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Career options…

The life of Saotome Ranma had always been a challenging one, filled to the brim with excitement and other things that were usually draining a lot of his energy. He was already looking out for his graduation, which would be coming soon, just another year for him to wait and do his tests well so he might be able to become a good martial arts instructor or something like that, though he really didn't like the way that his father was making him be the one responsible for all the work that needed to be done around the Dojo.

He looked around for a moment, seeing that he was in class at the moment and the teacher was droning on about a career they would have to pick and try it out for a day or something. Whatever they wanted to choose was free since it would allow them to get the dream job they always wanted, as a special gift from the Diet to the school, with them funding all of it.

For a moment, he sat there as he heard Akane speak with her two girlfriends, Yuka and Sayuri about what she wanted to do. "I always wanted to become a good martial artist and a good housewife so I'll just opt for a cooking career option. Ranma probably will do something with martial arts or the like, the simpleton probably doesn't know much more then that." It was truly peculiar how he managed to catch the sounds of the conversation so well and he absorbed them at the moment, his eyes going towards the girls as they all giggled and then Yuka said that she had always wanted to become a nurse, with Sayuri saying something about becoming a scientist or something, so she would be able to get some good income once she was older.

Ranma thought about the matter for once. I really don't know what to do right now. Martial Arts is just something I do naturally, not something I really want to do. Sure, to work in a Dojo has always been my father's dream but do I really want to do that for the rest of my life, making money for him to feed his fat stomach? I want to be free and see the world, become my own man, just like those people in that Gajin comic that I saw once. Now, let's ask sensei when the choice needs to be handed in…

"Norisaki-sensei, when does the paper needed for the career you want to follow later in life need to be handed in?" for a moment, the old man looked at Ranma, not realizing that it had been the jock of the class who had asked him that. "At the end of the week, Saotome-san."

Ranma nodded to himself, content with the idea of having a few days more to spend on this entire thing, though he knew that it would be somewhat hazardous considering his terrible luck.

The rest of the afternoon was spent having to hear about strange professions that students had once followed, culminating in a story about how a student had once asked to become a superhero or something, but had failed in that due to the lack of superpowers and thus had been dismissed by the hero that had come to be his supervisor for a day and to see whether he had fit the bill for superhero.

"Sensei, what if you wanted to become a superhero too?" Daisuke asked, looking at his sensei who smiled softly. "I wouldn't stop you but you'd need to possess some sort of superpower to be accepted as one, since the superhero will test you for them. Which superhero you get is up to fate, since some of them are actively looking for an aide or something, though what they are looking for varies per hero." Daisuke looked actually a bit put out about that, but then placed the comment. "Ranma would make a good superhero, he's got the looks of one, can punch a good hole in the concrete and is damn fast and he's honorable…" for a moment, Ranma actually considered it, but then realized that most people would discriminate him for turning into a girl all of the time due to his problem with cold and hot water.

Ranma walked to the Tendo home after school ran out, Akane being with a few of her friends, with him having almost no other friends then Hiroshi and Daisuke at school and thus virtually no other contact with people his age, save for his rivals and fiancé's.

As his mind went over the things that had happened at the lesson, in another part of Nerima, a woman was fighting against a man that looked to be dressed in pinkish spandex, wearing a big cape with an insignia of a brain on it. It was clear that this man was a fighter for justice as he was continually attacking with blasts of mental energy, the woman nimbly dodging and cursing like a sailor on crack, who eventually became the father of a motherless child.

"Your evil ways end here, Aracha! You will face justice!" a mental blast was accompanied by that statement and she was launched a pretty good distance away, crashing on the pavement three hundred meters in front of Ranma, who looked up to see a girl wearing an outfit that was consisting of only a few pieces of clothing covering the bare essentials and an elaborate web tattoo on her belly. For a second, Ranma froze, half waiting for a challenger to appear out of thin air to challenge him, but then, he ran towards the girl to see whether she was alright.

"Are you alright Miss?" was the first thing she heard from a male voice that definitively wasn't Brainman, who would have arrested her the first chance he got. "Not quite." She said back with a wince as she opened her eyes and saw that there was a pretty handsome Japanese teenager standing over her, dressed in red and black silks. "There's someone after me, who's been trying to get me into jail for just existing. Could you hide me some--." She was cut off as a voice spoke high in the air.

