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Roxas closed the door to his room, sighing from relief. After Axel had kissed him, he had to leave…although he wished he could have found any reason to stay…maybe he should have left his shoe over there…ANYTHING!

Axel had kissed him. Like, seriously, truly kissed him. Not that cute little peck on the cheek crap…a full on tongue in mouth kiss.

Roxas lay down on his bed giggling. Maybe Axel did like him…just a little bit.


Axel put a movie in the DVD player in the main room, finishing off his piece of pizza with a final gulp. He loved pizza. Almost as much as he loved kissing little blond highschoolers.

However, Roxas did leave pretty quickly after he had kissed him…the redhead hoped that he hadn't moved too quickly for Blondie…

Axel tried to concentrate on the movie, but he couldn't. He found his thoughts straying to Roxas, and the taste of him. It was almost enough to drive him mad. He started craving the little blonde…

It was going to be a long night.


The next morning, Roxas hopped out of bed and quickly, eager to be at school as soon as he could. He had to see Axel today.

Eating his breakfast and showering almost overlapped as he rushed to get ready to leave for school. He grabbed his backpack and stuffed it with his school stuff so he could leave as soon as he was ready.


Axel drove to school slowly. Demyx had told him they needed to talk at school…and he wasn't looking forward to what he wanted to talk about. Demyx only planned these kinds of talks when bad things were happening. Like…Demyx was pregnant.

Damn it! Axel thought to himself. 'I KNEW it!'

Besides the fact that it was impossible for Zexion and Demyx to actually have a baby of their own, Axel was sure the news had to be something tragic like that.

Getting out of the car, he was ambushed by Demyx and the ever-so-reluctant Zexion.

Demyx twirled happily around the redhead, totally unaware that Axel hadn't had his morning dose of coffee, so he wasn't quite awake yet. "Heya! You got up early like I asked!"

Axel nodded, slinging his backpack over one of his shoulders, and fighting off the headache threatening to take over his brain. "Yeah, now what did you want to talk about?"

"Well…Zexion and I…"

"Don't tell me." Axel put his hand over his eyes. "You're pregnant." HE KNEW IT!

Zexion glared while Demyx laughed happily. "No way! Zexion and I want to start a band!"

Axel frowned. Demyx was…childish…but at his age Axel would haven't thought it possible that he wanted to do something…so immature. Seriously…a band? He figured this was another plot of Mansex's. Damn that Mansex!


"We want to start a band! And we want you to be our singer!"

Axel snorted. "Singer."


Axel pursed his lips as he looked over the younger boy's heads to look for Roxas. "Well, let me think about it over my morning tea." He said, sarcastically.

Zexion glared harder. "It isn't a joke, Axel."

Axel was always surprised to hear Zexion speak, and he couldn't help but look down on the little emo's peeved face. "I never said it was."

"Come on," Demyx pleaded. "Just come to a band practice, sing a song Zexion wrote, and if you don't want to be a part of it, then you don't have to."

Axel sighed and rolled his eyes. "Ya know what? Sure. We'll try it."

Demyx jumped into the air happily, raising his fist to the sky. "Yes! I knew you would say yes!" He high-fived Zexion.

Finally, Axel spotted Roxas. "Hey, listen, kiddies, I have to run." He patted Demyx on the back before jogging off towards Roxas.

Demyx ignored him, already lining up a list of the huge concert halls they would have to perform in. Oh, all of the possibilities!


Roxas seemed to be looking for someone too.

"Heya, Roxie." Axel greeted him, coming up behind the blond. He hoped he wasn't interrupting anything…

Roxas turned around abruptly. "Oh, Axel…"

Axel frowned. Roxas didn't sound all that excited to see him…and the pyro had been looking forward to seeing Roxas all night! "Yeah... Did you not want to see me?"

"Yeah…I mean, no! I was looking for you." Roxas replied, flustered by the thought of the redhead's lips pressed to his. Damn it, he had to keep his cool in front of Axel!

"Well, I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I didn't mean to, ya know, freak ya out, kid." Axel muttered, shifting his weight to one foot as he crossed his arms over this thin chest.

