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Here we go…

As a picture of perfection,

Quiet, shy, respectful, obedient

Isn't that enough?

I tried hard to strive for what you wanted

I did my best, working harder then everybody else

Am I still weak in your eyes, Father?

Your eyes, white like mine

But so hateful and full of spite

While mine are so caring and forgiving

Why are we so different?

We have the same blood flowing through us…right?

No, I have Mother's blood too

Mother was the thing separating us

She was the line,

The unseen border between me and you

Light and dark

Why though?

You loved me before Hanabi was born, before Mother-

I see, now I know why

I remind you of your dear departed wife

Smooth indigo locks, timid ivory eyes and a loving personality

I was the only one who spent limitless time with her

Hours upon hours of life-changing moments

Why was fate so cruel?


I ask myself that question all of the time

Why was fate so cruel to me?

Why am I still weak in your eyes?

Why can I never please you?

Why do I seem so much like Mother?

So much that you shun me for it


I do everything you say

I try everything to my fullest possible extent

I'm not the best, I assure you,

But I can still try!

Give me a chance is all I'm saying!

A chance to change

A chance to grow

A chance to be judged without prejudice

A chance to become what I want

Not the Hyuuga heir,

Or that quiet little girl

But a woman who can succeed in anything she puts her mind to

What I learned from Neji-niisan is that:

Everyone has a path to follow

Regardless of who you are,

Or what clan you come from

There is a road waiting for you.

Don't think that I'm going to leave

Or runaway,

I'm just going to follow my destiny

Why do you seem surprised Father?

Surprised that your eldest daughter is leaving?

No it can't be…

Oh, I see.

Surprised to see a weakling stand up for herself.

I'm leaving Father

Plain and simple.

I will leave this unbearable picture frame

And go wherever the wind takes me.