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(An: Why is there no Calypso/Davy fiction on this website? Tia Dalma is the coolest character I've seen in a long time… and I can understand how the squiddiness might be a turn off, but for goodness' sake, it's Bill Nighy! I'm trying to write a rather long threeshot about the two of them, but in the meantime, this'll have to do.)

#01 - Motion:

He used to get seasick- just a little bit, enough to make him green around the gills, miserable, and crabby; whenever he sets foot on a ship now, though, he just grins.

#02 - Cool:

She watched him sweat out the fever and touched him naught but once, smoothing his brow to banish a nightmare when he cried out in his sleep; later, when he awoke alone in a strange room, all he would remember was that one cool touch.

#03 - Young:

"You make me feel old," he muttered, and she laughed, smoothing the dress of her ever-youthful human form; "I be de sea, m'love- y'are nothing compared ta me."

#04 - Last:

"First, last, only," he whispered; with his face pressed into her neck, he missed the flash of guilt that passed over her face before she returned his embrace.

#05 - Wrong:

"Gods damn your nature!" he roared; "I loved you- what you did was wrong!"

#06 - Gentle:

Davy did not shout, he roared, and he did not frown, he glowered, but when he kissed her, his lips were surprisingly soft.

#07 - One:

"Would you be willing to be mine- only mine- when you are in this form?" he asks, and when she turns away, he says, "That is why I refused you, dear."

#08 - Thousand:

When he refused her offer- it would inconvienence him, she didn't love him, he had other engagements, she didn't love him, he would run out of supplies in ten years, she didn't love him- she turned away, her eyes unreadable but utterly without regret, and he knew he had made the right choice, but when she transformed into a thousand crabs that spilled over the sides of his ship, he felt a sudden, sharp ache in his chest that didn't fade for days, and he wondered...

#09 - King:

Even as he told the pirate lords Calypso's one secret, he found his hand straying to her locket; the moment he returned to the Dutchman, he ripped it off the chain, but try as he might, he couldn't bring himself to drop it overboard.

#10 - Learn:

The only song she knew how to play on the organ was their lullaby; whenever she did, she could feel again his hands brush over hers as he showed her the notes, and a tear that tasted of all that she had left behind would slip down her cheek.

#11 - Blur:

"I don't know how I got here," he says, knowing he should be more concerned about it, but somehow, he cannot manage it, even as his strange rescuer says (with an even stranger smile), "Ya were shipwrecked, o'course."

#12 - Wait:

She closes her fingers around the locket he gives her, tears stinging her eyes even as they surprise her, and when he whispers, "Wait for me, darlin'," she nods, unable to speak.

#13 - Change:

He cannot remember exactly when he felt his beard and discovered tentacles instead; the change was slow, subtle, and inexorable, and he almost regretted cutting out his heart; he couldn't mourn his lost humanity.

#14 - Command:

"Ya shall listen ta me," she growled; he grabbed her wrists and whispered in her ear (in a way that made her shiver even as she resisted), "Who's captain here?"

#15 - Hold:

Their first ten-year meeting, she was faithful, and for an hour of their precious time together, all he would do was hold her; when she found herself content to stroke his hair and whisper promises in his ear, she became concerned about how attached she was getting.

#16 - Need:

"I be da sea," she said stubbornly, "I've no need of anyt'in'," but she still put her arms around him, refusing to let him leave.

#17 - Vision:

"What do you see?" he asked, peering over her shoulder into the water, and she twined her fingers with his, "You, me, toget'er- what else is dere ta see?"

#18 - Attention:

"It's impossible to catch her attention for one moment- why should I think I can keep it for an eternity?"

#19 - Soul:

"Tell me, Davy Jones," Calypso whispered, putting her hands on his shoulders, "Do ya fear death?"

#20 - Picture:

"She's lovely," his friend commented, looking at Tia Dalma's portrait; "She's hellspawn," Davy growled, but he still had a locket-sized picture commissioned the next time they made port.

#21 - Fool:

"It not be foolish dat ya listen ta me, Davy Jones- it be destiny."

