Timing is everything, chapter 9

Lilly got off the shower and wrapped a towel around her body.

''Finally ! Miley exclamed.

''Sorry. It just felt great !'' Lilly said.

It was almost 8 pm. Miley had invited Lilly to stay over for diner, because her father and Jackson wouldn't be home before a few hours.

Lilly sat on the bed, Miley's eyes practically undressed Lilly.

''I'm gonna take a shower,'' Miley quickly said, while disappearing in the bathroom.

Lilly didn't want to get dress yet, so she laid lazily on the bed, thinking about all what happened these last few days.

''You're not gonna get dressed ?'' She heard Miley said.

Lilly got up quickly. ''yeah, I am. I was just

The girls suddenly noticed they both were practically naked. They stared at each other, a lot in their minds. Miley was imagining Lilly's towel falling on the floor, and Lilly was seeing herself untied Miley's bathrobe. They blushed at their thoughts, and giggled.

''Kay, I better get my clothes.'' Lilly said making her way towards her bag. She soon felt two hands wrapping her waist. Miley was behind her, holding her gently. She kiss her in the neck. Lilly shivered.

''Are you sure about that ?'' Miley whispered in her ear. Lilly slowly turned too Miley whose arms still around her. Lilly put her forehead on Miley's and her arms around her neck. Shelooked at her in the eyes.

''Not really'', she replied softly. Miley smiled. Here they were. Both of the girls were shaking in each other's arms. They were nervous, yet excited. They wanted to be with each other. They wanted to feel each other in an whole new way.

Miley leaned to kiss Lilly. As the kiss deepened, the girls relaxed.

Miley gently pushed Lilly on the bed, and followed her, without breaking the kiss. Lilly's hands were in Miley's hair. They soon ran down her neck, and her shoulders, as Miley started kissing her earlobe. Lilly moaned. Her hands slowly went down Miley's back, rubbing and squeezing. The girls' arousal increased. The embrace became more and more passionate. It was time.

Miley pulled back a little, and looked down Lilly's towel. She leaned again for a kiss as her hand was reaching the top of the towel where it was tied. She then kissed Lilly's jawline, and went down to her neck. Lilly's body arched increased the contact of their bodies. Miley moaned, feeling Lilly so intensely.

Miley slightly licked Lilly's chest. She had never done that before, and she could hear Lilly enjoying it. She kept on a few seconds and finally untied the towel. She slowly started to unwrap Lilly's body, revealing a wonderland.

Miley's lips were tracing their ways onto Lilly's chest. It was new for the both of them. They had wanted this for so long.

Miley straightened up, and let Lilly untied her bathrobe. Lilly's eyes widened under the magical view. Miley took off the rest of the robe with a smile, and leaned back on Lilly, pressing her mouth against hers.

Lilly needed more of Miley. Miley needed more of Lilly.

Miley's hand slowly ran down the side of Lilly's body, making her shivering. Her hand stopped on lilly's belly, slowly caressing her. Lilly moaned. She felt a warm sensation in her. Miley attached her lips on Lilly's and kissed her as her hand continued her way down until Lilly's most intimate part. At the contact, both of the girls moaned, and intensified their kiss.

It hurt, but not in a bad way.

''Are you okay?'' Miley asked, looking softly in Lilly's eyes. Lilly nodded with a smile and kissed Miley. Miley's hand was following Lilly's body motion. Miley made love to Lilly for the first time. For the first time, Lilly felt she had stop breathing. Her body was convulsing, as an intense fire invades her mind, and every single part of her. Lilly surrendered to Miley. It was a magical moment. She completely had lost control of herself. She screamed Miley's name.

It was the first time for Miley that someone was saying her name like, and it was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. She rested her head on Lilly's chest. She could hear Lilly's heart beating furiously. Lilly's heart... Lilly's heart was hers... She smiled. She was in heaven.

She felt Lilly's hand in her hair. She looked up. Lilly was looking at her. Miley came close to her. Lilly grabbed her head and kissed Miley. She put as much of herself as she could. Miley moaned. Lilly rolled her on her back and was now on top of her.

Lilly started her journey, discovering every recess, every secret of Miley's body. She smelled like coconut. She was kissing her everywhere she could, everywhere she had always wanted to. She was teasing her, trying to learn Miley's body language.

Miley's knees were trembling. Feeling Lilly's lips on her inner thigh was mind-blowing. This was the first time she felt something like that. They went up her thigh, to her belly, to her stomach, to her breasts. Miley gasped, letting out a scream of pleasure.

Lilly stopped for a second and made eye contact with Miley. She looked at her. She looked so fragile. There was something new in her. Something indescriptible that made her love Miley even more.

''I love you so much,'' she whispered.

''I love you too.'' Miley replied.

Lilly leaned for a kiss and slid her lips in Miley's neck. Her hand was so close of Miley's most sensitive land.

Miley gasped as she felt Lilly in her. She held Lilly tighter. Lilly joined their lips together and Miley's hands disappeared in her hair as her arms were around Lilly's neck.

Lilly's body was espousing Miley's body motion. Miley surrendered in Lilly's arms. She left the world for a moment, lost in white paradise, where everything seemed light and quiet. She wanted to stay there forever. It was the most wonderful sensation she ever felt. She had Lilly with her there. She chanted her name, as Lilly was pressing her lips against hers.

Miley was closely holding Lilly, who was laying in her chest, her leg on her waist. She will never let her go. Lilly's eyes closed softly. She smiled. She will never leave Miley's embrace.

''I love you Miley'' she said.

''I love you too Lilly'' Miley answered, as she held her tighter.

Nothing could ever be more perfect than this precise moment.

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