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#01 – Air:

The Dutchman spent most of her time underwater; the sun on his face and the smell of the sea tormented the captain as nothing else.

#02 – Apples:

Barbossa, at least, was easy to please.

#03 – Beginning:

The years dragged on, endless and unbearable, until Davy no longer knew who to blame for his fate.

#04 – Bugs:

"Watch out for de mosquitoes, unless ya wan' t'end up back here," and David replied, "Somehow, I think I'm going to return here whether I want to or not."

#05 – Coffee:

Her skin was smooth, and her kisses were bitter; when he sampled the exotic drink called coffee, he immediately spat it out to rid himself of her taste.

#06 – Dark:

The sea beneath him was black and menacing; he realized with a start that he didn't want to die, but it was a bit late for that.

#07 - Despair:

Davy stared over the edge of the ship and inhaled deeply, remembering a time when the mist tasted like salt, not sorrow.

#08 - Doors:

"Can I leave?" he asked, and Tia Dalma just shrugged; "None o' m'doors be locked," and then, with a wolfish grin, "Me secrets guard demselves."

#09 - Drink:

"Everything tasted like ash," Barbossa said, running his fingers over the side of the apple; Tia Dalma raised her eyebrows, "And ya t'ink ya knew agony?"

#10 - Duty:

"It was her job to begin with," the captain growled at his first mate; "Now get back to work!"

#11 - Earth:

At first, when she was bound, all Calypso did was scream; when the pirate lords could get coherent words out of her, she cried, "When I be freed- an' I shall be; dere be men who still know dey place- nowhere shall be safe, ya hear!"

#12 - End:

"Love lasts forever, Davy Jones," she purred, and for once, her kisses didn't distract him from the truth.

#13 - Fall:

"I'd like to see spring again," he said, very quietly, and she squeezed his hand.

#14 - Fire:

They say that the world will end in fire, but Davy always knew his would end in brine and salt.

#15 - Flexible:

"Why do you always have to leave?" he demanded, tightening one hand in her hair; she smirked and grabbed him by the collar to pull him closer: "So convince me ta stay."

#16 - Flying:

One night, she refused to let him kiss her or hold her or even come near, and when he demanded the reason, she mumbled, "Dis love o'yours- what's it feel like?"

#17 - Food:

She didn't seem to eat or drink or do any of the things that normal people did; she clicked her tongue in disgust after he commented, replying, "Davy Jones, can ya still not know?"

#18 - Foot:

"How am I supposed to get home without a ship?"; she smiled at him playfully and kicked him off the dock, and even as he sputtered, "You can't be serious," he knew she was.

#19 - Grave:

Her eyes were deadly serious, as he had never seen them before; "Ya may call me many t'ings, Davy Jones, but liar be one name I will not stand for."

#20 - Green:

"You weren't this… green last time we met," Jack commented, his upper lip curled; Davy decided to think that he only hated Jack because he was an idiot, not because Davy knew those lips had touched Tia Dalma's.

#21 - Head:

She cradled her head in her hands, almost crying- then one hand clung to his shoulder and the other pushed him away as she cried, "It be too much!"

#22 - Hollow:

Her offer of a bargain was laughable; her words were as empty as he wished his heart could be.

#23 - Honor:

"Honor be jus' a pretty word for pride, m'love, and dat I got plenty o'."

#24 - Hope:

The hope was the worst part; even as he stood there, keening for her, fully aware that she was never going to appear, his damn heart kept wishing she would, clinging to silly words (she said she loved me) so he could avoid the reality.

#25 - Light:

Whenever he made port, without fail, he always saw the light in her window, and, in spite of himself, he would always smile.

#26 - Lost:

"A few heartbeats are nothing compared with freedom," but the captain would not look at anyone as he said it.

#27 - Metal:

"I don' mean money," she murmured, pressing closer to him, and it was all David could to to keep from running in the other direction- as fast and as far as possible to escape that look in her eyes and the answering hum in his heart.

