mr. Yuski, began to take roll, and Sakura reluctantly turned around so
she was facing him. She could not, however, quench her concerned darting eyes turning to
Syaoran every few seconds.


Hastily, Sakura distractedly replied, "Here!"

After a few more names, he called,




Sakura nudged the dozing boy, and he lifted his head for a moment to mutter a
reply. "Here."

Older, sea blue eyes peered through wire rimmed glasses at his student. After a
moment of contemplating, he stopped roll, and addressed Sakura.


Sakura jumped, startled, and questioned, "Yes?"

Briskly, he announced his order. "Sakura-san, take Li-san to the nurse or office to
be sent home."

A dark head snapped up, and he cursed how the colors seemed to blend together,
the world spinning; lurching into different directions as he protested.

"No, I'm fine!" His hoarse voice grating his vocal cords painfully.

Sakura nodded at the teacher, throwing him a grateful glance. Ignoring Syaoran's
weak protests, she slung a limp arm over her shoulder and helped him stumble out of the
classroom and into the deserted hall. Quickly, she threw a mouthed, 'Bye,' over her shoulder
to Tomoyo's worried face.


When they arrived to the nurse's office, she gave his hazard appearance one look,
and began to write a slip so he could be excused from school. Syaoran sank into a uncomfortable
chair, and sighed wearily, his energy drained from the short walk.

Sakura stared at his miserable form, nibbling on her bottom lip and contemplating
what to do on this situation. She knew that Syaoran lived alone, so if he did manage to get home
without a ride, he would have no one to take care of him. One look at his fever glazed amber
eyes decided it all for her.

Quickly, Sakura hurried over to one of the phones that was on campus, and
dialed a well-known number. ~Please,~ She pleaded, ~Please, please, pick up.~

The phone rang once, twice, then three times. Her spirits began to fall, but on the
fourth ring, a familiar voice answered.


Sakura almost wept with relief. "Onnisan!"

"Kaijou?" Touya asked, confused. "Why are you calling me? Why aren't you in

"Touya, I need you to come right away!"

Her older brother picked up the desperate edge underlayed in her voice, and he,
without question, agreed.

"I'll be there in a few minutes Kaijou. Stay right there."

The teen listened to the dial tone ringing in her ear for only a split second, before
breaking into a relieved smile. She headed out into the office room, to her surprise and horror...

...He was gone.

Sakura burst out the doors of the school, frantically surveying the area surrounding
her. Her sharp eyes picked op the slouched figure trying valiantly to move against the heavy rain
and winds.

The angel's tears pounded down from the heavens, beating ruthlessly against
Syaoran's chilled, almost gray colored skin. Sakura was luckily wearing her light pink raincoat,
but that did little to stop it from soaking her hair.

Quickly, the so named 'Cherry Blossom', caught up with the other sorcerer. She
grabbed an exposed arm, and he stopped.

Amber eyes gazed at her frightened green ones, and he gave her a sickly smile.
"What are you doing out here?" He asked her, tilting his head in confusion. "Why aren't you in

The brunette sorceress ignored his questions, and briskly stated, "Touya is driving
here right now. He's going to take you home." She declined to mention that she was hoping
that her brother would allow her to stay and take care of Syaoran.

Syaoran snorted despite his cold, and smiled wryly. Dryly, he stated, "Your brother
isn't going to want to even see the 'gaki'. There's no way that he's taking me home! He can't
tolerate me; heck he downright HATES me! And you think he's going to take me home and
drench his Mercedes. Ha!" Syaoran chuckled hoarsely, turning to continue his journey, before
breaking into a painful coughing fit.

Just then, a black Mercedes screeched to a halt in front of them, Touya climbing

Syaoran, still doubled over from his coughing, managed to choke out, "Don't worry,
Touya, I'm going. Take Sakura back to class." He turned to go, his coughing growing worse
by the minute.

Sakura threw a pleading look to her surprised brother, and he nodded. Shocked
at Syaoran's words, he wondered, ~Have I really been that cruel to the Gak(he was going to
say Gaki-which means brat)-kid?~ Shamefully, he hurried to the retreating boy, touching his shoulder.

Syaoran turned, surprise clear on his face, quickly turning into a weary expression.
"I'm not going to fight now, Touya-san. Yell at me later."

Touya's guilt grew by the minute as he stared into the tired face. "Come on, kid." He
nudged him gently. "I'm taking you home."

Once again, surprise overtook his features, as well as shock; and he allowed himself
to be led to the car.

Sakura had already gathered thick, woolen blankets and had spread them over
the back seat, and draped one over his shivering shoulders.

The trio rode in silence, Sakura occasionally telling Touya the directions to Syaoran's
apartment complex.

Once, Touya had tried to begin a conversation. "So, kid, where's your mom at?

He did not see Sakura's violently shaking head trying to steer him away from the

A mumbled reply followed the pause of silence. "She's in China."

Touya tried again. "Sisters, brothers?"



A flat, reply answered that one. "Dead."

Touya winced, and stayed silent. ~Man,~ he thought, ~I just screwed up so big
right now. How stupid can I be? I should have just shut up!~ He felt like banging his head
on the conveneitly placed steering wheel, but for the sake of not crashing, he declined doing so.

They finally arrived, and Touya pulled to a stop. Syaoran unbuckled his seatbelt,
and shrugged off the blanket. Before Sakura or Touya could clamber out and help him, he
slid out of the car, and mumbled a "Thank you." to Touya and Sakura.

Touya watched his swaying figure doubtfully. "You sure you don't need help kid?
Me and Sakura could stay here for a while..."

Syaoran waved them off. "Naw. Don't waste your time." With those words, he
stumbled to the lobby, and he made it...almost.

The next thing he was aware of was that the ground was rushing to meet his side
very quickly; worried voices and faces jumbling together as the world spun. Then black began
to cloud his vision, and he was vaguely aware of being shaken, insistent voices pounding in his
head. His eyelids began to close; they were so heavy; shading dull amber eyes...

And then....

There was nothing.

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