Title: Lenalee's Getting Married?!

Author: Evangeline

Summary: The only way to wake up Komui comes back to haunt him.

Rating: K+


The mouth is the source for all misfortune, right?


The Black Order was celebrating that particular day. They had received a call that a family seemed to be compatible with the Innocence, so they required a new string of exorcists in the same week. They threw their traditional parties and everything, but there was a heavy tension upon the new recruits' lunch table...

"Nee-sama is getting married?!"

The group huddled around a frightened-looking young man, who was nodding vigorously. "I heard it with my own ears! I swear!" A soft hush fell upon the table as they knew their comrade's hearing was acutely excellent.

A daring young woman spoke up. "How did you come upon the information?"

The man swallowed and looked slowly at his friends. "It was by accident, alright?"

They nodded. Upon seeing that they would keep to their word, his voice shook with excitement. "During the tour of the Headquarters, I had to use the restroom. A Finder showed me where, and it was located near the Science Department... And they were arguing about something." He paused warily, and blew his hair into his eyes. "They were talking about the Supervisor, Komui-san... They said that he wasn't as focused anymore. And that they... they should remind him that Lenalee was going to get married so that he shouldn't be slacking off."

Another girl, entranced by the tale, squeaked. "What did Komui-san say?"

The storyteller loosened his collar. "He... Uh, well, nothing. He was weeping."

The girl softly let out a breath. "I-I see... So Lenalee-sama is actually going to get married?"

The boy scratched his cheek. "Apparently so."

The group stared at their food in silence until a young man spoke up. "Should... Should we say anything?"

"I'm not sure... I mean it is Lenalee's private business..."

"As well as whoever's marrying her..."

A pause. A second more. A third then...

"Who- Who is marrying her...?"


A few days later...

"I found it!"

The amateurs looked up at their new leader. The storyteller grinned easily. "I know who Lenalee is marrying!"

This received several gasps from around the table by his friends. They egged him on, begging to know the mysterious suitor that they had all been dying to figure out.

The storyteller grinned. "Allen Walker."

After several moments of digesting the fact, they all nodded slowly, agreeing between themselves that he would be the most probable choice.

The girl from before nodded. "I've seen Walker-san and Leanlee-chan during the tour. They're definitely close." The others nodded; their adrenaline was building, and they started to add their input:

"I've seen him blush around her!"

"That could have been anything!"

"So? They always glance at each other and smile at the end of some joke or something, while he blushes and she just giggles. That's proof enough."

"It's cute; it doesn't make any difference. That's far from how dating goes."

"But I've asked around! All that I've asked had said that they usually go on their missions together too."

"You get assigned your partner, stupid."

"I know that! I mean that they get assigned together because they're a good team!"

"That makes sense! They probably work together really well."


And so it began. The newcomers required this outlook as their new found passion; they conducted surveys for the Black Order employees, researched their theories, and discussed it all accordingly at their lunch table.

And the Black Order wasn't stupid. The Finders and the exorcists that were interrogated annually knew something had to be up. At first, the newcomers were thought of as some strange fan club in the form of matchmaking, but when they realized that the newcomers shouldn't have known a thing about the previous exorcists... Well, it sparked the idea. And soon, the idea of Lenalee Lee marrying Allen Walker spread like wildfire throughout the Black Order, Headquarters to branches alike.


Reever massaged his head with his forefinger and sighed warily as he walked to the cafeteria.

Lenalee was often gone lately because of her missions with Allen. Being probably the most sane person in the Science Department, he made the coffee for them all in his distaste.

"Thanks, Jerry."

He grabbed both trays from the Indian and groaned, but his eyes wandered to the full room. Finders and exorcists were split into groups and were discussing something like mad. 'What the heck...', he thought.

"New fandom."

Reever turned around slowly. "What?"

The cook smiled. "Haven't you heard? Lenalee and Allen are apparently the Black Order's best couple. Aren't they getting married anytime soon?"

"Ma- Married?!"


And thus the chaos begins...


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