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Axel frowned. This wasn't supposed to happen. Never in the exsistance of the whole world had this happened before! Ok, maybe it had accidently happened once or twice, but never had it gone down this badly! Never, never, never! Now Axel was going to have to call the Navy! And the Marines! And the Restoration Committee! Damn it!

"God damn it, Demyx!" He finally voiced his thoughts…knowing that the thoughts in his head had seemed a little pervy…but of course, he didn't regret thinking them.

Demyx giggled as he stood on the couch in their dorm room. "I'm winning!" He yell, pressing frantically at the controls of his game system. He was actually beating Axel! Which he did like…every other time they played this game. Axel wasn't as good as he liked to think. Demyx could imagine him yelling and thinking about calling the Marines and Restoration Committee. Yeah. Squall would love that.

Axel started pounding on the controls now, wishing he hadn't agreed to play this game. His mother had always taught him to stop while he was ahead, but nooo! His ego had to take a hold of his brain and KILL IT! DAMN! "Damn it!" The fire flared in his eyes. He hoped it was enough to make Demyx cower for a moment while he could regain his character's balance enough so he could fight back. He HAD to win…or someone was going to get hurt…

Demyx delivered the final blow. "Hiya!" he screeched, happily, bouncing on the couch in victory. He lifted his arms to make a V for victory.

Axel tossed the controller violently on the ground as he stood from the couch. "Damn you, Demyx!" He had lost…and that never happened. Even if Demyx thought that he was the best around, he wasn't. Axel hated how he thought it was funny Axel considered calling the army each time he lost this badly…which was only like, one other time, of course. Damn that blond. How did he get to be so good?

"Axel! Don't be mad!" came Demyx's happy reply as he sat back down on the couch, eager to play another game.

Axel stalked off to his room. "How can I not be? Now leave me the fuck alone."

Demyx sighed as he watched Axel walk off. His temper was a little much lately. And it was starting to wear on everyone Axel hung out with.

Shrugging, he turned back to his game. Time for one player time…


Roxas sighed. He and his twin brother, Sora, had to start the new school year at a new school. They had just moved from Twilight Town to Hallow Bastion, which was about five times the size of their old school, so they had to get used to packed hallways and annoying people…but now only that! The school they were going to had a college right across the street…so not only did he have to deal with the high school kids, but he had to deal with college kids, too!

He lay down on his bed and tried to fall asleep.


Axel woke up late. Very late. He quickly put on his black sweat shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, then as he was running out of the door, he slipping into his black high top converse (he had a green pair, too) as he half ran to his car.

He went to this college right across from a high school and he pretty much hated it. College wasn't so bad, but he was so sick of all of the high school kids. A lot of the freshmen liked to gawk at his insane (insane to them…natural for Axel) hair color.

As he was getting out of his car, he glared at two juniors staring at his hair as he made his way over to his group of friends at their usual spot, down by the front of the huge main building.

Marluxia saw him first. "Hey, Axel. What's up?"

Axel shook his head. "I want this god damn day over with."

Saix looked over. "Good morning, Axel."

Axel nodded a hello. He didn't really like talking to Saix after…after one night where the two boys were a little too drunk…and we'll leave it at that.

Xemnas, or mansex as everyone called him behind his back, pulled his lover, Saix, back into the conversation with Xigbar so there was one less person Axel had to deal with. And he was ok with that.

Zexion made his way over to the group, pushing impatiently past freshman and high school students that had though the college was the highschool. "Where is Demyx?"

Axel was surprised. Zexion had just said two words and a name all in the same sentence! That was amazing for the short, emo kid since he usually didn't speak unless spoken to… "He should be getting here soon. He was up before I was."

Zexion and Demyx were…lovers. Passionate lovers…which kind of freaked Axel out…since Demyx was his bestest friend ever. However, Axel was bisexual.

Marluxia tapped on Axel shoulder and pointed out a kid looking around bewildered. "New kid."

Axel snorted, amused as he waved the kid over. Freshman were his favorite, though he would NEVER admit it. In front of his friends, he had to keep up the bad boy appearance…but this kid was too cute! "You need something, kid?"

The kid couldn't take his eyes off the red hair…which pissed Axel off.

Growing more annoyed, Axel waved a hand in front of the boy's face. "You need something?" He repeated in a louder tone, hoping to scare the kid into looking somewhere besides the hair. Maybe Axel should just dye it…

The blonde shook his head. "Just lost."

Before Axel could reply, a cute brunette boy came running up behind Blondie. "Roxas, I found it!"

Blondie, AKA Roxas, nodded to Axel before turning on his heal and muttering, almost to himself. "Never mind, but thanks."