Roxas's face fell, as if he had just heard that Santa Claus wasn't real. Axel hated to think that he had caused that pained expression. Damn him and his big mouth! "Oh."

Axel frowned. "What?"

"Nothing…I just…I have to go to my class."

Axel grabbed Roxas by the arm before he could get away. "Seriously, Roxie, what's up?"

"Nothing." Roxas avoided the redhead's gaze, looking down at his feet instead.

Axel looked up at the sky as if the answer to what to say was written up there. Of course, it wasn't…but Axel was hoping that one day, it would be. "Ok, well, listen. Me and a few of the guys are going out tonight to play around. Drink a few beers and play pool. They said it would be fine if I brought you along. I mean, no drinking for you, got it memorized?" He smirked. That was a total lie. Completely fictional. However, he would do almost anything to get to hang out with the little blond.

Roxas sighed and looked at the ground. "Yeah, I guess I could go. What time?"

"About eight…if you want to write out your address, I'll come pick you up around seven forty-five." Axel replied, wishing Roxas hadn't agreed to hanging out with him with that depressed expression on his pretty face. What a terrible way to say yes to a date.

"Oh, ok. Do you have a piece of paper?" Roxas asked, pulling a pen out of his pockets.

Axel pulled up his sleeve and gave his arm to Roxas. "Write it there."

Roxas's heart leapt as he reached out and grabbed Axel's arm and wrote out his address. He. Just. Touched. Axel. He did his best to act really sexy while writing on Axel's arm, but realistically, he didn't think it was possible. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to try! "And there's my cell phone number if you get lost." Roxas added. He didn't actually believe Axel would get lost…he just liked the idea of giving Axel his phone number.

Axel pulled on Roxas's arm and wrote out his cell number on Roxas's wrist. "And there's mine, got it memorized?"

Roxas nodded, smiling. "See ya tonight then, Axel."

"Yeah, see ya, Roxie." He said, smiling and walking off towards the rest of the Organization.


Roxas went through his closet. He and just gotten out of the shower and he couldn't find anything to wear at all. He could wear those jeans that made his legs look really thin…he could wear the baggy jeans than made him 'cute', his mother thought. Ok, the baggy jeans were definitely out.

Sora bounced into the room. "ROXAS!!" He sang happily. "I have a boyfriend!"

Roxas nodded, not really listening and concentrating on the clothes. Maybe the skinny jeans and a black band shirt?

"His name is Riku. He's beautiful…and nice, and sweet, and funny-"

"Sora," Roxas said, finally hearing his brother. "Where did you meet Riku?" Maybe the loose fitting jeans and a white button up shirt…

"At school. He's a year older than us! But he's taking me out tomorrow night!" Sora twirled around in a circle, like a ballerina. "He's so beautiful!"

Roxas frowned. "Be careful, Sora. You don't have a very good taste in men…" It was totally true.

Sora giggled. "He's perfect! Will you meet him? I want you to see him!"

"Yeah, sure…just warn me before he gets here. Now Let me get dressed."

"Oh! You have a date? Who is it? Can I meet her?"

Roxas flinched. "It's not a date…and I'm hanging out with a few guys." As much as he wished it was a date, Axel's friends would be there…

Sora looked at his brother in the eyes. "With guys? You're going on a date with guys? Multiple guys?"

Roxas wanted to toss his little brother out the second story window. "No! I'm hanging out with a few new friends."

"Then why are you so worried about what you're going to wear?" Sora asked, giggling. "Is he hot?"

Roxas decided he would tie up his younger brother, then dunk him in a vat of toxic waste. "I'm not gay, Sora."

"You could bi!" Sora said bouncing on the bed. "Is he coming over here?"

Roxas nodded. "Yeah."

"Oh! When?"

Roxas checked the clock. "Damn! In like, ten minutes! I have to figure out what to wear!"

Sora glanced at the pile of clothes. "Just wear your ripped jeans and that black shirt." He said, pointing to the clothes that he meant.

Roxas shook his head. "I don't know…"

The door bell rang.

"Ok, I'll be wearing that." Roxas wished he wouldn't have taken an hour long shower.

Sora giggled. "I'll get the door."

"No-" Roxas started, but he was too late. Sora was already out the door.



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