Name: Xavier Red

Age: Varies

Here we meet Xavier Red. Currently, he is being sued by Charles Xavier for stealing his idea and Jason Todd and Bucky for stealing their Anti-Hero shtick. Poor Xavier…it's not his fault that he has a crappy name and gets stuck in crappy fics with crappy plots. So…Xavier Red has a crappy life.

He is apparently the secret identity for Red X. One must wonder why if his name was Xavier Red,he'd take the name Red X. It basically gives away who he is. I mean, it'd be Oliver Queen calling himself Queen O, instead of Green Arrow. This, of course, ignores the fact that Robin created the Red X identity, and the statistics of how a person named Xavier Red would be the next to carry on the mantle. But it's not as if logic actually applies to fanfics written crazed fangirls.

Xavier Red is usually plays the role of the angry, abusive, boyfriend of some girl named Kori, who is supposedly Starfire, or a chick named Rachel. He is their abusive boyfriend because either Richard or Beast Boy were making out with Mary-Sue while Cyborg was on an extended trip to the grocery store. He beats them, or calls them 'whores', and they seemingly still saty with him, despite the fact that they are supposed to be strong, and resourceful super heroines, not women written by Judd Winnick.

Xavier is an over-used plot device. Not annoying as Mary-Sue, but still as deadly, he is a thorn in every Titans fan's side. It's not as if Red X was supposed to be symbolic or anything, and become an allegory for the gray in the world. Instead, he's reduced to the role of a misogynist.

To Reviewer Katie: I hope I don't sound mean either. Kory is Starfire's name. Though people may think it is spelled Kori, it's not, and has never been spelled that way. Obviously, they took time to find out what her Tamaranean name was. It shouldn't be hard to also find out that her name has been spelled Kory since her creation in 1980. They have the internet; they should use it. As for your comments on Dick, it is a known fact that he has been called Dick since his creation. Though is says his name is Richard John Grayson on his birth certificate, he doesn't go by it. Like I said, only Alfred and the government refer to him as Richard Grayson. Wally West does not go by Wallace and Dick Grayson does not go by Richard. It'd be just like constantly calling a person who went by the name Bill his whole life, William for no other reason than the fact that you don't like it. His name is Dick. Not Richard, nor Rick, and certainly not Ricky. Frankly, people who are calling Starfire 'Kori' and Dick 'Richard' are wrong. They should be corrected.