The birthday song had been sung, so then Ryoga was passing out his cake he made for my party. I was very surprised to find see that the icing on the cake was perfect, the letters "Happy Birthday Same!" (He was only one letter off this year!), with sparklers and the works. Plus the triple-decker cake looked almost as good as the La Bombe, with only 1/1000th of the fat!

"Hope you guys like it! It's my first time making a cake!" Ryoga proudly stated as he began serving us thick, chunks of cake. I could see clearly the flavors were Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry with chocolate icing.

Rini bent over the table to whisper something to all of us while Ryoga was serving the rest of the cake, "Now guys, this is Paul's first attempt at cakes, so no matter how bad it taste's, let's try to encourage him."

We all nodded silently in agreement, as Ryoga cheered, "Dig in!"

At the same time, all of us (Apart from Jack and Ryoga) dug our forks into the cake, and stuffed it in our mouths.

OO "OH MY MEW!" I gagged, spitting out (Close to throwing up!) the food along with everyone else. "THIS IS SALTER THAN ANYTHING I'VE EVER EATEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!"

"Ya!" said Rini holding back tears as she swallowed the toxic morsel. "And I once ate a big pile of salt!"

"You all lie! The salt content is perfectly fine! It's only 10 ounces less of a lethal dose!" Ryoga defended.

"Oh god!" gasped Jon as he dropped his fork, "I shouldn't of had seconds!" He rushed to the bathroom to perform his own "stomach pump."

Jack stood from his chair and headed towards the door, "I predicted that Ryoga would mess up the party's condiments, so I took the liberty of buying an Ice cream cake for us all."

"Where is it?" I asked, trying to scrape the extremely salty taste out of my mouth with my butter knife. I'm never going to eat any of Ryoga's cake EVER again! Even if it's the last food on Earth!

"I put it in the freezer in your house before we left for camp. I like to think ahead." He calmly stated, grabbing some chips to nibble on the way out.

"Jack, you a ssso ssssmart ssssometimes it ssscares me!" Rini cried as the salt burned her tongue.

Jack exited and then returned a few minutes later with the Ice cream cake, setting it on the table and using a knife to cut it. Jon was also back, hoping that it wouldn't be poison this time.

"Sure it looks good, on the other hand everything taste better with salt!" Yelled Ryoga as he grabbed a big, carton of salt.

"Everyone who wants Ryoga to stay away from this cake apart from his own slice say I." Jon asked.

"I!" Everyone answered in unison, I guess everyone just hated the taste, I never wanted more salt because if I take in any more today I think I'll go into a coma!

"Ba! My salt doesn't like you anyway!" he said hugging and stroking his salt carton.

I wanted to add a witty remark too! "Good news for us." I groaned as I chowed down on the piece of Oreo Ice cream cake.

"Here's your piece Ryoga." Jack said as he slid a piece of cake down to Ryoga.

Despite the fact it landed right in front of him. He was too busy hugging his salt box, stroking it down like a cat and saying, "Precious…" over and over again. Creepy…

"I want cake too!" barked Ada, who was actually sitting with us at the table (She used to be a human, so I figured what the hell, let her eat with us.)

"Sorry Ada, the cake has chocolate in it, so it's very bad for you." Exclaimed Rini.

"DON'T PATIOTIZE ME GIRL! Keeping a woman away from chocolate both a crime against humanity and a death sentence!" Ada growled at Rini.

"Ada! Calm down!" I said while scratching her behind the ears, I took her low pitched growls of comfort were making her at ease.

"Why is Rini talking to that Vaporeon…" Ryoga asked.

OH MAN! I just remembered! Ryoga never went to camp with us, so he doesn't have a clue what's going on! (As if he ever did in the first place).

"Let's say there was a few interesting developments at camp…" Jack started off.

"Sam got bit by a Espeon then grew funky ears and Rini can talk to pokemon!" Jon cheered gleefully. Sure, take no cares whatsoever that your friend is slowly turning into a psychokinetic house pet --

Ryoga paused for several second, his hand still on the salt box, before admitting in a tone of voice I never heard before from him (AKA Serious), "Okay, did you all get hit on the head real hard while you were away?"