Axel nodded, frowning slightly. "Sure, whatever."

The Brunet stuck out a hand to Axel, pulling Roxas back into the conversation and making Axel smile to himself. "Hi! I'm Sora! And this is my brother, Roxas! We just moved here from Twilight Town!"

At the tone of enthusiasm in the boys face, Axel couldn't help but give a small smile. "I'm Axel. Got it memorized?" He asked, pointing to his temples, which he always did when he said his catch phrase. He could almost see his friends mouthing it along with him.

Sora nodded energetically. "Is that your natural hair color?" The boy continued as if Axel still actually wanted to talk to him.

Roxas jabbed him in the chest. "Sora!" Roxas seemed to expect that his brother was going to say something stupid…and there it was. He felt a little bad that it had been to this new guy that had almost helped him out.

"Yeah, it is," Axel replied regretting waving Roxas over…stupid freshman.

"That's so cool!" Sora exclaimed. "Anyway, we have to go or we'll be late for our first class! We should hang out later!"

Axel almost laughed. Hang out with these two? Yeah…right. Over his dead body. "Yeah, sure, whatever."

Sora's eyes brightened. "Awesome! We'll look ya up!" With that, he turned and ran off.

Roxas have Axel an apologetic look. "Sorry about him." He chased after his brother.

And by now, the entire Organization was watching.

"It's fine…" Axel waved him off.

When he turned back to the group, they were all staring at him, most of them wearing an evil smirk. "What the hell do you people what?"


Roxas couldn't shake the image of Axel from his head. He was gorgeous. The spiky red hair, the piercing green eyes, the small tattoos under his eyes…He was just beautiful…and a college student. Way out of his league.

Sora frowned. "Roxas, are you ok?"

Roxas shook his head to get the mental image of him and Axel doing…something out of his normally innocent young mind. He shouldn't be thinking about such things…if his brother new…well…it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world… "Fine."

Sora shook his head, not believing his brother at all, then turned back to the teacher. Eventually, he knew, that Roxas would tell him everything…so he wasn't going to push his younger brother about any details now.

Roxas sighed. He wasn't gay, damn it! He was straight! Roxas had always though gay people were…odd. The guys pranced around like girls and the girls were all manly. It was just weird…and definitely not his life style. He never wanted to have anything to do with them. Plus, his parents would never be accepting of a gay son. So…all he felt for that redhead was…a small crush.

All the gay people except for his brother, Sora. Sora was perfectly normal…a little happy…but normal.

Axel probably wasn't gay anyway.


Axl sat down in Xemnas's dorm room, after taking a blow to the head…well…almost. Close enough. "You what?" He spat at his 'leader'.

"I want you to get that blonde to join our Organization! Think of it: 'Organization 13'!"

"Why? He's like…a freshman." Everyone knew what Axel thought of Freshman…

Xemnas smiled evilly. "Don't question your superior."

Axel rolled his eyes. Mansex was an asshole. He thought Xemnas was talking the little club/gang he had started a little too seriously. But, in the beginning it was fun…so maybe it would be fun again if that cute little blond kid joined…"Sure, whatever."

Xemnas nodded. "Now, leave. I have business to attend to." He glanced at Saix who was innocently on the couch.

Axel, who was usually all for gay pride and shit, didn't really want to see Saix get raped at the moment, so he got up and walked swiftly out of the room and back to his dorm without another look back, afraid that if he did, he might see Mansex…well…both of them…


Demyx was sitting at the table when Axel came back. Axel thanked whatever god in heaven that he had gotten a fairly normal roommate… "Heya Axel!"

Axel nodded to him as he dumped all of his things at the foot of his usual chair. "Hey."

"What did Mansex want?" Demyx asked, pretending to not really care about the answer as he flipped through the paper.

"He wants Roxas to join the Organization." Axel replied, trying to keep his tone of voice dead, and uncaring. It was a lot harder for the redhead to do…since…Axel was so emotional and all. The thought made Axel chuckle a little bit. Damn, he had blown his cover.

"Oh! That's cool! I can't wait to meet this Roxas! Zexion said he was kind of cute!" Demyx squeaked, pressing one of his palms to the side of his face…something Demyx did when he got excited. Axel didn't really understand it and thought it was really girly, so he just ignored it.

Axel smiled to himself as he pulled the ramen out from the kitchen cabinet. He pretty much lived on the stuff, since no one here liked to cook all that much. The kid was cute...Axel thought adorable fit a little bit better…especially when he blushed. The redhead wouldn't mind twirling the blonde's hair around his fingers. "Yeah, he was cute…"

Demyx smiled, knowingly.



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