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One week later…

"DIAGO! Get back here NOW!"

"Yelling isn't going to do any good! You're going to have to cut him off at the end of the sidewalk!" A breathless Iruka managed to gasp out as he sprinted alongside Kakashi, who was currently chasing just one small boy…Who is going to have detention for the next month…

One small, troublesome boy…Screw that…he's going to have detention until I'm dead.

One small, fast, troublesome boy who had been sneaking out of the classroom ALL week long… Hmmm I wonder if I can come out of retirement from ANBU…

One small troublesome boy who was just recently responsible for setting off two boxes of firecrackers outside Iruka-sensei's classroom door…S-class missions are easier than this…I totally could be killing something right now…

"Quick Kakashi! Before he reaches the park!" Iruka hollered.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Kakashi said as he released his chakra into two more copies of himself. His other two copies dashed forward and then split in different directions to surround the boy. Diago was running as fast as his little legs could carry him, but he wasn't quick enough to make all the way to the trees. The clone on the left dropped down to block his path while the clone on the right swooped in and tackled the boy to the ground. Iruka has also managed to muster up a couple of kage bunshins to assist the masked ninja's clones just in case.

"Wow Sensei! It only took you half an hour to catch me this time! You're improving!" Diago told the clones from his horizontal position on the ground. The boy's grin could have split his face in two. Two furious ninja came barreling down on the dog pile of bodies and Kakashi reached down to grab a hold of Diago's arm before releasing the clones. "I'm glad you are enjoying yourself," Kakashi said sternly, "because you've disrupted class for the last time this week!"

"You're right Sensei, I have." Diago admitted, "And now it really is the last time for this week because it 4:00 pm on a Friday and it's time for school to be dismissed." The boy's grin grew wider at his well-planned escape route. Unfortunately, Iruka was not so forgiving about the whole situation.

"Well unfortunately for you, Diago, your hours here have increased." Iruka said sternly as Diago's eyes grew wide in shock. "You may have evaded Kakashi-sensei all week with your nonsense, but now you're going to have to deal with ME."

"Um…I'm sorry and I won't do it again?" Diago offered up as an apology.

"I don't think so." Iruka took the boy from Kakashi's grasp and turned him over to his clones. "Take him to my classroom." The doppelgangers nodded and before they hauled the boy away, Iruka gave the him one last warning, "Oh and Diago, if you do anything silly, like trying to attack my clones to make them vanish, I'll personally see that you will mowing the lawns at the academy with a pair of safety scissors." The boy's eyes took on an owlish-like appearance as he walked willingly with the pair of clone Irukas.

"Wow, safety scissors? Are you serious?" Kakashi asked incredulously.

"We haven't had a janitor or groundskeeper for years," Iruka said. "Fortunately, there are enough kids that get into trouble that can handle those chores. The funds saved from not having those employee openings can be spent on other things. How do you think our new gym was built?"

Kakashi rubbed the back of his head in frustration. "I guess I'll know how to punish them now."

Iruka smiled warmly at the agitated sensei. "They have been really working you over this week haven't they?"

"Yeah, I think I've taken a step backward somehow." Kakashi admitted. "Well, at least where Diago is concerned."

"No word about his father yet?"

"None." Kakashi sighed. "I know that has a lot to do with it. But I'm not sure on how to talk with him about it."

"If you'd like, I can try to get him to open up." Iruka said. "This isn't the first time I've seen young students act out because the loss of a parent."

"I appreciate that, but I think in this case I need to be the one that deals with him." Kakashi said. Iruka gave him a sad frown but Kakashi playfully nudged the chunnin in the ribs to help dissolve Iruka's sour face, "Besides, you're doing a lot for me as it is. Without you, a herd of pre-genin would have me completely at their mercy."

"Hmmm, that just might be true," Iruka gave the copy-nin a small smirk. "So are you ready for tomorrow?"

"What's tomorrow?"

Iruka scowled "You known damn good and well what's going on tomorrow… and if you have forgotten by now I'm totally not getting in Kurenai's way of her kicking your ass."

Kakashi just laughed. "Yes I know, the wedding is tomorrow. I'd rather die in battle, a shinobi's way of leaving this world rather than at the hands of an overly hormonal and pissed-off kunoichi."

"You'd just better be there, and on time too." Iruka replied. "I don't want to have to listen to a pre-meditated murder being planned out. Plus Anko will be there…and we both know things could get a little…out of control…"

"Don't worry, I'll be there." Kakashi reassured his friend. "Come on, let's get back to the school before we lose any more students."