"It's no lie Ryoga." Sulking as I removed my hat, ashamed of my… Extra feature. "I was bitten by some weirdo green Espeon, the night after I got bit I turned into an Espeon, when I changed back in the morning I got these…" I grabbed my ears and pulled on them lightly. "What's even worse is that every time I transform I get closer and closer to being nothing more than a housepet!" I was about to break down in tears, damn that Espeon! If I ever see it again…

The room went dead silent, I swear I could actually hear other people's heartbeats with these ears.

I had a feeling Ryoga understood perfectly. He knows first hand how a single event can alter the rest of your life. He swallowed and spoke up, "Your gonna need really big Q-tips to clean those babies…"

At first I let out a Guffaw, then a giggle, then exploded into a small fit of laughter. Ryoga may not know how to cook worth anything, but he's excellent at cheering people up in times of need. "Thanks Ryoga." I sniffed, "I needed that. Shall we watch the DVD that Rini just gave us?"

We all gave a loud cheer (In Ada's case howl) and exited the diner room to the lounge area, Ryoga said he wanted to stay behind to clean the dishes, just as I was leaving the room.

"Sam, let me give you some advice." Spoke Ryoga firmly as he collected dishes on his lap.

"What's up?" I asked walking over to him.

"Your so called "Disability" only limits you as much as you think it can. Don't let it bother you and you'll pull through fine. Trust me I know this first hand." He stated.

I felt like a saying a witty remark, but he was actually serious! The words "Ryoga" and "serious" are not often in the same sentence people! "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind."

"Anytime." He said as he put the last dish on his lap and started wheeling towards the kitchen, "Now go get that movie ready!"

I smiled as I left the kitchen. In times of need like this you can always count on your friends.

After we watched a zombie horror movie (What? We all needed a good scare…) it was getting awfully late. We all decided to sleep in the rec room on the floor. Jack and Jon were fighting over what pillows they want (Jon's had a huge rock in it, warm up the rock and it's actually very nice to sleep on), Ryoga was lying on the floor trying to make the dead Hoothoot dance, ignoring all of our pleas to throw it away because of the stench, and Rini was in the bathroom.

"Nice birthday Sam, even if Paul paralyzed my taste buds for the rest of the night." Complimented Ada as she walked up next to me, trying to worm her way into my sleeping bag.

I was far too busy in my own thoughts to hear what Ada said. Ryoga's advice I took to heart for granted, the psychokinetic powers I get from being part Espeon is also a plus. So this is actually a small advantage in a way! Wow… Ryoga was right… IT'S ONE OF THE SEVEN SIGNS OF THE WORLD ENDING!

Ada became slightly annoyed with my not giving her any bit of attention. "Yoohoo… Sammy…" she called in a playful voice as she tugged lightly on my pajama sleeve.

I shook my head a little to get the thoughts out of my head, now wasn't the time and place for them anyway, it's my birthday and I should enjoy it! "Say Ada, I know nothing about you, what were you like when you were a human?"

Ada appeared to put on her thinking face before she came up with an answer. "I was pretty tall actually… 5 foot 11 roughly. I used to be a model so I had a great body with an athletic build, somewhere in the low D cup bust, and was just starting kickboxing as a hobby." She smiled and stopped there, then spoke to me in a little teasing voice, "Does whittle Sammy-Wammy want to know more about his bride?"

"You mean pet," I corrected her, "How do you know so much about my… Er… 'Wereism"

Ada hung her head, avoiding eye contact with me, as if she was ashamed of something. "I'd rather not talk about that part right now…"

When I was about to open my mouth to ask why, she looked up at me again with a fake smile in an attempt to not make me feel bad. "Besides, I did go through the process you're in now, so I can help out."

