Disclaimer: I only own the idea of the story for this one. My friend wrote the poem, RTD wrote the series and created Rose. But I wrote this.

After Doomsday, just Rose.

This is dedicated to Alex Rice! She wrote this poem, and I loved it so much, I just had to use it for this! (with her permission of course!)

Rose sat cross legged on her bed. She was thumbing through a photo album, one of her, Jackie, Pete and the baby. All new memories. She missed the ones she had before the Doctor, the ones with the Doctor, the ones of the Doctor. Everything she had ever known, ever had, was lost. All she had left of him, the man she loved, were dreams, dreams of the times the had together. She'd read a poem earlier that day, and the words of it had remained in her head, floating around, making her realize the truth. She sat there, reciting them, thinking of the reality behind them.

For every dream, there's a dreamer.

Dreams show what the dreamer wishes and knows.

Rose knew what she wanted, what she wished for. It was the same as what she needed. She needed the Doctor. Needed him to hold her, to be with her, and for them to never be apart. He was her life, her soul. Without him she was nothing, a no one.

While the dreamer wishes for what the dreams disclose

Dreams are signs of what life can be like.

But it is only the dreamer who can make the dream a reality.

Her dreams, her memories of being with him, were all she had left of him. Dreams of what her life was like, and how she wished it could still be like. She hated where she was. It might well be Earth, or a version of Earth, but it wasn't her Earth, and she was apart from him. And she'd tried, she had really tried to get back to him, thought of every way in which she could get back, attempting to find ways through the void, despite it being closed. There had to be a way she could get back through, there had to be. She often thought about a reunion, a way of getting back to the Doctor, how it would happen, how he'd take her in his arms and never want to let go. Ever. But she couldn't make it happen. She had no TARDIS, she had nothing. If anyone was going to get through the void it would be the Doctor. Surely he could do it, he was the Doctor, the last Time Lord in existence, he could do anything. That's one thing that hurt Rose so much. He could do anything, yet he hadn't come for her. She hated to think that he actually couldn't, she just wouldn't accept it, couldn't accept it. But he hadn't come. Did he not want to?

Rose shook her head. Of course he wanted to. He'd told her that day on the beach that he was burning up a sun, just to say goodbye. Would he have done that if he hadn't wanted to be with her, even if it was just for such a short time?

Every dreamer has a dream they cannot reach

But those who never reach out will never get any nearer to it.

In life the dreamers are real,

The dreams are not.

In the few months that had gone by since the beach, no matter how often she hoped, prayed, wished or tried, nothing had happened. The one dream she wanted to come true, was the one dream that could never happen. The reality was, that it was just a dream. Just a hope. Just a prayer. Just a wish. Just a need deep down in her heart, that she needed to be with him no matter what.

And that is why I will always be the dreamer

And you will always be the dream

That is only just out of reach.

She knew she'd never stop dreaming, and that she'd never stop dreaming of him. He was her dream, her dream just out of reach.