"I find you consorting with one of the local youth, Aracha. Is this how low you have stooped, corrupting this fine nation's youth to aid your villainous schemes?" for a moment, Ranma looked at the spandex clad hero who floated over them, then shaking his head and sighing deeply. "I'm sorry mister, but this girl looks like she needs some help. If you're going to be in my way, I see no other way then to beat you."

For a moment, the hero watched as the youth got into a ready stance, his mind being as open as a floodgate for him and a laugh came from his mouth, sounding like the typical laughter of a hero. "Don't try to play the hero for that woman, Saotome Ranma. She has killed multiple men and stole enough from the museum of Art in Kyoto to be a wanted person in Japan."

Ranma didn't really fuss about the way that the man knew who he was and then looked up. "I don't care if she killed the Emperor. It's just that you are attacking a woman who obviously is no match for you. You pick on the weak villains so that you look strong and almighty and I've had it with you."

Ranma began to focus his ki into his hands, a glowing orb coming in them as a Moukon Takabisha formed. Suddenly, he felt a headache as his ki halted and then fizzed out, making him look at the superhero and feel a surge of rage come into him as he could no longer feel his body making a connection to his ki and that rage turned into a fierce hatred for the man for locking away his natural energy reserves, effectually killing him off since his body was so saturated with the energy that it required it to be alive.

As he could feel his body begin to ache and a blinding pain to shoot through his body as his energy was now shut off, a survival instinct awoke within him, crazily trying to search for a new source of energy until his Ki could be reconnected.

"I WILL MAKE YOU FEEL EVERY BIT OF PAIN I AM FEELING!" Ranma was no longer himself, the hatred within him having transformed him into the antithesis of what he had been before. For a moment, the normally kindhearted Ranma died and the new, more vicious Ranma awoke within the shell that was now deprived of Ki. For a moment, he stared at the hero, watching his every move as his body turned cold and stiff for a moment.

"What? Why?" Brainman stammered as he could feel how the boy managed to remain standing even though his natural energy being locked away temporarily should have made him faint for a few hours then wake up fine. Unless it had been like his mentor had described and this was one of the few grandmasters of life energy usage who used it to power themselves, it would have all worked… but those grandmasters usually were old and wrinkly, the amount of skill one must have being enormous as it wasn't known.

Ranma jumped into the air, not using any ki but his raw muscles, moving at a speed that was far beyond anything he had achieved with ki boosting it, the lack of energy through his muscles making his movements stiffer then usual. For the moment, he relished in the feeling of hatred that was wafting off his own body, reveling in the manner that he was radiating the feeling of hatred whilst also feeling it within his mind, it being still opened to the brain-reading hero, but that was changing rapidly as his mind underwent changes that were sparked once Ranma came up with them.

Normally, Ranma would have given up on the villainess, considering her to be someone that needed to be locked up, but the recent career choice thing had him all messed up. Then, after the brain manipulating hero had shut him off from his life-energy, he had gained immeasurable rage, an emotion that he nearly never displayed, due to having almost no anger within him save at times when he was emotionally in disarray.

At the moment, he was in a great turmoil as the good side of his emotions was busy with trying to calm him down while a soft and calm and seductive voice was trying to make him see sense. It isn't right to attack a hero! He's only trying to make us calm down and not attack him. He's shut us off from our sustenance, are you going to allow that? Punish him for taking away what is rightfully ours! Can't you feel how your body is undergoing death-like symptoms? Can't you feel the pain? Let your anger overtake you and become someone like the girl on the ground. Can't you sense the darkness in her Ki? She's evil and she likes being evil. What do you have to lose, if only a few friends? Always you fought against evil, so why not become evil and have a little fun? But that would hurt our friends and family! Ranma, you can't join up with the spider lady, because she'd make you into someone you aren't and pervert your purpose in this world! What would you know about purpose? Ranma, why don't you make sure that brain-boy over there gets what's coming to him, then have a little chat with the spider girl over there? I'm sure that she'd be more than willing to tell a bit more about being a villain then mister Oh-I-like-to-make-you-feel-bad-just-because-you-defended-someone-who-i-think-is-evil. Ranma you mustn't give in!