I smiled as I rubbed my palm onto her head gently. "Thanks Ada, you may appear to be a nymphomaniac, but you're actually a very kind person."

"Sam!" she giggled, "You called me a person, as in human!"

I gave a small laugh myself. "You know what I mean Ada."

The door to the bathroom opened up, out popped Rini. Looking rather lifeless as she does before she goes to sleep (The medicine is like a legal, long lasting "upper" that keeps her alert and aware, to the point of where she cannot sleep. So before she goes to bed, she skips her usual last dosage of the day. Becoming rather… Passive in addition non-caring, kinda like me when I wake up in the morning.)

"Bathroom free?" asked Jon.

"Mayh…" Rini groaned like a zombie from the movie we just watched, without as much as making eye contact with the rest us, just climbed into her sleeping bag. "Creepy." Ada was rather spooked at how Rini could actually act like this.

"Well everyone, it's about 11:30, so let's get some shut-eye." Jack yawned as he turned off the light switch, everyone started to drift into a deep sleep.

I woke up slowly, there was this very odd feeling in my stomach, like it was empty, but we feasted on chips so there's no way that could be possible. Beyond a shadow of a doubt I just need to go to the washroom instead. I unzipped my sleeping bag and crawled out of it, flicking the covers over Ada, carefully making my way though the minefield of sleeping bags, crushed chips, and candy bar wrappers. Getting to the bathroom I turned on some warm water and splashed it on my face, trying to quell the feelings I had in my stomach. While wiping the water off with my hands, I felt the sharp sting you get when you scratch yourself. I silently cursed under my breath as I opened my eyes. My hands were huge overgrow paws!

"What the?" I nearly yelled as they grew smaller and smaller. The whole bathroom seemed to be shrinking! I wondered if I was being shrunk down to figurine size, then be sold as an overpriced piece of merchandise that the US army would run top-secret tests on!

Fans reading story: Oo

IT CAN HAPPEN PEOPLE! LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME NOW! On the other hand it wasn't until I heard some of my bones pop and crack that I realized I was transforming again! Ada said it would only happen on full moons! The Full moon was yesterday! I quickly sat on the floor stretching my legs in front of me, only to see them grow smaller to the point when the bones actually started to crack and warp into the vague shape of a dogs hind leg. For some reason, this time it only caused mild discomfort, rather than the blinding pain that made be black out last time. I focused on my hands which were more like paws at this point. I continued to watch them until they disappeared into my pajama sleeves, which my legs soon followed. Shortly after all noises subsided, my eyes barely over the collar of my pajama's. "Ada better have a good explanation…" I growled under my breath. I rolled on the floor proceeding to discard my now useless pajama's which only served as a prison right now. After a few minutes of wrestling the clothes off me, I walked out of the bathroom, and towards my friends sleeping.

I couldn't help while glancing over them that some memories of camp come flooding back to my mind. How they helped my keep my spirits up, sacrificing their time to make sure I was okay, heck, even Ada, though a bit perverse helped out by telling me what was going on with me. I gave a weak smile and decided it best that I let them sleep this time. Besides, I think I can take of myself for one night right?

Upon turning around and walking away I smelt something, REALLY strong odor. I gazed back to see Ryoga's dead Hoothoot. Just lying there… Waiting to be dragged outside and buried underground.

"Yea that's right…" I thought to myself as I slinked towards it with as much stealth as I could use. "You got a date with the front lawn…" OO WHAT THE BLOODLY HELL AM I THINKING? Why do I want to bury, let alone drag that dead Hoothoot in my mouth so I can bury it for no purpose in the front yard? "NO! Badsambadsambadsambadsambadsam!" I said hitting my head against the corner of the couch. Sighing, maybe that was my body's… I mean this Espeon's body way of telling me to go outside.

I made my way up the staircase one stair at a time. I'm still not used to this body so I had to move slowly unless I wanted to roll down the stairs, it got pretty scary near the top, knowing if I fall here I could really hurt myself (Maybe break some of my bones since Espeon's are so bloody fragile). I breathed a sign of relief as climbed the last step. I made my way to the door, only to find it closed, with no doggie door, or way to open it in my current state.