"Alright." Iruka agreed. "Remember Kakashi…don't be late…"

"Aww come on Iruka. Me…late? Never…."


Crap crap crap! I'm going to be late! Kakashi's brain screamed as he hurled himself from one rooftop to the next. Kurenai is going to KILL me! Well, maybe not kill…but there will definitely be some intentional maiming though… Kakashi forced more chakra into his legs at the thought of Asuma's soon-to-be bride in the throes of a murderous rage. The bottoms of his feet were slowly becoming numb and he would have worn his regulation jounin sandals, but they did not collaborate well with his formal yukata. Instead, he had to make do with his formal sandals, but unfortunately sprinting and leaping in formal footwear was definitely not Kakashi's forte. He quickly came to that realization when he first leapt from the top of his apartment building and attempted to make feet-to-roof contact with the next building over.

'Attempted' being the key word…

Thank Kami no one saw him collide face-first into the side of the building in a very un-shinobi-like manner. Apparently jumping and running in clogs seemed to be a sannin-level form of taijutsu, and he'd have to speak with Jiraiya about it at a later time. After picking himself off the ground and quickly doing a vector-analysis check (haughty jounin words for 'I fucked up…did anyone see?'), he decided to remove the death-traps from his feet and start off towards the temple barefoot.

Stupid shoes…stupid clothes…stupid wedding…bleh… at least Iruka will be there…Oh Kami! Kakashi's head snapped up in realization and began to push his body into high gear. I forgot about Anko!

Which means if I don't hurry…Iruka is going to get molested….


"ANKO! Hands off!"

"Awww! But Ruka-chan, you look so cuuuuuute with your hair down!" Anko said gleefully, "I just want to run my fingers through it!"

"Your fingers were on my ASS...which my hair is NOWHERE near!"

"Ummm…they slipped?"

"Like I'm going to believe that!" Iruka huffed.

"Well believe me when I say this, Ruka-chan, you have to be the prettiest chunnin I've ever seen," Anko said while leering at Iruka, "So don't mind me if I'm just wanting to sample the goods."

"Number one, stop calling me 'Ruka-chan'. Number two, If I knew wearing my hair down was going make you want to play 'grab-ass' with me, I would never have done it!" Iruka said through his clenched teeth, "And number three…you are definitely NOT sampling ANY of my goods!"

"Aww come on! Look! Your face is already flushed red with anticipation!" Anko said.

"More like frustration!"

"Oh really?" Anko's eyes lit up mischievously while Iruka's eyes narrowed in anger.

"Not that type of frustration!"

"Hmmm I'm not so sure about that…." Anko said. "What's the problem with having a casual relationship anyways? You seriously look like you need to get laid."

Iruka wasn't sure if his face could turn any redder, but he knew it was on fire at that last comment. "My sexual encounters are none of your business Anko-san!"

"Do you even like girls? Cause if you do, you are totally sending out the wrong signals." Anko pointed out.

"Well then why don't you take a hint and stop trying to feel me up!"

"Hrmph. So you are gay…" Anko sighed. "Damn, now I owe Ebisu…which I ought to make you pay since it is technically your fault that I lost…"

"Do what?!" Iruka yelled. "You mean to tell me that you and another shinobi have a wager on my sexual preference!"

"We're jounin…we do this for entertainment."

Iruka just stared at Anko with a look of bewilderment on his face. Well that explains a lot. "Still, you shouldn't do things like that. It's rude." Iruka said snapping out of his trance as he turned around and went back to work on his half of the decorations. "And besides, I'm not gay." he added.

"Ha! Wow you're gay and don't even know it. Now that's some fascinating news I can pass around the mission room." Anko countered back.

"I'm not gay!" Iruka exclaimed. "And no one would believe you if you did spread something stupid like that around the mission room."

"Oh…I beg to differ." Anko said mysteriously. Iruka stopped decorating and shot her a 'huh?' look. Anko took that as her cue to elaborate, "You've been spending an awful lot of time hanging out with our resident grey-haired menace."

"Pffft! You mean Kakashi?" Iruka asked. Anko nodded her head and he laughed, "He's only a friend."

"Interesting, you've evolved from hating his guts to using his name without an honorific." Anko pointed out. "Never thought that would happen."