#22 - Mad:

He was sure she had driven him insane- how could she make him sob with pleasure and scream with pain otherwise?

#23 - Child:

A quiet regret dwelled in his eyes as he ran a hand across her abdomen, one that Tia Dalma understood all too well and Calypso never could.

#24 - Now:

"When ya go back ta sea-" she began, and he closed his lips over hers; "No, darlin'- we speak of nothing but this now... ten years is plenty of time to follow your new instructions."

#25 - Shadow:

"So who is-" his friend started, trailing off when a sadness passed over Davy's face like a shadow.

#26 - Goodbye:

"What ya cryin' for, m'love?" she murmured, brushing away his tears and dipping his hand in the salt water; "I always be close ta ya."

#27 - Hide:

He had planned to bury the heart on his third trip to port, but having it close to him was almost as bad as having it in him, and eventually he sent one of his men away with it, trying to pretend the salt in his eyes was only sea spray.

#28 – Fortune:

"Cross my palms wit' silver, and maybe I'll tell ya your future," the woman purrs, and Davy can only stare at her, wondering if he's grateful or terrified.

#29 – Safe:

"Don' fear me, Davy Jones- when y'are here, y'are perfectly safe," the woman who called herself Tia Dalma said, but the way she grinned at him suggested otherwise.

#30 - Ghost:

"Dey be lost souls," she whispered, tangling her hands in his hair, "I hear dem cryin' out all night and day- but if I help dem, I be lost meself."

#31 - Book:

"Ya don' need a map wit' my guidance," said the woman, grinning; David was hesitant to trust her on a ship, but she had saved his life…

#32 - Eye:

"I always watch ya, m'love," she whispered, touching his cheek, and he slipped his arms around her, trying to soothe the sadness in her voice.

#33 - Never:

"I'll never have a woman on my ship," he says, gesturing to the bo'sun; "Unlike some, I know the meaning of loyalty."

#34 - Sing:

"Ya make music- I can make not'in'," she sighed; he immediately set about teaching her every song he knew.

#35 - Sudden:

The realization (Oh, gods above and below, she's not coming) took an hour; the pain was sudden and terrible.

#36 - Stop:

The pain ceased as soon as he held his heart in his hands; in his place was an emptiness that was nearly as horrible.

#37 - Time:

"It stretches on endlessly when I am not with you," he whispered, "but when I am, it slips through my fingers."

#38 - Wash:

"I hate you," he says, even though he most certainly does not and he can't take his eyes from hers, but she just laughs and says, "It don' matter, m'love- it all de same in de end."

#39 - Torn:

"I have me duties as a goddess," she said, looking away, and he tilted her face back toward his: "You have your duties to me as well."

#40 - History:

"To tell you the tale would take an age," Davy murmured; Will glanced around the small boat and shrugged: "What else have we got to do?"

#41 - Power:

She loved him with all the force of a hurricane, but she cried in her sleep like a child.

#42 - Bother:

He stroked a naked stretch of thigh, "Calypso?", and she shivered as she always did whenever he said her name, "Why do you never meet with me at sea?"

#43 - God:

"Pledge yourself to me," she demanded, and he drew back, replying, "Why should I, when I know you won't do the same for me?"

#44 - Wall:

"I'll go mad," he whispered, and she touched his cheek: "Dere be not'in' as can be done now dat de deal be joined- jus' cherish what time we have now."

#45 - Naked:

He was more confident stripped bare than most men; only his eyes revealed how scared he really was.

#46 - Drive:

"What drives you, Davy Jones?" and when he answered, "Freedom," she laughed, slipping her arms around his neck: "We not so diff'rent aft'all."

#47 - Harm:

"M'love, ya shall always find refuge here," she murmured, kissing his forehead.

#48 - Precious:

"Dearest," he whispered, and she nipped his neck to show she felt the same.

#49 - Hunger:

He kissed her hard, his heart pounding in time with hers, and she wondered how she had come to need one man so much.

#50 - Believe

"I don't trust you," he replied, and finally she mumbled, "I love ya, Davy- ya can believe I will be dere because o'dat."

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