"Oh man…" I pouted as I felt weak and defeated on the inside. But somewhere in my mind, Ryoga's words echoed…

"You all lie! The salt content is perfectly fine! It's only 10 less of a lethal dose!"

Ack… Wrong thought, just thinking of that one gets my mouth drier than sandpaper. Lemme find the correct thought… Ah yes, this one:

"Your so called "Disability" only limits you as much as you think it can. Don't let it bother you and you'll pull through fine."

Come to think of it, I did manage to levitate a glass of water at camp, so turning a door knob shouldn't be too difficult right?

Remembering how I did it at camp, I closed my eyes and pictured the door knob in my mind. I pictured it turning, sure enough; I heard noises that the knob was actually turning! After the knob was fully turned I pictured giving it a little push and when I opened my eyes, the door to outside was open! Psychic powers are awesome! It's like having a ghost do chores for you! I smiled as big as I could and walked out the door feeling like I had a brand new fur cut!

… I really gotta stop thinking like this…

As I walked out the door; my nose was attacked by the fragrances of all the flowers in our entire yard! It was like I put my nose up to them to take a big wiff of all of them at once! This smell almost made me melt into a puddle right there. I bounced over to the rosebush gleefully; bent close to take a small sniff of a rose. Before I could though, the smell was so sweet it hurt my nose for a second!

"Too sweet!" I whined as I tried to rub some of the rose's pollen off my nose. Man, maybe this is why Ada never went too close to the flowers.

After I got the pollen off I breathed a sign of relief as the burn left. Though close up the flowers overload my smell, far away they are heavenly to smell. I could stay here all night, breathing in these sweet smelling scents…

"What are you doing here?" I heard a rough, tough, loud male voice behind me. I was only too happy to know who it was.

"Dad!" I squeaked merrily, "I never knew you'd be home today!"

My dad is a bodybuilder and the high school fitness instructor; I'd say he could have NO fat on him whatsoever. People call him, "The coach from hell" and the "Lean, mean, fat burning machine." But under all that he's a very nice guy when you get to know him (Though you do not want to get on his bad side). He stands at an oversized height of almost two meters, body coated in muscles, with black hair and brown eyes, which were currently looking at me with the fury that only the most powerful of Magmars can emit.

"HOW DARE YOU COME BACK TO DIG UP MY FLOWER GARDEN!" his voice shook with anger, his veins looking like they'd explode! "EVOLVING INTO ESPEON WON'T SAVE YOU THIS TIME!" At that point he took an arm stretcher he was using and then broke the springs!

All the while I was dumbfounded. "Dad! I'd never di-" then the tackle of Golem hit my thoughts hard. I was an Espeon, and dad always did have to chase away an Eevee, plus he looked like he was going to be the biggest eruption the Earth had ever seen…


I bolted out of fear right under his legs, dashing to the fence, knowing when I get there I could easily slip though the gate and be home free!

On the other hand I could hear him right on my tail (No pun!). Even as I could run faster, my dad did laps around the neighborhood everyday before breakfast! He was catching up fast! I could only think of what he would do to me if he caught me; probably skin me alive for a rug!

I could hear his breathing nearly down my back now. I was running for my life now! Suddenly, when I felt his breathes hit my backside, I saw something in my head, plain as day or a memory. It showed that he jumped and caught me with ease. Not being possible to be frightened any more than I was, out of pure instinct I leapt to the left, sure after I heard a loud thud behind me. Too scared to stop, I bolted to the gate, leaping though it gracefully, then ran down the street.

"YOU'D BETTER RUN!" I heard my father scream as I ran down the street.

Now, question is, did my jumping out of the way in time save me, or did my… um… "Accident" make him slip? Let's go with the jumping theory! Less embarrassing…

After for running about a block, I slowed down, and laid down on sidewalk. My heart was going beating so fast I thought it would give out. I never had seen my dad that angry before… That Eevee must have done some things to REALLY upset him that much.