Iruka scrunched up his face and gave the flowers he held in his hands a sour look. "Your right, I did hate him. But after I spent some time with him and got to know him a little better, he's actually a really good guy." Iruka said, turning to Anko to give her a small smile, "And he's not a menace and I'm proud to say that he's my friend."

"Hmmm….again…interesting…" Anko said as she turned back around to finish decorating her side of the temple.

Iruka grumbled to himself. What's wrong with me being friends with Kakashi? Damn her…she worded it like that on PURPOSE…now I'm curious…"Ok…you got my attention…why do you keep saying the word 'interesting' after every time I say something about him?" Iruka asked.

"Well, it's like this." Anko said nonchalantly, "Even since Kakashi made genin at six, he's been quite busy. So busy in fact, that he's never really made friends with anyone. I mean, he knows us and a few of our little quirks and whatnot, but no one is on the level of what being a 'friend' is. Of course that is…until you came along."

"He's friends with Gai."

"No, he's a victim of Gai's random spurts of insanity."

"Hmm touché," Iruka said thoughtfully. "I don't know why you seem so interested in this. What's so wrong with Kakashi having a friend?"

"There's nothing wrong with it. In fact, this is probably the best thing that has happened to him in a while." Anko said, "So you're kind of now obligated to NOT screw it up."

"I don't plan on it. I'm even going to come clean about that first kunai practice with the kids." Iruka said. "I want to be good friends with him, so I need to be trustworthy."

"Oooo! If only I could be a fly on the wall when that conversation goes down," Anko cackled, "Poor Sharingan Kakashi won't know what to do when he finds out that a cranky chunnin with a posse of kids owned him on the first day of school!" Anko broke out laughing at the look of despair on Iruka's face. "I just hope he doesn't kill you!" she added.

"Or decide that he wants nothing to do with me." Iruka said downheartedly. "I've been really worried about that, which is why I've been dragging my feet in telling him."

Anko stopped laughing and gave Iruka a critical look. "This is really bothering you isn't it?"

"Yeah, I like him, and he doesn't deserve to be lied to or treated that way."

"So you 'like' him and you 'care' about his feelings towards you." Anko inquired and Iruka shook his head to confirm her words. Her mouth suddenly twisted up into a smirk, "You are gay, and you have a crush on Kakashi." Iruka looked like he was on the verge of exploding but Anko already had her hand up to stifle the outburst. "Seriously, Ruka-chan…you just need to accept it and move ahead. Trying to figure out all of the details is not going to get you laid any quicker. I say just corner him and jump his bones," she finished with a small giggle.

"ANKO!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"Iruka began to rant, but again Anko put her hand up again to stop the chunnin.

"Nothing is wrong with me. I'm just a straight-forward kind of girl and I have a habit of telling people how life really is. Some people call it a personality trait…or defect…it really depends on who you're talking to …" Anko then gave Iruka another leer and began making her way towards where he was standing. "And since I'm so straight-forward, we should do a little field test to see whether or not you're completely gay. You might be bisexual…and in that case you wouldn't have to wait for Kakashi to ease your…" She reached out to make a grab for Iruka's personal 'bits' as she slinked up close to the chunnin and finished her sentence with a lusty whisper, "…frustrations…"

Anko grabbed the chunnin's package and planted her lips on Iruka's mask-covered…wait…mask-covered?

"Maaa, you're not such a good kisser Anko-chan. And would you please withdraw your hand from nuts? Thanks." Kakashi said as her moved her hand away from him and stepped back to give a bewildered Iruka, who now happened to be on the other side of the room due to a body-swapping jutsu, a reassuring eye-crinkle.

"Where in the hell did you come from?" Anko pouted. "And by the way, you're late."

"A group of pygmies stopped me and asked directions to the Hokage Monument, and I felt that needed to give them a personal tour."


"Yes, pygmies."

Anko just blinked. "You are so utterly full of shit."

Kakashi just tilted his head and smiled politely, the eye again doing its best to represent the copy-nin's expression, "Why thank you Anko-chan." He turned around to where Iruka was standing. "Are you almost done Iruka?"

"Err…not completely," Iruka answered, still confused and in awe of what just happened, "And…um… I…I think I left the other flower garlands in the back." he said as he did a quick survey of his work.

"Well, perhaps I can help you finish since the wedding seems to be running late by the looks of things."

"It's not running late," Anko snorted, "Kurenai told you 9 a.m. because she knew you would be late. The actual wedding starts at 10:00."

