Be careful, this story contains homosexual content. If you're not comfortable with it, don't read it... just to let you know...

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Summary of the previous stories: Miley and Lilly finally admitted their feelings for each other after a weekend in during, during which Lilly discovered Miley's secret Identity. At first Lilly didn't seem to find a place in Hannah's world. She couldn't be Hannah's date because everyone would recognize Lilly. Then, Hannah pretended to date Jake, for marketing reasons. Lilly decided to break up with Miley. However, she realised she couldn't not be with her, and, with the help of Mr Stewart, she became Lola and apologized to Hannah/Miley during a big party.

They were now happy. Lilly and Miley were in love as well as Lola and Hannah.

Timing is everything, chapter 1

Miley, Lilly and oliver were in PE. They were warming up before playing volley ball. Miley, as usual wasn't very eager to play. She pretended to do some exercises, so that the teacher would leave her alone. She liked physical exercises, she just didn't like sport...

Lilly and Oliver however were on. It was their favorite class. They always had fun and at the end, always felt good. Lilly was stretching next to the climbing wall. Oliver was slightly running, glancing at some girls. Yes, he was trying to get their attention, but, unfortunatly, it was Oliver, and Oliver wasn't successful with girls...

Miley came next to Lilly, and slightly grabbed her shirt, pulling Lilly close to her. They glanced at each other lovingly, smiling.

''Too bad we're in PE...'' Lilly said, her lips leaning against Miley's ears. She shivered.

''Wow, this is the first time you say that.'' Miley teased.

Lilly stucked out her tongue at her, her arms on her hips. Oliver joined them.

''Guys...'' he exclamed ''it's a little too obvious,'' he added between her teeth. Miley and Lilly realised their position. It will be a month this weekend since they were together, and for them, being close to each other, was natural.

They quickly pulled apart.

''Come on class, come over here!'' The teacher yelled.

The class gathered around Mr Saxe.

''I got news for you today.''

''Yey! Class cancelled !'' Josh screamed.


''We all get an A for our presence today.'' Brad tried.

''No !'' the teacher exclamed, upset the students didn't let him talk.

''You...'' Oliver started.

''Would you shut up already!'' the teacher cut. ''It wasn't a question. I didn't ask to guess, alright. So just let me talk.''

The class was silent.

''Okay...'' the teacher sighed. ''As I was saying, I got great news. I was planning this for a while, but this weekend, there's a volley ball competition organized in San Bernardino. It's for boys and girls.'' Some girls, including Miley, sighed. ''So I signed you guys up.''

Most of the students jumped of excitement. Lilly and Oliver high fived. They went to high five with Miley too, but she looked grumpy.

''So, the competition is this weekend. I'm gonna need you to sign these forms.'' He passed some papers around. ''There's gonna be two boys teams and two girls teams, 7 players in each. I've already made them. Jason Hook, Richard Allen, Lilly Trescott and Sarah Gates, captains. Come over here.''

The four of them went next to the teacher. He kept on the repartition of the team. Oliver was with Jason. Miley ended up with Lilly, for her big relief. They hugged each other... Maybe a little too long, but hey, nobody's noticed.

''Okay, so remember your team! Now, Let's get to work.'' The teacher started pacing like a colonel in front of his troop. ''Don't forget, it's a competition! the honor of the school depends on you...We want to win, and we will win! Now, pair up and grab a ball. I want you to set the ball as high and long as you can.''

The students spread.

Lilly was on a cloud. This weekend was going to be sooo cool. She grabbed a ball and threw it at Miley, who wasn't looking. She was hit on her thigh. She bended.

''Oww, Lilly!'' Lilly ran to her.

''Miley, I'm so sorry. I thought you were looking... You're okay?''

Miley grinned at her. ''you'll have to eeeearn my forgiveness Missy!'' she said seductively.

''D'you have something in mind?'' Lilly flirted back, leaning closer to Miley.

Miley grabbed the ball, and pushed it on Lilly's stomach. Lilly grabbed it, Miley didn't let go. Their hands were touching. ''Maybe...'' she whispered.

The teacher blew in her whistle. The girls pulled apart, the ball in Lilly's hands.

''OK Miley, she said slowly. Are you ready?'' she teased.

''Ah ah ah, very funny Lilly!''

Lilly smiled and shrugged : ''just to be sure...'' and she set the ball.

Lilly and Miley were walking home from school.

''So, urm, you wanna come over?''

''Miley, how can you even ask me that?'' she said a hand in her chest, feigning to be shocked.

Miley gigled. Lilly had spent every late afternoon at her place for a week now. Her room was the only place where they could have any real intimacy.

''Hey dad!'' Miley screamed as they got into the house.

''Hey girls!''

Miley straightly gave her dad the form for the competition. Mr Stewart laughed as he read it.

''You're gonna be in a volley ball competition?'' he teased her. ''I really feel sorry for the team who's gonna have the luck to have you with them...''

''that would be me...'' Lilly said.

''Oh... well could luck to you Lilly !'' he said signing the form. He handed it back to an upset Miley.

''Come on Miles, you know i'm teasing, right !''

''Yeah... right'' she snapped. She furiously climbed the stairs. Lilly and Mr Stewart laughed, and Lilly followed her girlfriend.

Miley was already lying on her bed, when Lilly came in. She put her bag next to Miley's desk and sat on the bed. She took her hand and kissed it.

''You're not looking forward to that weekend, huh!'' Lilly said. Miley sighed and straightened up.

''No. It sounds fun. A whole weekend with the class, with my friends,'' she leaned towards Lilly '' with you...'' she added kissing Lilly. ''It's just the volley ball thing that I don't like.''

Lilly nodded, understanding. ''Well, look on the bright, there's 6 players on the team, maybe you won't have to play!''

''Maybe...''. She looked at Lilly in the eyes. ''you're so beautiful.'' Lilly blushed a little, and kissed Miley. She laid her down the bed., and intensified the kiss. Miley's hands slid under Lilly's shirt, touching her soft skin. Lilly moaned, and gave small, continuous kisses on Miley's jawline. Miley shivered as she felt Lilly's lips going down her neck. She pulled Lilly closer to her, and the gilrs both moaned at the contact of their bodies.

Lilly brought back her lips against Miley's, and started licking them gently. This was the signal. Lilly slid her tongue into Miley's mouth, and softly started to explore. The kiss was slow and passionate. The girls embraced with her souls. It wasn't just a physical act.

They laid on the bed the rest of the afternoon, in each other's arms until it was time for Lilly to get back home.