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Chapter 23: Scars of Love

It became deathly silent. The two twins stared at each other. Nami on the other hand glared at Luffy.

"Nami… what do you mean?" asked Luffy.

"How could you!" shouted Mina.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Nina.

"You should know what I mean." Said Mina, tears weld up in her eyes.

Luffy blinked, "I think you two should talk about this." He said knowing that whatever was going on between Nina and Mina was beyond what was going on with Nami.

"I don't…" said Nina being completely serious.

"How can… how can you join someone evil?" asked Mina.

Nina stared at Mina in complete silence.

"How could you join someone who's clearly evil…" said Mina, "That only causes pain…"

Mina began to shake.

"Do you want to follow that path!" yelled Mina, "Do you want to betray everyone and everything you cared about for something petty..."

Mina began to give off a hollow laugh, "Your reason is petty… you just want to get back at me for dragging you here, so you want to cut off all ties and wants to abandon me and you don't care how you do it."

Tears began to stream Mina's cheek she held up her left palm, "You see this scar! This is the real reason why I left!"

Nina's eyes winded. She didn't even consider that's why Mina left.

"I couldn't face everyone… not after… I… I…" whispered Mina, "They forgave me… but I couldn't… I couldn't…"

"I'm sorry I didn't realize…" said Nina.

Mina looked at her twin sister, glaring harshly at her, "I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" she yelled out.

Nina stood trembling, tears weld up in her eyes.

"That way to harsh." Said Luffy.

Mina turned to Luffy, tears were in her eyes, "Luffy… I have my reasons… just please don't ask."

Nina ran away, followed by Rose. Nami glared at Luffy, "I'm not a member of this crew... understand."

She followed Nina without saying anything more.

Mina took a breath and sat under a tree.

"Please don't talk to me for a while." She said.

They all looked at Mina unsure what to say.

Not too long later… Nina was crying outside Nojiko's house. Rose tried cheering her up but nothing seemed to work.

Inside, Nami was telling Nojiko about her relationship with the crew, knowing it was probably best to leave Nina alone.

"I see…" said Nojiko.

Nami was looking down.

"I have some errands I have to run." Said Nojiko, "I'll be back later."

Nojiko left. And Nami looked down. Nina came in, she had stopped crying.

"You okay?" asked Nami.

"I'm so stupid…" she mumbled while taking a seat, "That thought never even crossed my mind…"

"What was she talking about?" asked Nami.

'You have to promise not to anyone this… at all." Said Nina, "I don't want her to hate me anymore…"

Nina began to tell Nami the story… the story of the meaning of the scar.

Back with the other members of the crew.

"What do you mean you still want them back?" asked Zoro.

"Nami and Nina are still important members of the crew." Said Luffy.

"Looks at Mina, I hate to say this… but she's clearly having a crisis." Said Zoro.

Mina was just looking at her palm, almost in a trace.

Luffy fell backwards, "I'm going to sleep." He said.

Zoro stared at him.

"I think we should leave." Said Johnny.

"Yeah, whatever you're going to do. Count us out." Said Yosaku.

"Whatever." Said Zoro.

The two left…

"So…" said Sanji, "Do you really think Nami killed Usopp."

"Wouldn't put it past her." Said Zoro.

"What did you say?" asked Sanji.

The argument between the two got to the extent they were about to exchange blows, but something got in the way…

Or rather someone… Usopp…

Usopp was lying on the ground twitching…

Back at the Tangerine Farm, Nina finished her story.

Nami was just in shock… while she would question if Mina had told it, Nina was relatively sane.

"I'm a horrible person." Whispered Nina, "I joined you to spite my sister… but… when Mina did that… it was to protect me and mom…"

Nina just started breaking down.

"But…" said Nami.

"Stop…" said Nina, "You have good reasons… unlike me… I just wanted to get away from my sister. You are noble Nami…"

Back with the crew, Luffy had woken up from his nap and saw that Usopp was seriously.

"Usopp? Who did this you?" asked Luffy.

"Sorry… we did that to him." Said Sanji.

"Hey!" came Nojiko's voice.

All but Mina looked up.

Nojiko saw that Mina was still just staring at her hand.

"She's in shock too." Sighed Nojiko.

She turned her attention to the crew.

"Please leave the island and never return." Said Nojiko.

"What? Why?" asked Luffy, "And who are you?"

"That's Nami's sister." Said Usopp.

"Really?" asked Sanji going all lovey dovey.

"That's cool." Said Luffy.

"Because the one thing Nami doesn't need is friends." Said Nojiko, "I'll tell you the story… just promise you'll leave."

"No interested." Said Luffy leaving, "I'm going on a walk."

Nojiko stared at him.

"Don't worry about him." Said Zoro, "But I'll listen to your story."

That was when Zoro fell asleep.

"Don't mind him but I'll listen." Said Usopp.

"Me too." Said Sanji.

"I'll listen too." Said Mina.

"Wow... you seem to be out of your trance." Said Usopp.

"I'm still undergoing BSOD… but that doesn't mean I won't listen." Said Mina.

"BSOD?" asked Usopp with a sweat drop.

"It means Blue Screen of Death." Said Mina.

Usopp could only nod figure out it was something from Mina's world.

"Anyways…" said Nojiko.

Nojiko told the story about how she and Nami were raised by a woman named Belle Mere. Then one day Arlong's crew showed up and took over the island. They demanded the money, and Belle Mere could only for herself or her adoptive daughters. In the end she chose her own life rather than abandoning her children. Because of that Nami made a deal with Arlong to buy back the island if she worked for him.

"So… I guess she's just helping Nami…" whispered Mina, "But that still doesn't mean she didn't spite me…"

Nojiko sweat dropped at that.

"You know you're sister is really torn up about what she did." She said.

"So she knows she's in the wrong…" said Mina, "I'm feeling a little better."

"What?" asked Nojiko.

"There's a reason why Nina did it to spite Mina…" said Usopp.

"It's because she's crazy." Said Usopp.

"Uh-huh…" said Nojiko.

"By the way we're not leaving." Said Mina, "After all you saw how Luffy was acting. We won't leave unless he gives the okay."

Nojiko sweat dropped.

"Don't try to argue." Said Usopp.

"Fine… but remember how strong Arlong is." Said Nojiko leaving.

Back at the Tangerine farm, several marines showed up… they had business there… business involving Nami. And money, esspeiclly the money.

Little did they know is that these marines would change the history of the island forever.

Next Time: The Marines Raid the tangerine orchard looking for Nami's stash. Why are they doing it? Has Arlong double-crossed her? Find out next time!