"Figures." Kakashi said to himself. "Well, I can still help if there's some work to be done."

"Ok then," Iruka said, "I'll be right back." He made a beeline for the doors at the back and disappeared.

Anko watched the chunnin flee and giggled, "Man, I was so close this time…"

"Which is why he should have some sort of restraining order against you. If I hadn't shown up when I did, Kami only knows what would have happened." Kakashi snidely replied.

"Awww…what's wrong Kakashi? Afraid that I'll break your little boyfriend?"

"Maaa, just protecting my friends is all." Kakashi answered. "And he's not my boyfriend."

"Whatever." Anko shrugged, "Call him what you want to, but you've never been that sociable with anyone before you took on teaching at the Academy."

"I am sociable with others." Kakashi muttered.

"Dropping in and slitting people's throats on missions does not qualify as being 'sociable'. In fact, I believe that would be considered as the being the exact opposite of the term," Anko said. "And you know damn good and well Gai's competitions don't count either. We all know most of that is forced interaction…"

"Which reminds me, is Gai coming to the wedding?" Kakashi said in hopes of changing the subject, "I forgot to ask Kurenai."

"He's coming," a voice said from the back of the temple. Kakashi and Anko turned around to see Kurenai looking quite exquisite in her wedding garments. "He said he wouldn't miss this for anything, 'on the honor of his youth' was his exact words actually." Kurenai gave Kakashi an amused look. "Well I see our little plan worked out after all…"

"Wow! You look great Kurenai!" Anko exclaimed.

"Thanks! And the both of you look great as well. Kakashi…wow. You certainly clean up quite nicely." Kurenai said as she admired the taller ninja in his silver yukata accompanied by a matching silver forehead wrap. She made her way closer to where the other two shinobi were standing while getting a good look at the temple. "And the decorations look beautiful too."

"Well, Ruka-chan and I did do the place justice…" Anko said as Kakashi snorted at her usage of suffixes for Iruka. Anko turned around and gave Kakashi an evil smile, "Awww he's getting all pissy again over his Iruka."

Kurenai gave Kakashi a questioning look. "Your Iruka? What the hell… did I miss a memo?" she turned to Anko for answers, "Ok…now you're under the responsibility to spill…"

"There's nothing to talk about. Apparently I'm not allowed to have friends of any sort while I teach at the Academy according to Anko." Kakashi said in defense.

"I never said that. I just said that you hardly talk to anyone, but I know for a fact that you and Iruka have gone out to eat together every night this week and you guys hang out in each other's classrooms during your lunch breaks," Anko said.

"Wow, where did you get all that information?" Kurenai asked.

"Yes, I'd like to know as well…" So I can ask them politely… with a kunai …to stay the hell out of my personal life…Kakashi thought to himself.

"I have my sources." Anko said.

"Hn. How convenient."

"Let's get back to Kakashi and Iruka, because now I'm curious." Kurenai said.

"There's nothing to 'get back' to. We're just friends is all." Kakashi said defensively.

"Sure you are. Just keep telling yourself that." Anko said with a smirk.

"We are!" Kakashi said angrily. "Just what makes you think otherwise!?"

"Well for one," Anko began, "You're very defensive about this. Secondly, you're obviously in denial… and possibly sexually frustrated as well." She stopped to tap her fingers to her lips in thought, "Which would be odd considering the amount of porn you read."

"I'm not being defensive, and I'm not in denial! And furthermore, I have better things to do than worry about getting laid." Kakashi said.

"I'm telling you, you are totally frustrated." Anko said. "It's ok though, I talked with Ruka-chan and he's got the same problem as you."

"You mean to tell me that you told Iruka the same thing you are telling Kakashi?" Kurenai asked.

"Yup, and he's in denial too. Not to mention he was very defensive over Kakashi…" Anko said.

Iruka stood up for me? Kakashi wondered to himself. It's not like that is hard to believe or anything, I mean, Iruka would be the type to stand up for others. Kakashi gave the two kunoichi a wary look as they chattered and gossiped with one another. Actually a lot of what Anko is rambling about is true. We have been hitting the ramen stand every night and just talking about everything. We do hang out at lunch together, but were talking about the kids and lesson plans! Nothing else! Well, I mean…at least I think that's all we've been talking about… Kakashi shook his head in an attempt to clear his mind. We have been making homemade bentos for one another…but he brought me food first! I was just trying to be nice, and … and…he taught me how to dance so I wouldn't look like an idiot today…

"Kakashi! Snap out of it!" Anko hollered while snapping her fingers in front of his face.


