Hello everyone and welcome to my first multi-chapter fic here at It is really sweet boarding on fluffy with a dash of cheesy with just a hint of angst topped of with a cherry of humor. However the cherry may be out of date, I am sorry for that.

If this recipe agrees with you, I suggest you read my fic and let me know of it's success, on the other hand if it has not, then please let me know. I am in a very good mood today (I got a new puppy!) so it will take a very nasty comment to bring me down. Note: This is not a challenge or a dare to write something nasty.

Well enjoy and have fun.



I can see you looking at me. One phrase going through your heads 'Strange Twat'

Apparently my change of mood has confused you. One minute, I'm complaining, seething over having to spend my nights in a cave. The next I'm leaping for joy over the return of our King. I start to ramble on about the trivial things that were denied to me. Food, clean water, a bath, a roof over my head, land….my title. I can see you others, shaking your head at my childish excitement over the little luxuries. However not one of you have guessed the real reason for my happiness. For with the return of King Richard, not only would these simple wishes be granted but hope and faith will have been returned to the kingdom. Not only that but one more important thing will have been returned.


When that has been returned, so will I.

Do you here that Eve?

Soon…soon I will return to you.

Just a little longer and soon I'll come back, I'll come home, home to your heart.