All right missing McGee turned stupid but here's my real story

Tim sat under his desk trying to convince himself it was all a horrible nightmare. He had come in at five A.M. ndcrawled underneath clutching his legs and leaning against the cold metal. It had been all over the news. A young couple was electrocuted on the highway. They were cruising down on a motorcycle when they were cut off by a maniac driver and hit a live wire that had fallen, they probably would have been fine if a severe rain storm hadn't appeared shocking them as they fell off the bike. The bike then exploded and both victims were burned badly. The reporter said death was instant.

Tim sat there and let the tears fall as he thought about it. He was found a couple hours later still scrunched up when Tony called his phone awakening him as he finally had managed to sleep.

"Hey buddy I saw the news this morning when I woke up I'm so sorry about your sister" said Tony as he helped him out and then held him for a few seconds. Gibbs came in just then but didn't head slap them. He just patted Tim's shoulder and told him he could have the day off.

McGee just shook his head not wanting to be away from everyone as Abby came in. "oh Tim there you are I went to your house to see if you heard but you were gone I'm so sorry about Sarah this is terrible" she had a very sympathetic expression and hugged him then took his hand and gave him a small kiss before leaving

Gibbs had been talking on the phone and now looked at the team as Ziva arrived "A petty officer was discovered near Sarah's accident apparently he was the other driver they believe he had been shot earlier and took off for help in the car and finally lost consciousness plowing into the teens." He spoke. "Grab your gear were heading over"

All right I know it's not the best but it'll make one hell of a story