"I asked you why on earth you would choose Ruka-chan to be your first real friend." Anko asked. "Inquiring minds want to know."

"Listen damn it." Kakashi growled. "Stop calling him 'Ruka-chan'. And I'd rather be friends with someone who is intelligent and is a good conversationalist rather than someone who is always in someone else's business."

"Hmmm…intelligent huh? You know that he's still only a chunnin right?" Anko asked.

"Of course I know, and it is entirely his choice that he still is where he is and I respect him for that." Kakashi replied.

"Well that's good." Kurenai said with a giggle, "What else do you like about him?"

"Well…" Kakashi stopped to think about all of Iruka's good points. "He's an excellent teacher…and uh…he's also just really great with kids. And um… oh yeah…he's a good cook and a good dancer."

"Dancer?" Both kunoichi said in unison.

Oh shit… "Erm…yeah…" Kakashi said somewhat timidly.

"And how do you that he's a good dancer, Kakashi?" Anko asked.

"Um…cause…" Might as well tell them and get it over with. "He taught me how to dance for the wedding." He turned to Kurenai and gave her a quick explanation. "See, I didn't know how to dance, and I didn't want to ruin your wedding reception by screwing up when it came time for me to dance with you. I was worried about it, and thankfully, Iruka offered to help and I took him up on it."

"AWWWWW." Both girls cooed together. Kakashi rolled his eyes… I knew that was going to happen…

"Hey wait a minute …" Anko stopped gushing long enough to point out what she thought was extremely important. "But you already know that there is a dance hall at the edge of town…"

"Yeah…and?" Kakashi asked.

"Well, if you were so concerned about learning how to dance, why didn't you just go down there and watch through the window with your Sharingan to copy the dance moves?" Anko inquired

"I…I…" Kakashi gave Anko a blank stare. Huh…I don't have an answer for that. Wait, WHY didn't I think of that to begin with? Was it because I wanted to learn from Iruka? Kakashi froze when a realization hit him. It was a reason to hang out with him…um…shit…

"And that brings me back to my first point," Anko said grinning like a mad woman, "You like Iruka. So I suppose the next question is….when are you planning to sex him up?"

"WHAT?!" Kakashi decided that this little chat was traveling WAY out of his comfort zone. "You're can't be serious…"

"Well yeah…I mean…your junk isn't broken or anything is it? Here, let me get another feel just to make sure…" Anko said as she stepped forward to make a play for Kakashi's crotch.

"Anko! What the…" Kakashi exclaimed as he swatted her hand away from him. "There is nothing wrong with my equipment!"

"Ahh…so it's experience that you're lacking…"

Kakashi instantly felt his face go beet red. "That's none of your business!"

"Haha! I was just kidding Kakashi…don't take it so ser…hey wait…" Anko said studying Kakashi's face. "Say Kurenai, look at his face…I think he's blushing. The mask is covering most of it, obviously, but still…look under his eye…"

Kurenai was in the middle of a laughing fit but stopped when she got a good look at the copy-nin's face. "Wow…I think you're right."

"Which means…" Anko said with a full blown leer on her face. "That you really DON'T have any experience. Which means…no way…" Anko's eyes went wide at her final conclusion. "No. Fucking. Way. Holy shit, you're a virgin aren't you?"

Kakashi sighed as he tried desperately to will away the tell-tale blush. "I've had enough of this conversation. Kurenai, please make your friend shut up."

Kurenai might have actually shut Anko up…if it hadn't been for the fact that she was rolling around on the floor trying to suffocate herself. Apparently breathing and laughing cannot be done simultaneously.

"HA! You are!" Anko was practically jumping up and down at her newfound information. "Wow…then why do you read the Icha Icha series?"

"Damn you Anko!" Kakashi was completely fed up at this point, but considering the amount of information the girls now knew, he'd had better explain himself before they came up with their own reasons for his virginity. "I'm a shinobi of Kohona. My life is centered and focused on keeping this village safe from whatever may cause it harm. Being in frivolous relationships would just get in the way of my duties. I have the Sharingan, and with it comes responsibility as well. I have to take care of the village and myself before anything else. And if you haven't noticed, the village has been quite demanding of my time since I was a child. So excuse me if I haven't been promiscuous enough for your tastes!"