Ranma looked at the hero and then delivered a kick with most of his might, which ended the fight effectively. A foot hit Brainman's crotch with speeds that would put a bullet to shame and a loud cracking sound was heard and Brainman was sent out of the district, straight into the Tokyo Tower, where a dent was formed.

Ranma slumped to the ground the moment he hit it, being out cold. His body felt a lot clearer now that no ki was moving through it anymore, though it was slowly trickling back into his body, a feeling that made him feel warm again.I can survive this! Went through his mind as he could feel the tendrils of unconsciousness grab him.

Aracha, being a superpower endowed human through an accident in her father's laboratory, did have some moral codes by which she worked. By not only seeing that this young man was able to kick a hero a pretty good distance away and not really seeing or sensing that the hero was coming back to finish the deal, looked at the young man and sighed deeply. "Guess I'll have to take you with me or that brain geek is going to finish you off, thinking you to be aligned with me. It was sweet for trying to save me though…"

He awoke to the feeling of something heavy on his chest and as he opened his eyes, he stared into the eight eyes of a huge spider, his eyes looking at the jaws that seemed to click for a moment until his foot slammed into the stomach of the spider, sending it off to the left, allowing him to get up and finally look at the room he was in, noticing the spider décor and the hissing spider in the corner as it struggled to get up, finally managing to after rolling around a little bit.

"I see you've met with Jerry, my pet spider." A voice made his head snap to the side, seeing Aracha stand there with an amused grin on her face, clothed in little more then a towel which covered most of her body. Ranma wasn't going to let his hormones flare even despite the fact that this was a woman who looked hot. "Who are you?"

"Aracha is my name as a so-called 'enemy of justice', but you can call me Jessica. So, Ranma, was it? Why did you save me? Anyone else would just have let that brain freak arrest me." Ranma looked at her and then gave her a weird look. "I don't know. It's just something that felt right. That man took away my life energy so I beat him. I can't stand women in pain so that's why I saved you I guess…" for a moment, she stood there and Ranma watched her as she fished a paper out of his school bag, which she had apparently taken with her while she fled the scene. "You need to do a career day or something for your school, right? Allow me to make a suggestion of Supervillain to you. You got the right build, the fast responses and even a lot of power. Under my training you might even discover any superpowers you might have that you didn't know about. Jerry! No touching his food!"

Ranma watched as the spider gave a weird sound and then slunk away, to rest in a webbed over corner, apparently feeling down because its owner spoke to it so harshly. For a moment, he thought about it. "What would being a supervillain entail? Also, don't you guys are supposed not to share power with anyone?"

She looked at him with a slightly questioning look on her face and shook her head. "I'm making an exception today, only because you got rid of that annoying brain-guy." "Oh…" "Well, what we generally do is rob banks, cause the normal heroes to get a head-ache and just band together when a man or woman gets an organization together. Since Superheroes tend to flock together, why shouldn't we do the same? Anyways, I also have some enhancements due to my super powers, which allows me to spit webbing like a normal spider would do from their silk glands through my mouth. It's pretty nifty, but I don't have much more than that, save for a thick skin which helps against small arms fire and some boosted agility."

"Nice." She sighed deeply. "It's not so nice if you know that men always look weirdly at you when you spit a bit of webbing on the ground." Ranma looked at her and then cracked his neck a bit, looking around the room a bit more and seeing that it was tastefully decorated in a manner which seemed to be totally unlike this young woman. "I take it you evicted the old owners of this place?"

"They were nice treats for Jerry…" Ranma sighed deeply at that, knowing that the spider had been about to eat him too or something since it was apparently hungry. For a moment, he watched as there was a silence between them until Aracha smiled slightly and then dropped the towel, making him lower his gaze immediately.