Also unexplained is my thought I had back there. As soon as his breath touched my fur it was like a whole new memory instantly appeared in my head, only it never happened yet. I think people say that Espeon's can predict the future through the wind. If this is true, MAN! Picture all the possibilities this has! Test answers solved! Miracle cures found! TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WEEK OF, "ALL OUR TRAINERS!" I HAVE THE POWER!

I couldn't help slip a grin on my face. Being an Espeon has more perks than I ever thought of before!

"I'm bad… So bad it's almost good…" I heard a voice say, I looked over to see a small 10 year old kid under a lamppost, tossing a rock up and down in his hand. "Bad to the bone…" he sang to himself. "Listen mutt this is my part of town, leave now or find out how bad I really can be…"

"Pppt!" was the sound I made as I stuck my tongue out at him. I know the future, do your worst punk wannabe kid!

The kid gritted his teeth and clasped his rock tightly. "Your worthless mutt!" he hissed, "It's about how dangerous you see I AM!"

Upon that, he skipped a windup to throw the rock at me with impressive speed. Just as I thought, a crystal clear image came to my head telling me when and where the rock would hit, at my hind legs in about half a second. Swinging my body to the right, I totally dodged the rock. Sitting up, I mocked him again my sticking my tongue out at him.

"Oh… Think your special huh?" he hissed, sounding angrier than last time. "Okay then, dodge these!" he grabbed about 7 rocks, each about the size of the gem in my forehead to throw at me.

The prediction came even earlier than last time! I knew exactly when the 7 rocks would hit and when too, plus that rocks 3 and 5 would hit each other too! I gracefully dodged them all as I closed my eyes plus stuck out my tongue again. These powers rock!

I then heard the sound of a tractor engine, in addition to the many sounds of sneakers. I slowly opened my eyes with my tongue still out to witness a shocking site. Twelve 10 year olds, all standing with rocks, with a bulldozer full of smaller rocks behind them, the wind told me that I wouldn't be able to dodge all of them this time either…

This is a really bad day for me…

My hind legs let me kick off with enough force to shoot out of a cannon, I was off, and so were the kids with their near endless supply of rocks with the bulldozer. They threw rocks at me as I ran, my predictions made it easy to avoid them while running, still I was tried from the sprint from my house so my dogs were barkin to stop. I looked ahead and saw a nice alley, good and dark. Should be able to loose them in there, I leapt into the alley, just as the last rock flew past me to hit a Pikachu in the head.

As I watched from the darkness, the kids started poking the Pikachu playfully.

"Is it dead?" One asked.

5 kids, carrying a HUGE rock, dropped it on the Pikachu. They all burst into laughter as the Pikachu said from the rock, "Receive heaven's punishment!" Allowing a HUGE Marshmallow to fall on top the kids, the bulldozer and the Pikachu.

Today… Is the second most screwed up day in my life…

Exhausted, I laid down on the ground, not caring what was actually in this filthy alley. I must have run two marathons today! I started to pant automatically; I remembered this is how dog pokemon sweat so I let it go. "Why can't I just go to sleep…" I moaned, my legs were throbbing, I was exhausted, it must be at least 1:00 in the morning, Ryoga's salt poison still in my bloodstream (That alone SHOULD knock me in a coma!) but I was wide awake! I decided that I should just head home now, try to get some sleep. Besides, I've seen the outside as an Espeon, I've had my fun. It was now time for a good rest...

FWAP! The sound of a rather big net hit the ground around me as I felt a nylon mesh surround me. Oh no, please don't tell me…

"Another one's in the bag." A voice said behind me. "You won't be digging up flower gardens any more Espeon."

I slowly looked behind me as I say a man in a baggy white suit with a blue hat, green eye, red hair, about in his early 30's. His name tag read, "Josh Steinberg" and underneath that tag was a badge saying, "Animal control."

