Rating: T
Genre: Slash
Pairing: RobinBeast Boy
Summary: Robin and Beast Boy are left at the Tower while the others are away. Beast Boy hopes to get to know his leader a bit better. Robin knows plenty about Beast Boy by the files he has on him but that doesn't mean that he isn't planning on getting accustomed to his teammate.

Ice Cream

"Alright, mint-flavored, my favorite, thanks, Beast Boy." Robin smiled as his team member handed him an ice cream filled bowl and a spoon. Beast Boy sat down next to Robin on the couch and looked at the TV briefly before he sighed.

"The news, oh come on, Boy Wonder, just when I start to think that you're a teen you have to go and prove me wrong." Beast Boy eyed the remote in his leader's hand and wondered to himself if he should make an attempt to retrieve it or not. Knowing Robin's reflexes, he chose not to.

"I am so a teenager, or else I wouldn't be having mint-chocolate chip ice cream for dinner." Robin placed the remote down on the sofa's arm and lifted a large hunk of the melting food into his mouth.

"I guess…" Beast Boy began to eat his ice cream as well. He still couldn't believe that he was all alone with Robin in the tower and their idea of fun was eating ice cream for dinner while watching the news. When Cyborg and him where left at home together they usually raided the fridge and blasted their videogames. Sometimes they would even watch ninja battle movies and then reenact their favorite scenes, ending with something being destroyed.

With the girls and Cyborg all at Titans East while Robin and Beast Boy were left to protect Jump City, Beast Boy had imagined it as a chance to get to know Robin better. He never really had a chance to hang out with Robin one-on-one. He'd been with Starfire alone before when she had a question or she wanted him to try another questionable food. He had some moments with Raven before where they both got a chance to talk truthfully and from the heart with each other. And of course he was always with Cyborg.

But Robin only stopped working once in a blue moon and usually everyone wanted the chance to hang out with him when he came out from his workroom. He's hung out with Robin before while with Cyborg or the rest of the group. But really since Robin had come out to apologize about Terra…

He wasn't going to think about Terra. Instead, he was going to focus on finding out more about Robin. So far, he had learned that Robin's favorite ice cream flavor is mint-chocolate chip, just like him.

"You know, Robin," the masked hero looked at him with his spoon in his mouth, "My favorite ice cream flavor is mint-chocolate chip as well. Only, I like it because of the dashing color." Robin removed the spoon from his mouth and smiled.

"I just like the flavor, though now that you've mentioned it, the color is nice." Robin replaced the spoon into his bowl. "I do wonder sometimes," Robin set his bowl down on the table and shifted a bit closer to Beast Boy on the couch. "Do you taste like mint, Beast Boy?"

As a tongue swept over his jaw line, Beast Boy set his own bowl of half eaten ice cream on the table as well. He turned to face his usually distant leader and he smiled. "Wanna find out?"

By the time they reached for their bowls again, their dinner had melted. But that was fine with them. After all, they had skipped dinner and gone straight for dessert.

Author's Note: Alright, I know this isn't my best work but it is my first slash without Slade in it. Though don't think that I've lost interest in SladeRobin or RobinRed X or SladeRobinRed X, because I've just gained an interest in RobinBeast Boy and every other slash pairing with Robin in it. I hope you enjoyed this little story and I'm going to try for the next update of this story to be a CyborgRobin fic because that pairing doesn't have enough of a fandom.