"Oh come ON! You got to look at this nice body at least once Ranma! Can't you see how nice my breasts are?" she posed sexily for him but he kept his eyes focused on the carpet. "I don't want to look. It's gotten me in trouble often enough…" he muttered, thinking back to his fiancé's who would be very uncomfortable for his health if they discovered a woman had offered her body to him and showed her breasts to him. "Women trouble?" she asked, looking at him and then wrapped a hand around him in a gesture of comfort. "Okay, I won't ask you to look at me anymore and get dressed. You can tell me all about your women trouble if you want. I promise I'll listen and give advice."

Soon, he found himself talking all about Shampoo's pushy behavior and how Akane treated him on a daily basis, making him feel depressed at times since she didn't seem to understand him and said he was a pervert for having a curse that transformed him into a girl. She had perked up at that mention and Ranma demonstrated it to her, making her surprised but still able to not cast judgment. He talked about how his best friend turned against him, trying to kill him and then eventually wanted him to marry her because he had promised her, the unknowing child he had been at that age that he'd marry her.

"I pity you." She said as she sat in front of him, dressed in her normal clothes, which consisted of a long t-shirt which covered her upper body and some tight jeans with black shoes to accentuate it. For a moment, he looked at her with his blue eyes apparently focused on her blue-grey eyes and then mumbled something under his breath. "what was that?" she asked softly, looking at him and then hearing him say it out loud. "I'm sorry."

"Why should you be sorry? They are the problem, not you." She replied, feeling angry at the fact that he seemed to be getting depressed by the manner in which he seemed to make all of his problems out to be the end of the world. "I'm sure that it'll be okay in time. Just make your choice and stand up for yourself and it'll all be okay, right?"

Ranma looked up to her and then smiled slightly, his eyes meeting her eyes and then he rose from the bed, standing up and stretching a bit. "I'm going back to my place of residence, Jessica-san. Thank you for listening to me."

She smiled softly and tehn exhaled as she looked at him with wistful eyes, her eyes watching as he departed over the rooftops, going to that Dojo she had seen in the area he was headed, now knowing where he lived.

"I hope we'll meet again, Ranma-san." She addressed him in the correct manner, since she was a foreigner and rarely used Japanese suffixes. She looked at her watch to see what time it was, only to discover that it was time for dinner and that she should be getting some soon or else the restaurant on the corner would be closed, where she got her unhealthy food from, usually consisting of some French fries with some udon noodles as a side dish. Of course, she used ketchup with them, since she liked ketchup.

Ranma touched down on the grass, taking care not to disturb the inhabitants of the house as he walked to the front door, watching for any sign of movement until he came to the door and was just about to open it when he froze. "Sneaking in the house, Saotome?" Nabiki's voice spoke behind him and he looked at her with a dull gaze, no emotions visible on his face as he stared at her for a moment, then replying. "Actually I was going to try to get inside without bothering your sister, but since you're here, allow me to hold the door open for you." The polite gesture was something she didn't expect and a smirk came to her face as she looked at him.

"Well, even the laziest dog can be tamed I guess." Then stepped inside as she passed him, making him close his eyes as his voices warred. Slap her for being insolent to us! Treating us like a pet, always being so condescending against us!She's never been like that to us! You shouldn't hit her, she can't defend herself well! Hit her! She's going to use something against us to cause us harm! Ranma, please don't! This conversation went on within his mind for some time until a conclusion was reached, that they wouldn't attack Nabiki.

"Ranma-kun, what did you fill in on your career sheet?" Akane asked as he entered the room, looking to see if something had survived his father's onslaught of gluttonous intent. He watched how his father looked at a small bowl of rice and just slapped his hand on top of it before the man could eat it. There was a look in Ranma's eyes that hadn't been there before, the older man noticed but passed it off as a trick of the light. After all, Ranma couldn't look similar to the master, right?

Ranma ate slowly, ignoring Akane's requests about his career sheet, knowing that his was still empty of everything save his name, which was printed upon it by the school secretary, as was customary in Furinkan so not to cause confusing things through bad handwriting. "Could you wait until I have finished eating, Akane?" he asked nicely, looking at her and watching how she seemed to be conflicted because he asked nicely and then shut up.

