Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in the guide. Some of them, I don't even want to own.
Summary: A guide to the Teen Titans's greatest villains and what to do to stop them. Featured: The Fangirl, Mary-Sue, Xavier Red and much more!

GP's Guide to the Deadliest Teen Titans Villains
Gotham's Princess

Dear Readers,

You may ask why I'm writing this? Well, truthfully, I don't know. Right now, all I'm trying to do is make you all aware of the terrors of the villain's listed in the guide. Scary thing is, they can't truly be stopped. As long as there is a team called the Teen Titans, these villains will still be here. But I might as well begin the awarness program, though these villains may not notice.

I will write about the terrors of Mary-Sues, and their creator, the evil, fanatical, Fangirl. You will witness the truth behind Xavier Red and the horrors of Bad-Plot Syndrome. Some of you may have already encoured these horrendous monsters, and have tried to put a stop to them. You may have not succeeded, or you may have. At least you tried.

For those of you who haven't met these villains, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Gotham's Princess

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