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Creak. Creak. "Al? Winry?"

Creak. Creak. Creak. "Allll…Winreeee…I'm baaaack…Where are you?"

A stifled yawn from behind him made Ed spin around and peer through the darkness to identify the source of the noise. A very tired-looking girl was standing in the doorway, leaning on the doorjam, offering a sleepy smile. "Winry?"

"Hey Ed," she replied.

"Wh-What's the matter?" said Ed as he cautiously moved toward the girl, "Is something wrong?"

Winry shook her head and brought up her hand to stifle another yawn. "It's just really late. We didn't expect you were coming back today."

"I told you I would."

She shrugged. "I know, but it got really late. We figured you must have lost track of time."

Ed reached back and scratched the back of his head. "I guess I did at that." He casually glanced around the room for a brief moment. The moon was peeking through the window, illuminating half of everything. When he'd left, it had been morning. He hadn't thought he'd been away that long. Where did the time go?

"Hey, Winry," another sleepy voice called from the nearby hallway, "What's the matter?"

The girl shook her head again and said, "Nothing. Ed just came back."

Soon excited footsteps were heard approaching the room, and another tired-looking face peered through the doorway. A smile crossed the newcomer's lips. "Brother, you're back! What kept you?"

Ed shrugged and continued looking around the house in a sense of bewilderment. Seriously, he had never felt this disconnected from time before. "I don't know, Al…I was just given a short lecture on basic angel behavior and then released…and then…it was dark…"

Al smirked and leaned further into the room so that the moon illuminated his face. "No concept of time in that dimension?"

Ed did a sort of half-chuckle and shrugged. "I guess."

The younger brother then took a couple steps into the room while stifling yet another yawn and then flicked on the light. "Brother, sit," he said as he motioned with his hand to the couch, "I want to hear about your day."

Ed smiled and did as he was requested, and was soon joined by both Al and Winry, who were leaning forward as if quite eager to hear whatever he had to tell them.

"Well…" said Ed as he once again scratched the back of his head, "There isn't that much to tell…"

"Go on," said Al, apparently completely ignoring that last statement.

Ed put his finger on his chin in an attempt to think. "Um…I was mostly coached on how to function as an angel…traveling between dimensions, flying, becoming visible or invisible at will…stuff like that."

"Really? Sounds interesting. What else?" said Winry.

"…If we're not forbidden to know," added Al, casting a glare at Winry, who wriggled a bit in her seat.

Edward observed this non-verbal banter between the two and chuckled a bit. "No, there's nothing confidential yet."

"That's good," said Al, smiling.

"So what else?" said Winry with a note of impatience in her voice.

"Uh, well…they said that they don't get premature trainees often, so they don't even know where I belong." He cleared his throat. "I'm going to have to apprentice for every kind of angel there is until I find one that just 'clicks'."

"Wow…that's go to be rough…" said Al, thoughtfully.

"Maybe," said Ed with a shrug, "But I'll deal with it just fine. It's better than being a wooden doll." Ed laughed at the bizarre memory of the past few weeks. "I really do appreciate your wishing me into becoming an angel, Al."

Al smiled. "I'm glad. I hope you find the peace you're looking for."

Just then, the clock chimed ten o' clock. Ed jumped up in a fright. "Oh geez, it's ten already?" He turned to head out of the room, but Al had quickly jumped up before he'd gotten very far.

"Wait, Brother…where are you going?"

Ed stopped and turned to face Al. "My first assignment was to go back to that man who owned the toy shop and make amends. They told me to train under Mom for this assignment, which means I have to do it TODAY, her being a Christmas angel…but there are only two hours left of Christmas."

"Then you'd better get going," said Al, placing his hand in the small of Ed's back and giving him a gentle push. "You don't have time to sit around and chat right now, but you can come back later and tell us all about it."

"Oh, so you're kicking me out now?" Ed said a bit sarcastically.

"Yes," said Winry, "But you'd better come back and tell us all about it or I'll go to Heaven and abduct you, just like when you were a doll."

Ed took on a mischievous grin. "And just how would you get there?"

Winry took on an even more mischievous grin and folder her arms across her chest. "Just try me."

"Okay, okay, I'm going, I'm going!" said Ed as he was hurriedly pushed out the door. Once outside, he turned back around to glance at the house one more time. He shook his head. Those two were crazy. Then he took a deep breath and launched himself into the air.

"What the h---" Ed quickly clamped his mouth shut and shook his head. In the lecture, he had been reprimanded pretty harshly on his choice of language and told to straighten up. Angels don't use foul language, they'd said, and they especially don't take God's name in vain. Ed had sneered at first when he'd hear that comment, and was promptly slapped across the face. Ed now rubbed the sore spot on his cheek where he'd been hit. Who would have guessed that angels had such tempers? He'd have to watch what he said from now on.

But back to where he was right then. The shelves that were filled with beautiful handmade toys just a few weeks prior were now desolate, broken, or covered with dust. Broken toys lay strewn about the floor, and all the windows had been shattered. For all appearances, this shop hadn't been used in years. Could he have come to the wrong place? No, there was the glass case that he'd been imprisoned in. A shudder ran down his spine at the memory.

"Mom," Ed said, walking through the debris on the floor. "What happened here?"

"I don't know, sweetheart," replied Trisha, "It wasn't like this when you were here, was it?"