NNNOOO! Dad actually called the pound on me! He thinks I'm that Eevee! I can't go to the pound, it's like jail, and I'm too young! I'll transform in a public building and my secret will be out! I'll be a freak they'll use for genetic testing of sorts! I tried to chew on the net but to no avail.

"Go ahead, chew all you want." Josh said as he grabbed me by the neck and flipped the net upside down so I was trapped when he let go of me.

Why? Why did this have to happen? I just wanted to see outside, why does everything go horribly wrong while I'm in this body? Accepting my fate I closed my eyes to give up, as I did, I had yet another vision. It was of the dog catcher tripping up and me falling down! I didn't care why, but this could be my chance to run for it!

Just as my power said, the dog catcher tripped backwards, thanks to my mini-prophecy, I gracefully landed on my legs. I didn't waste a millisecond; I bolted in the opposite direction as the Dog catcher staged to get up. As I ran, I heard a voice calling out behind the dumpster, "Over here! Hide here!" it said. I REALLY didn't want to run any more, so I ran to the dumpster, not the most elegant place to hide, but safe none the less.

"Drat! Where did that mutt go?" growled the dog catcher as he got back on his feet. He searched the alleyway like a hawk eyeing it's pray. My heart was practically beating out of my chest, I was praying that he wouldn't catch me.

"Crap, lost him." the dog catcher muttered as he tossed his net back into the car. "All I need is one more mutt, just ONE more and I can call it quits for tonight, but nnnooo... They are all in hiding." he continued to mumble and complain until he started his van and drove away.

I breathed a sigh of relief, that being a little too close for comfort.

"The least you can do is say thank you." said a voice from the darkness.

"Who's there?" I yipped; the voice was coming from nowhere. "I don't taste that well!"

"That's the thanks I get for saving ya life?" asked the same voice, only this time a Houndour slowly appeared in front of me. He appeared to be a normal run-of-the-mill Houndour, nothing more.

I couldn't believe my eyes. "How did you do that?"

"Faint attack duh." he snickered. "That was me who also tripped up the dog catcher back there."

"Thanks a lot!" I replied, "I really didn't want to be caught..."

"Least I could do for ya. What's your name?" he asked in his ghetto accent.

"Sam." I barked, "Yours?"

"Name's Eric." he glanced over the area looking or the dog catcher again.

Then an all too familiar voice piped up behind me, "My name is Ada!"

Eric and I leaped up; yipping at the fright Ada gave us.

"Ada! What are you doing here?" I barked

"Dunno." She shrugged. "Leaving the house seemed like a hip thing these days and I wanted to fit in."

"Heeeeelllllooooo foxy lady!" growled Eric in an erotic tone. "Let's say me and you later go to my love nest."

"Not in your lifetime." Ada snorted. "I'm Sam's Fiancée!"

"Woah! Sorry Sam! I didn't know she was taken!" Eric quickly apologized.

"She's not! By all means take her!" I responded quickly. I don't want Ada as my wife, why can't she see that?

"Getting back to the topic you guys were talking about, why did you help my Groom?" Ada asked.

"I seen that dog catcher take enough of my friends away, I just can't let him get away with it." Eric growled out of anger.

"Why not just attack him?" I questioned.

"Some tried it. They just come back with guns, some actually kill us…" Eric sighed

"Does he have some pokemon in his van right now?" Ada asked again.

Eric replied as he looked out on the other end of the dumpster. "Yes, he has about 9 in there currently."

"I got an idea!" I announced, "Why don't we free the pokemon! One of us can distract him while the others can free the captured pokemon!"

"B-But there's only three of us!" Eric tried to point out.

"Only three or three whole pokemon, it's all upon of how you look on things." Ada chimed in. "Besides, I'm a genius; thinking up a plan should be easy! Sam!"

"Huh?" I was still lost in her first quote. Three is still three… Right?

"You can see the future, can you predict when the dog catcher will be back?" I dunno if it's me, but Ada is kinda cool when she takes charge.