"You still didn't answer my question as to why you read porn…."

Kakashi huffed. "I read it for the plot."

"I'll repeat what I said earlier…you are utterly full of shit."

"Well it's better than saying 'I read it for my own personal release'."

"Well that's perfectly ok Kakashi!" Anko said cheerfully. "At least you're coming to terms with how you handle your sexuality."

" Arrrgh! Would you just shut up already?"

"So since both you and Iruka are gay…you two should totally hook up." Anko concluded.

"What!?" Kakashi exclaimed, "Exactly how do you know or what makes you think that the both of us are gay?"

Kurenai finally stopped laughing long enough to answer Kakashi's question. "That's easy, we're women. We have Gaydar no Jutsu."

"Gaydar no Jutsu?" Kakashi tilted his head to the side in confusion, "Is that a kind of ninjutsu or genjitsu?" He pushed away the silver cloth he wore in place of his forehead protector, "Can I copy it?"

This time it was Anko's turn to laugh hysterically. Before she could answer him, Iruka walked back in with an arm's load full of more flowers and decorations. "Sorry I took long…I had a hard time trying to find…"

"Don't worry about it, let's just finish decorating." Kakashi interrupted as he forced his eye-covering back into its proper place. He walked over to Iruka and pulled the decorations out of his arms.

"Uh ok…" Iruka said as he turned to the two kunoichi who were still in separate fits of giggles. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing," Kakashi said. "The both of them were actually fixing to LEAVE because Kurenai still needs help getting ready," he said as he shot both of them a murderous glare.

The girls knew they had been pushing their luck with the copy-nin this morning, so they took it as their cue to disappear. "Yeah sorry Ruka-chan," Anko said, "but I got to help Kurenai with her hair. Kakashi will help you finish."

"Um ok…" Iruka said, still slightly confused about what was going on. I'll just ask Kakashi when they leave…

The girls pranced out the door in what Iruka thought as being in way too good of a mood, so when they left he had to ask, "Ok…what did they say?"

"All sorts of evil things…" Kakashi muttered.

Iruka gave the older man a small chuckle, "Now come on, it couldn't have been that bad."

"Oh you have NO idea…"

Iruka chuckled a little harder. "So are you going to tell me?"

Kakashi thought about how he should answer that question. If I tell him, it might scare him and he might not want to be friends with me anymore. But on the other hand…wait…when did there become two sides to this? Do I really like him? How do I know for sure? Shit…I don't know what to do. "I'll tell you what, I'll tell you after the reception, because we only have a little bit of time before the ceremony begins." When in doubt, stall for time…and I'm not drunk enough yet to have this conversation with you…

"Ok, then let's finish up." Iruka said as he started hanging up more garland. It only took the two another twenty minutes to be completely done, and it would have been done quicker, but both ninja were sneaking peeks at one another and becoming lost in their own thoughts to be fully concentrated on their tasks.


The wedding went off without a hitch. Tsunade was present to properly wed the couple and there were enough people there to bear witness and wish both Kurenai and Asuma a wonderful future. It wasn't too much later when everyone made it down to the reception hall where most of the village's shinobi were already present in various states of drunkenness. Asuma let out a long sigh as he took two offered drinks from Genma, "Well, we might as well get the party started."

"Where were all these people earlier during the wedding?" Kakashi leaned over and whispered to Iruka.

"Ah, I think it was supposed to be a somewhat quiet wedding. You know how the civilians are. We ninja should be concentrating on protecting the village, not taking a break or having a good time." Iruka whispered back. "It's why there were so few of us at the temple."

"Ahh I see…" Kakashi said, "So not to attract any attention." He promptly snagged a couple of cups of sake off of one of the tables and handed one to Iruka. "Bottoms up, Iruka," he said.

"In a hurry to get buzzed?" Iruka asked jokingly.

If only you knew… "Hmm…maybe." Kakashi said lightly. Iruka just chuckled and downed his cup of alcohol. He already knew Kakashi's was empty by the time he was done drinking, he had been with the man for almost a solid two weeks to fully know how the masked man ate and drank. He turned back to take Kakashi's cup away to go get a refill, but was met with yet another full cup from the copy-nin. "Here, you need to keep up," Kakashi said with a wink.

"If you keep drinking like that you're not going to be able to stand up straight, much less be able to dance with Kurenai." Iruka pointed out after downing his second cup.

"I like a challenge." Kakashi muttered.

