Priestess of the Flame

Rei pushed back a lock of her ebony hair, holding back a retort as some girls from her school walked by her and began the usually whispering of 'black priestess' 'devil worshipper'. Things they had been saying since she had started at the school when she had moved in with her Grandfather, developed an interest in her mother's religion, and began her training, informal, at ten. Formally, she began at thirteen.

Even before she had begun her training, she was a priestess. She didn't know what it was that made her have the premonitions but she accepted them with open arms. They made her who she was and they shaped her for her destiny as the Priestess of the Flame. Her grandfather knew that his granddaughter had a strong aura around her.

A power that took most mystics years to attain and it came to Rei so naturally.

The premonitions became stronger and more vivid, about a power that she would attain the end of the world if something wasn't done. Phoebes and Daemon called her the Priestess of the Flame and encouraged her when she started to do fire readings. Her powers flared and reached a high the day she became Sailor Mars, Hino Rei Princess of the Mother Star PhobosDeimos.

As her control over the powers of Sailor Mars grew, so did her control over the Scared Flame. Fire seemed to be at her command. Something that flowed through her veins, a hot scorching flame that sustained her thirst for the flame to surround her and fill her with its strength.

She smirked at the backs of her giggling classmates. She knew something they didn't.

She was the Priestess of the Flame and she was proud of it.

AN: An elemental drabble about Rei. I plan on doing one for all the inner scouts.