Ooh got a perfect ending to this story thanks Ozgeek you rock

Abby and Ducky quickly hurried to their friends. Tim was in absolute pain and he moaned screaming.

Abby saw everyone else was waking up so she ran to her boyfriend. "Tim wake up sweetheart" she said shaking him softly. Tim wondered why because he was intense pain but then he relaxed and the pain left.

He awoke with a start. "What's going on" he said confused. "Ssh Timmy your at the hospital your fine now" Abby said trying to comfort him.

"What?" he said and touched his chest and felt no bandages or cuts anywhere. He looked up very confused as the team walked in.

"Hey McGee glad to see you're back" said Gibbs with a slight smile.

"How did you guys get up so fast after that bomb went off" Tim said looking

to the group confused. "What bomb McGeek?" asked Tony. "You slipped

down the stairs over your own feet" he said smirking.

"It was all a dream it can't be" Tim said sitting up. Just then Sarah walked in. "oh Tim your awake finally been worried the last three days" she said. She walked over and pushed Tony off the bed taking his spot.

Tim stared at her. "You're alive wait three days?" he asked still confused.

Sarah stared at her brother as Abby walked over. "Tim you don't remember what really happened do you?" she asked.

"I guess but my dream was so real" Tim said now a little bummed because although his adventure was sad it was his he was the hero.

Tony actually looked amused now and brought chairs for everyone to sit since they had no other cases for now. "So McGee then tell us about it" he said as soon as the group was comfortable.

McGee looked at the eager faces and sighed. He finally got back to reality and so told his weird tale.

He started it off with Sarah's death and she looked up surprised as she got off the bed and sat on Jimmy's lap.

"well the crime scene had a lot of cigarettes and the DNA we pulled off belonged to my dad and we found out he was a part of why the man who caused the accident died" he said continuing.

He told everything as well as he remembered closing his eyes and told of seeing Kate again, his weird mood swings, and the marriage which he stopped at briefly and looked to Abby.

She smiled at him and he continued. He told of how his dad tried to kill him and his little swim with Tony including his little showoff climbing. The group chuckled at that and Tony smirked.

Tim then told of their rescue and the car being blown up. "That's when I woke up finally" he said as he finished.

The group looked impressed and Tony pouted looking jealous. "It's not fair I get stuck training probies while Tim is in here sleeping and having a fake adventure" he said sulking.

'Actually it might not have been as fake as you think" spoke Ducky. "Dreams have usually some significance to them take for instance Tony's gloating" he said and the group chuckled.

Sarah smiled at that and sat next to her brother again. "He's right Tim this is like ten years ago when dad became paralyzed and mom and me got in that accident I was ten and you were eighteen" she said.

"That's right my mind must have brought those weird memories back and made a story" Tim said smiling happily as his whole family was still alive.

"Come on guys lets leave so Tim can get some rest" said Ziva as she left with Jimmy. The group except Sarah left. She turned to her brother and slipped something under the sheet into his hand. "You might need that soon" she whispered.

He slid out a small box with a beautiful ring inside. He looked shocked but then slid back on his pillows. Maybe this dream really was trying to tell me something he thought. He fell asleep thinking of marriage.

The end and thanks again Ozgeek great idea to make it a dream.