"About…" I collected my thoughts, trying to see when the dog catcher will be back. "About 1 hour."

"Eric, how well do you know these alleyways?" Ada commanded.

"Like the back of my paw, I grew up in this joint." Eric said with a hint of pride in his voice.

"Great! I got a plan! So listen up!" Ada then whispered the plan to each of us, remembering what our role may be.

Ada and I were across the street hidden away for the dog catcher to come, Eric sitting the middle of the street. If my foresight is correct (Which it has been so far), my guess is that the dog catcher will be back in… 10 seconds.

"Get ready Eric!" I warned him.

"Remember!" reminded Ada, "We need about 1 minute!"

"No problem. I lead this guy on longer chases for fun!" Eric boasted.

As the van came around the corner 2 seconds later than what I had thought, it stopped in front of Eric.

"Give up do ya?" said the driver as he got out of his truck, putting together his net, "Tonight you're finally mine!"

He then started to run after Eric, net over his head ready to slam it down on them.

"Okay! Now Sam go!" Ada yelled.

We bolted to the van, I unlocked and opened the passenger side door for Ada, then started to open the locks on the van.

While I was opening the locks, Ada was inside fumbling with the stick shift. As you could imagine it's hard for a Vaporeon to operate a stick shift.

After 45 seconds, I had almost finishing opening the cages in the back. Seven pokemon were free as Ada jumped out of the car.

"It hurt my teeth a little, but the truck is now in drive." She said.

"Good." I replied as I opened that last gate. "That's the last of them. Eric should be back soon as well."

Sure enough Eric came out of the alleyway, dog catcher in tow.

"Wa… What is this?" he yelled in shock as he saw all the pokemon that he had caught earlier tonight were staring at him.

Even though they all wanted to attack him, they knew they couldn't. But I had a better plan, to hit him where it hurts.

"Hey catcher!" I barked as I gave a psychic push to his truck, "FETCH!"

The truck slowly started to roll down the hill, then picked up speed. It was heading to the docks!

"OH CRAP NO!" the catcher screamed as he threw down the net and started a failing attempt to go after the truck. "THE TRUCK!"

We all laughed as we watched it plummet down the hill, to the docks, then into the water. The dog catcher actually dove in after it.

"YES! WOOHOO!" cheers broke out all around us, as if to celebrate as that tyrant was defeated, "THREE CHEERS FOR SAM AND ADA!"

"Oh come on guys…" I blushed, "It was nothing really…"

"You kiddin? That was awesome!" Eric was filled with joy, "I got all my friends back! We're gonna party until noon! PARTY FOR SAM!"

Speaking time, I really wondered how late it was. As I looked at the street clock I found out… 5:49! OH NO!"

"CRAP! Sorry guys! Gotta run!" I bolted off back to my house in a hurry. Please let me get back in time! Don't let me morph nude in the middle of the city!

Third person perspective

"Where can Sam be?" Rini complained, looking under the furniture in the house.

"I have no idea, but you won't find him under that sofa." Replied Mr. Healman, "He stopped doing that when he was nine."

"I just finished the west wing." Declared Jack, "Nothing out of the oridinary."

"Great! I try to come home to surprise my son on his birthday and the only time I can he's not home!" Mr. Healman punches a pillow.

Rini decided it was time to tell Sam's father about what happened to him at summer camp. "Mr. Healman… You see the truth about Sam i-"

The intercom made a buzzing noise, the sound it makes when someone is at the front gates.

"Who can that be?" Jack thought to himself as he pushed the button on the video camera to the gate.

"Hello! Guys it's me Sam!" Sam pleaded as he covered up his shame, "Let me in!"

"SON!" his father rushed over to the intercom, and was shocked to see him naked. "Why are you naked in public with those stupid Espeon ears and tail?"

"Long story! LET ME IN! I DON'T WANNA BE SEEN LIKE THIS!" Sam begged.

Rini, Jack and Jon couldn't help but to burst out laughing as they watched Sam run into the house with Ada on his tail.