#28 - New:

"It be de one ya lost, but better," she said, gesturing at the ship; "I took it from ya, but don' ya say it was a bad t'ing- ya've not seen de cannons yet."

#29 - Old:

"I be's old as de moon dat pulls me back and forth, de stars dat shine above me, as old as de forces dat tie us toge'ter," and she held his hands tight and would not release him.

#30 - Peace:

"Rest is what I'd like more than anything," said Davy, and then he surprised her, pinning her to the sand for a kiss, "and if you believed that, darlin', there's a bridge to Singapore I'd like to sell you…"; she smacked his arm, laughing and pushing him off.

#31 - Poison:

His love for her was a poison, singing in his veins even as it slowly killed him; he could never decide if it was the best or the worst way to die.

#32 - Pretty:

"I've no words for how beautiful you are," he said, resting his forehead against hers; "Whatever form you take on, you're still the most lovely thing to grace this earth."

#33 - Rain:

He stood in the middle of the storm, soaking wet, the tears on his cheeks mingling with the rain mingling with the sea and on and on, just like the pain in his chest.

#34 - Regret:

"Ta remember is ta regret," said Tia Dalma, and for once, she would not explain herself.

#35 - Roses:

She surveyed Scotland with bored interest, but he didn't see her truly fascinated until he showed her his rose garden.

#36 - Secret:

"Dis is de deepest secret no one knows," she said, pulling him into bed, and when he frowned, she kissed him lightly, "Love, ya barnacle head."

#37 - Snakes:

"Traitors, mutineers- faithless snakes!" Tia Dalma shrieked, her voice cracking; she had learned to… exist… in her human form, but that song was the one thing she could not abide.

#38 - Snow:

He never thought he could be happy to see icebergs.

#39 - Solid:

She would never admit it, but she felt different when he held her, content to be in one form, to be still, to stay.

#40 - Spring:

The locket was well-made and therefore infinitely fragile; once, the catch jammed, and she sobbed like her dearest friend had died.

#41 - Stable:

She didn't feel like the ocean; she acted like it, but, unlike the water, he could hold her, make her stay.

#42 - Strange:

"De shores be haunted dere," she said, looking away; she didn't want to admit the real reason she never traveled to world's end: the souls' cries were almost enough to make her feel… responsible and want to do something about it.

#43 - Summer:

A warmth spread from her hand, replacing the cold that had been all he'd felt for so, so long, and he wondered, just for a moment, what it must have been like for her.

#44 - Taboo:

"Ya growl at me for runnin' wit' ot'er men, but ya be afraid ta claim me as y'own," she said, shaking her head; Davy growled, and, despite the fierce expression on his face, his kiss was passionate but careful, as though he really had no idea what he was doing (An' what fun it shall be ta teach him!).

#45 - Ugly:

He had always thought himself unworthy, but in the hold of the Black Pearl, it hurt even to glance at her.

#46 - War:

Watching the pirate ships approach (with that impetuous girl-child Sao Feng had mistaken for Calypso at the lead- idiot), Davy Jones felt a smile touch his lips; oh, this was going to be fun indeed…

#47 - Water:

His eyes were a clear, deep blue, and looking into them was like peering over the side of a ship straight down to the depths; even so, she always felt like he was the one who could through her.

#48 - Welcome:

She kissed him, and he had never been so happy to step off a ship.

#49 - Winter:

"It is not a fate I would wish on anyone, lad- the world is dark and cold, and there is never a dawn," said Davy quietly, and Will shook his head, smiling, "Not for me."

#50 - Wood

He ran his hands along the smooth (albeit soggy) wood of the wheel of the Dutchman; it was a sensation he would remember the rest of his life, sometimes with longing and sometimes with contempt.

(YARRR. That was like pullin' teeth. Even with the soundtrack to help. In #36, Tia Dalma is referencing an e.e. cummings poem, I believe, and in #37 she is referring to "Hoist the Colors" (which I so did not get until I listened to the soundtrack). So… this is the part where I ask you to review and thank you for the ones I have... seriously, I was expecting this to get NO reviews.)