May 2, 2007

Oh my gosh! Like I said, Mommy came home today and she told me some things that I have to write down. I'm so excited, I can hardly breathe. Come to find out, Mommy's not so different from me. After I finished writing my entry for yesterday, I told Mommy about the man that I saw in my vision. The one with the ability to attract women by just talking. She decided that she would use my idea about the duct tape so she would still be able to work, even though I told her it wouldn't affect her. Sure enough, he told her, "Hello," before she could get the duct tape on him and it didn't affect Mommy, but when Mommy got there, the man was already talking to Ms. Jarvis and she was about to talk the man into doing some things that Mommy stopped herself from telling me. His name is Stanley Moore and he doesn't know how to control his ability. Mommy sent the man to NTAC Medical and hopefully they will be able to find out how to control his ability. Fortunately, the other news that I have is even better than the man's name.

Mommy called in Jessie Douglas again to try and find out if she could feel anything about this Stanley guy. She was wondering if was able to get his ability under control, would he use it for good or bad. Jessie said he would use it for bad after touching the man's wedding ring. He will be in quarantine for a very long time. Anyway, Mommy laid out her necklace on her desk because her neck was hurting and when she started to rub it, Jessie picked up the necklace to tell Mommy how beautiful it was. Mommy told her, "Thank you," and that it was a present from me for Mother's Day. Jessie told her that her love for me was a love that comes deep within her and that from the moment Mommy was born, I was destined to be her daughter. The lady smiled and Mommy took her necklace back and thanked the lady, but then she remembered that Jessie's powers only work on other 4400-whatevers. She could tell that Mommy was good and that she truly loves me with all that's in her! When she came home, she looked scared, but I think this is the best news ever. I shouldn't really show Mommy how happy I am because this changes so much for her. I guess now that she knows she is one of us, she will understand a little bit better, but that is why the man's talking didn't affect Mommy. Other 4400-whatevers are immune to it because of something that happened with the Promicin and since Mommy was being injected with it by Tess and Dr. Burkhoff, she had it in her system even though she wasn't getting it regularly like other 4400-whatevers.

They are still trying to figure everything out as to how Mommy was watching us land at Highland Beach, but I know because I saw it. I just didn't know it was her. I think I will let her figure it out unless she asks me, but I will write it. That night, Mommy landed at exactly the same time we did, but the future people altered her and everyone else's memories and sent her back a few minutes before we landed, so she would think she was watching it and experiencing it for the first time. She was taken and sent back here for a purpose. The purpose was for me. Don't get me wrong, I still love my mommy and my daddy back in 1946, but just like Mommy, I was taken for a reason. I was taken and sent back to help people and Mommy was taken and sent back to help me, to be my mom. I don't think she's figured out just how great this is and how happy I am. I hope she doesn't stay scared for too much longer. It's not so bad.

The End