Title: A Broken Life

Time: Modern Day

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The Crash

Sakura's heart skipped a beat as she felt herself fall forward, her books flying out of her pale arms. Her head hit the ground; hard, causing her glasses to bounce off her head, and skid across the hall. Laughs could be heard throughout the building.

"What a loser!" Someone commented, stepping on her glasses, cracking the lenses.

"How stupid can you get?" A girl snorted, stepping on one of her books.

Sakura slowly stood up, her pink disheveled hair in her face. She walked over to her glasses, bumping into people on the way. Sakura slowly bent down and picked them up, put them on, and walked over to her books, not minding the big crack in the middle of them. She picked the books up and went on her way to her last class; math.

Sakura took a seat in the back corner of the classroom and sunk down in her chair. Can't I just go a day without being made fun of? She took out last night's homework and looked up at the board to check her answers.

As more people piled in the class, no one took a seat close to where she was sitting. Why am I the most hated person at this school? Oh yeah, 'cause I'm the ugliest geek who has no life and no friends, according to that slutty Ino! Sakura mentally cursed at the most popular girl in school. Why does she have to be so mean to me? What did I ever do to her? It's not like Sasuke'll ever ask me out anyway, so why should she care if I like h-

"Sakura!" The teacher yelled, interrupting Sakura's thoughts.

"H-Hai?" Sakura yelled, immediately standing up from her desk, causing the chair to fall to the ground. Snickers could be heard from every kid in the class. Sakura turned around and picked up the chair, setting it upright.

"Your test." The teacher said impatiently. Sakura slowly walked up to the teacher's desk, getting handed yesterday's test. She slowly looked at the red marking at the top of the page. Whoopideedoo… another hundred! Sakura acted as if nothing had happened as she walked back to her seat. She slouched down in her chair and rested her head on her desk, waiting for Kakashi to finish handing out the other tests. Her eyelids became heavy and the sound of moans from the kids failing their tests seemed blurred as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

The last bell of the school day rang, waking Sakura from her nap. She looked around, realizing that everyone had left. Finally, another day is over with…Sakura groggily stood up, picked up her books and walked out of class, heading for her beat up locker. She dialed the combination on her locker and opened it. Sakura took out her worn, old backpack and stuffed it full of what she needed to do her homework. As she shut her locker, she slung her backpack over her shoulder, practically hitting a boy in the face.

"Watch it, bitch!" He yelled. Sakura sighed and headed in the opposite direction; her mother's house.

She reached in her backpack, took out the apartment key, put it in the keyhole, and turned the key until she heard a click. Sakura groggily opened the door and stepped inside the old apartment. Great… no one's home…Sakura looked around. There was no sign of her mom. She walked into her dark room, turned on the lights, sat down on her bed, and started to do her homework.

Finally, I'm done! Sakura turned to the clock as lightening boomed outside. Five ten all ready? She stuffed her homework back in her backpack and walked into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator door, looking for something to eat for dinner. Leftovers sounds okay… Sakura took out the leftover salmon, heated it up, and sat down on the couch, flicking on the TV. I wonder where Mom is…She never told me that she'd be out this late…Sakura was about to change the channel, but was stopped as a license plate and a reporter appeared on the screen.

"We've just received breaking news!" The lady announced. "Apparently there's been a car crash on the Mondai Highway. There were two passengers in the lexis, a female and a male. They have not yet been identified, but if you recognize the license plate number, please, contact the Konoha Hospital immediately." Wait… Mom's license plate number ends in 87 too… It couldn't be…Lightening lit up the apartment in white light as the thunder outside caused the ground to rumble. The lights went out throughout the room. Sakura jumped up, practically tripping over the coffee table on her way to the phone. There was no noise. Mom can't… she couldn't have gotten in that car accident… with dad? There's no way...

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