She's finally silent! Hooray! He mentally cheered as he finished his bowl of rice with some of the leftover pickles given to him by Kasumi, which he thanked after the meal. "Yes, Akane?" he asked once he was back in his room, having taken his bag up to the room he and his father had to share and then unpacking slowly while watching the contents of it and making sure that it didn't spill out, since he usually carried some other things in his bag to keep his strength up, some weights since he had the need to train his arms a bit, though his legs were pretty fine too.

"What career did you pick to do on career day?" she asked nicely and Ranma could see the aura of sweetness around her pick up for a moment. Now I know how most people think of her as an angel on earth… she's using that aura thing unconsciously when she wants to know something and it probably affects their chakra to make them like her or something… no wonder she has always had to fight against boys…

He waited for a few seconds to get the suspense up a bit and then said what he had to say on the subject. "I haven't picked a career yet." AKane visibly seemed to deflate about that tidbit of information and he had to hold back a cocky smirk as he answered her. "But I will be done with it by the end of the night, so if you'd just wait until tomorrow, I'll give the answer to the rest of the family, okay?"

She nodded slowly and he wondered if acting like someone that could actually communicate with people instead of insulting them all the time would be better for his health. He somehow knew that it would be pretty hurtful to make those rude comments. Maybe it was because he could feel none of his life-energy at the moment, not even a whisper of it, though he was still able to perform most of his feats, he just didn't have the life-force accessible to him anymore. He wanted to feel it, feeling a bit of it in the area, Akane apparently giving some of it off, but he didn't want that anger filled ki within his body, he wanted something purer, something which would make him feel alive once more, something that was powerful and pure.

He sat in his room for a time, watching the sheet and being puzzled about how to answer some of the questions.

"State the preferred career from the options provided…" he was expecting something like that, even saw superhero being listed as an available choice, but somehow he knew that it wouldn't be something for him. He had killed and for that he wasn't on the good side anymore, since he had felt nothing but rage and anger at that moment because Akane had appeared to be dead to the world and it had made him feel so enraged that everything just burst out from him.

He could feel how his hand became cold all of a sudden, waving it around to get a bit of a feeling into it and then picked up the pen he had grabbed from his bag and then began to cross out the Other possible career option: section on the form, writing the preferred career on the black line that was reserved for that.


He watched as the kanji stood there, looking innocent to him but conveying a deeper meaning behind them then he had initially thought. When he began to think about things, things always seemed to be easier to him than before, which might be attributed to the fact that he used his grey matter for once.

From what Jessica had told him, the life of a super power endowed villain was one of danger, which he liked since it always sent shivers down his spine when he was doing something dangerous, would give him a good amount of money illegally and breaking the law never really was a concern to him since his father did it often enough and he was better than his father in the aspects of thievery, though his father was a coward most of the time too…

For a moment, he watched the kanji be there on the paper and then answered the rest of the questions with a newfound will. He looked at the filled in sheet and then put it into his bag, making sure it was somewhere safe where nobody could find it and then laid himself down to sleep.

The morning was too early for his tastes as a bucket of water was dumped over his head and woke him up. He looked up to see Akane walk away and Genma sleep further, him shaking his head and changing into dry clothing and then going downstairs.

"So, what's your choice? You promised you'd tell us at breakfast, Ranma." For a moment, he decided whether to tuck in or to answer her question. They would of course want to know what he had chosen and he watched as Nabiki entered the room, also looking at him with an inquisitive look. "Well, for my career day, I've chosen the profession of a supervillain."

For a moment, everyone in the room froze as their minds processed the information given, then Nabiki burst into spontaneous laughter. "Come on, a guy like you becoming a supervillain? You need BRAINS for that and you don't have them, Saotome. If you become a supervillain later in life, I'll erase your entire debt."

Ranma didn't react to that, just grabbed his chopsticks and began to eat. The rest of the family, those who had stopped laughing also began to eat breakfast, making Ranma feel a bit out of the loop at the reaction of the family. His own father was eating his fill now and ranma could not help but think that they all seemed to make fun of his suggestion that he'd be a supervillain.

Well, he'd show them. He'd become the best supervillain in the world, even if he had to implant himself with strange things or get strange liquids injected into his body! He would become the best the world would ever see! That he promised himself!

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