Pretty in Pink

Disclaimer: HASBRO owns them all. Alas...

Summary: Pizzazz does some home hair care. Feedback Welcome!

Author's Note: Okay, this is my first time writing anything Jem. Please excuse this little story and any OOCness that may be in it, I'm still pretty new to the fandom.


"Oh man, looks like I need another dye job," Pizzaz told her reflection as she stood in front of her extravegant bathroom mirror. The brown roots of her natural hair color were showing through the bright green of current one, she couldn't go out in public looking like this! She had a image to uphold!

"Roxy! Stormer! Emergency hair job!" She demanded the other two girls, barging out of the bathroom and taking a seat at her kitchen table, flinging her shapely legs up onto a chair.

"But, we got a gig in a few hours," Stormer protested, glancing at her watch.

"Yeah, it'll never get done in time," Roxy agreed.

"Well, either you redo my hair or there be no gig, got it?" Pizzazz raised a threating fist at the white haired girl.

"Okay okay, we'll try," Roxy told her.

"Good, that's what I thought."

"Come on Stormer, let's go find Pizzazz's hair care products."

"Okay Pizzazz, we got they dye," Stormer announced to the impatient singer.

"Well, it's about time." Pizzazz snatched the bottle out of the keytarist's hands, and putting it on her head.

"Wait! You're supposed to follow the directions!" Stormer said, picking up the paper that fluttered from the dye box.

"Since when do I follow instructions?" Pizzazz asked, letting the dye absorb into her impressive mane.

Stormer and Roxy casts doubting glaces in each other's direction as the singer impatiently tapped her foot, waiting for the dye to fully sink into her follicals.

"Okay, that's long enough," Pozzazz announced after an hour, shoving her head under the kitchen sink to rinse out the remaining dye.

"So? How do I look girls? Am I as gorgeous as ever?" She flash a white toothed smile at her bandmates, striking a sexy pose.

Stormer and Roxy gasped and covered their mouths with their hands at the site before them.

"What? What's the matter?" Pizzazz demanded, her smile morphing itself into a frown.

"Well...look for yourself," Stormer said, picking up a hand mirror that was lying on the counter.

Pizzazz emerald eyes widened and the loudest scream that ever came out of her mouth escaped, causing the other two to clamp their hands over their ears. Her beautiful, neon green hair was...

"PINK!? WHY IS IT PINK!?" She screeched, throwing the mirror against the wall, shattering it into shards.

"We try to tell you to read the instructions!" Roxy yelled over the din the singer was causing.

"Now I look like that little goody two-shoes, Jem!" Pizzazz ranted, throwing anything she could get her hands on. "Where's that dye box? I'm sueing that company for all they got!"

"I guess now's not a good time to tell her she looks good in pink," Stormer told Roxy, when Pizzazz got far enough away from them.

"There's never a good time to tell her that."