"Not at all!" Ed exclaimed, "This place was in pristine condition!"

Trisha didn't say anything more as she paced around the room. Both of them were incredibly confused about the situation. They had not been forewarned of the complications of this case, so what was going on? After awhile, Trisha stopped in front of a wall and stared at it for awhile. Ed turned to look at her, but said nothing, as he hadn't a clue as to what she was doing. She then raised her rand up in front of her body and held it in place for several silent moments.

Finally, she spoke. "Demonic energy."

"What?" said Ed.

Trisha blinked silently a couple times, and then slowly turned to face Ed. "Had he ever had complications with the spirit world before?"

"Yeah…" said Ed with a shrug, "From what I understand, that was why I was sealed in that doll body. My presence made him panic."

"Oh dear…" said Trisha, turning back to the wall. "This is out of my jurisdiction, sweetheart. I'll have to report this to the proper authorities and then get an extension to complete this mission once the demonic entities are taken care of."

Edward's shoulders slumped. "You mean there's nothing you can do?"

Trish shook her head sadly. "A Christmas angel brings peace and harmony to the world, particularly around the Christmas season. They never fight. This one's out of my hands."

"So," Ed sighed and brought his hand up to his forehead so that his fingers were rubbing his bangs, "What should we do?"

"Like I said," Trisha said, placing her hands on her hips and staring at the wall, somewhat dismayed, "I'll report this case and apply for an extension so that you can still complete this case when the demonic forces are out of the way. In the meantime, I'll get you another simple case to fulfill."

"Um…okay…" Ed wrapped his arms around himself. He felt rather awkward, to say the least, but he didn't know what to do about it. He absolutely hated not being able to do anything about a situation like this, and would have yelled at anybody else, but he couldn't do so to his own mother.

"Come on," Trisha said gently and grabbed Ed's wrist. Within moments, they had both vanished from the toy shop and had simultaneously arrived at the angel headquarters building. Edward still thought it odd how structured everything was in this world. His perception of angels had always been of winged people that sat around on clouds playing harps all day. But this…this was very much like the world he had just come from. The people here, well, had a life.

"You wait here, Edward," said Trisha, patting the new angel's hand, "I'll be back in a minute."

Ed nodded and Trisha disappeared through the magnificent golden door on the front of the building. He sighed and thrust his hands in his pocket, pockets that appeared in his robe because he desired them to. Just for the sake of doing something to pass the time, he started turning around and around, looking at the scenery as it flew by his gaze, wondering if it was possible to get dizzy in this form.

"You're new here, aren't you?"

Edward stopped spinning and turned to face what appeared to be a senior angel, as the colors of his robe and wings were very vibrant. He nodded his head in response to this senior's question, not quite sure what else to say. It was hard to figure out at times how to be polite in angel society.

The man smiled and extended a hand to Edward, which he hesitantly took. Angels didn't normally shake hands, he'd noticed. That was a human gesture. Maybe this being was trying to make him feel more comfortable?

"I'll tell you my name, but you probably couldn't pronounce it at your current stage of development," said the angel with a twinkle in his eye, "You can just call me Bob until you learn how to pronounce angel names."

"Okay, um…thank you…Bob," there was just no way around the awkwardness about being suddenly thrust into a new society, "If you don't mind my asking, what kind of angel are you?"

The senior angel let out a hearty chuckle at that question, which, oddly enough, Ed understood why. One should be able to tell the different angels by their robes and wings, but he wasn't experienced enough yet. This being wore a blue robe with gold trim, and he had white wings with gold tips to match his robe.

"I'm an angel of Time," said the man, "I can look at any individual and tell who they've been and who they will be, and I can even travel back and forth in the dimension of time."

"Wow…" Ed thought aloud before he realized he had spoken. "Uh…" trying to change the focus from his blundering to his curiosity, "What do you get when you look at me?"

"Well now," said Bob as he rolled his eyes back into his head, giving him an appearance of concentrating on something, "In your past, I see a very trying life for you and your brother after your mother died. You tried to bring her back, and when that didn't work, you joined the military to undo your mistake."

Edward was speechless, which Bob had apparently caught onto and released another hearty laugh. "That's only summarizing what I see, but I didn't want to bore you with a long speech."

Ed swallowed, feeling that awkward feeling again, but this time accompanied by a sense of awe. "And…what do you see in my future?"

Bob smiled, then without a word, stood up, touched Ed's nose with his finger, and then walked off. Ed got the message. He wasn't supposed to know about his own future before experiencing it.

"Okay, sweetheart, I'm back." Ed jerked his head away from the retreating Time angel and watched as his mother walked up to him and handed him a folder. "There weren't many easy positions to take, but I managed to find you a guardian angel position for a few days."

Ed opened the folder and began rifling through the various paperwork inside of it to gain some sort of perspective on his new case. Trisha continued speaking, "His normal angel has to go on leave for a few earth days to attend an angel advancement class, so you'll be subbing for her. All you have to do is watch your charge, and if he gets into any real trouble, report it to the authorities so that they can dispatch help."

"What makes you think I can take on a case without someone watching my back?" said Ed, still looking through the papers.

"Well, you knew this person in life, so you know his habits and-"

She was interrupted by a loud wail from Edward as he slapped his hand to his forehead and staggered back. A piece of paper slipped out of his grasp and drifted to the ground. On it was written the name of his charge: Roy Mustang.

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