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Chapter 1

Angela Montenegro was walking through the halls to the Jeffersonian's Medico-Lab looking down at a file that her best friend, Temperance Brennan, had asked her to take a look at.

She was rounding the last corner when she collided with the body of a man.

"Oh, pardon me."

She looked up into the face of a tall man with bright blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. His smile was bright and charming and his eyes were lively and mischievous.

"No…it's my fault. Shouldn't read and walk at the same time."

"You wouldn't have walked into me if I hadn't been standing here gaping like a fish."

"This is true."

She picked up on the hint of an accent that she couldn't place.

He smiled at her once more before turning back to the lab, his smile softening. She shifted to see what he was looking at and was surprised to see his gaze intent on none other than Temperance Brennan. He was watching her move across the platform, talking to Zach Addy and Jack Hodgins.

"Do you, uh, know Bren?"

His eyes didn't leave the anthropologist as he answered her.

"You could say that."

She was about to ask who the stranger was when she saw the form of another man take the platform stairs, two at a time.

"Hey, Bones! What've you got for me?" they heard him call out.

Bones. The name that only one person was allowed to call her. Special Agent Seeley Booth had been Temperance's partner for the last 2 years and was (at least to Angela) Brennan's ideal lover, but so far the pair was stubbornly avoiding their connection.

The pair at the door was watching as Booth walked over to Temperance and stood behind her as she explained something to him about the set of bones on the examination table, both of their backs to them.

She turned back to the stranger with her most charming smile.

"So…who are you exactly? And how do you know Bren?"

He didn't answer. Instead she noticed his blue eyes were watching Booth and Brennan. After a long moment he answered.

"I'm an old friend of Tempe's."

"Do you…want me to let her know you're here?"

"No, thanks. Give her a few minutes and she'll realize I'm here. It usually never took her more than a few seconds…but considering I haven't seen her in awhile I'll give her a little more time."


She continued into the lab and waved at Hodgins and Zach as she passed them. She saw Hodgins' eyes shift to the man at the door and he met Angela's eyes questioningly. She shook her head and made a 'shush' sign, pointing at a still oblivious Brennan.

She got to the top of the platform and smiled at the pair.

"Morning, sweetie. Morning, Booth."

Booth looked up at her briefly and smiled in greeting before looking back down at the file in Brennan's hands. She didn't even look up.

"Hi, Ange. You see, Booth? The index fingers are missing on all of them, as well as their hearts. This is clearly a serial."

"Trust me, Bones. I believe you. It's just that the FBI is gonna want some more proof."

"How much more do they need!? You've got five bodies all missing both index fingers along with their hearts. What else do-"

She cut off abruptly and her head snapped up.

"Bones? What's wrong?"

"Nothing…I…feel like…"

Her head turned slowly, first to the right then to the left. Angela, Hodgins, Zach, and Booth watched with varying degrees of shock as the scene before them played out.

They saw Temperance's eyes meet those of the man at the door.

His small smile bloomed into a full-fledged grin

Her eyes widened and her jaw fell open in shock.

She stared for five more seconds before bursting into a run. She all but leaped off the top step of the platform to the ground before running across the lab floor at full speed.

He stepped away from the wall as she approached and held open his arms as she hurled herself into them.

He hugged her tightly as her arms went around his neck and he lifted her off the ground and spun her.

Once she was settled on the ground, she leaned back in his arms to look at his face. Her hand ran over his cheek as if trying to convince herself he was there.

She grinned widely as tears filled her eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him again.

Even from across the lab, everyone could hear the happiness and relief in her voice as she spoke one word.


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