"Don't say that, or at least not too loudly. Gai might hear you and it will be all over from there." Iruka said with a smirk.

"That's ok. I'll just tell him we have to do something that involves another person's assistance." Kakashi said as Iruka's smirk turned into a scowl. "Wouldn't want you to feel left out or anything."

"I'll think I'll live." Iruka said not bothering to hide the annoyed tone in his voice.

Kakashi chuckled and gently squeezed the chunnin's shoulder. "Maa, I wouldn't do that to you. But speaking of assistance, I'm going to be training with my Sharingan tomorrow and I was wondering if you'd be nice enough to make sure nothing horrible happens…you know…like me falling over due to chakra depletion." Plus I need more time to figure out things between me and you…

"Depends. Are you feeding me?" Iruka asked in a playful tone.

"Of course, how's sushi sound?."

"Sounds good and I'll be there. Ooo look! Time for the speeches!" Iruka exclaimed as he watched Anko stand on her chair and clap her hands together for everyone's attention.

"Speeches?" Kakashi asked in a confused tone. "What's the big deal about speeches?"

"It's what comes after the speeches are what I'm excited about." Iruka said "That's when the dancing will begin."

Kakashi let out a groan as Iruka laughed at the copy-nin's apprehension. "Don't worry about it…just keep drinking. Then maybe you won't remember any of this tomorrow."

"I seriously doubt I'll be that lucky."

The post-wedding speeches were far too short in Kakashi's opinion, and he soon found himself walking up to Kurenai (due to Iruka's incessant prodding) to ask her for a few spins around the dance floor. She graciously accepted the masked ninja's hand and they began to make their way to the center of the floor with everyone's eyes upon the couple.

"You seem nervous." Kurenai pointed out quietly as they waited for the music to start up. "Don't be, I'm sure Iruka taught you well."

"We'll see…"Kakashi's words trailed off as the song started. Ok Hatake…let's do this. He slowly began to lead Kurenai around the floor and the new bride looked at him in shock.

"Wow, I am impressed. You're doing great," the kunoichi said with a smile. "You learned very well."

"Iruka taught me well. He deserves the praise more than I do."

"Are you always going to give him more credit than yourself?" Kurenai asked playfully.

"Depends on whether or not he's earned it." Kakashi replied. Hmm…I'm probably going to regret this later…"May I ask you something?"

Kurenai's eyebrows furrowed together at the question. "Sure, what's on your mind?"

It's just a simple question…I'm not admitting to ANYTHING… Kakashi told himself. He had some time during the speeches to figure out that he was definitely going to need some questions answered. Might as well get this over with… "When did you realize your feelings for Asuma? Were you two really good friends at first? Or was it just a random thing? And how can you tell when…"

"Whoa! Slow down there lover boy…" Kurenai said with a giggle. "Your academy students are starting to rub off on you."

Kakashi just 'humphed' and Kurenai gave him another giggle. "I want to answer your questions, but I don't think I'll have enough time." Kakashi's eye gave her a quizzical look, "Asuma's heading this way to cut in."

"Ahh I see."

"We'll get together later this week, ok?" the kunoichi asked and the copy-nin readily shook his head to agree.

"Do me a favor and don't tell Anko…please…" Kakashi said in a low rushed voice as Asuma came within a couple of feet of the couple.

"I won't" Kurenai said quietly as she looked up at her new husband with a winning smile. "Hey there handsome."

"May I cut in?" Asuma asked Kakashi.

The copy-nin spun Kurenai into Asuma's arms. "There you go, you can probably handle her better than I can."

"I think you did quite well. Who knew the Sharingan warrior could dance eh?" Asuma asked as he spun his bride around said warrior.

"Yeah…who knew…" Kakashi shrugged and walked over to where Iruka was sitting.

Kurenai watched the two men talk back and forth for a brief moment before she saw Iruka face become red from a sudden blush. Kakashi's complementing him…no doubt.

"What's so interesting over there, dear?" Asuma quietly asked.

"Oh…not much," was her simple reply. Just watching something spectacular in the making… she thought as she continued to watch the two ninja easily converse with one another. We're going to have one hell of a talk aren't we Hatake?


Later that night, Kakashi was still somewhat inebirated and sprawled out on his bed replaying today's events in his mind. Anko's words were also tumbling around in his head as he thought about the chunnin and the wedding. Maybe the girls are reading way too much into our friendship. I mean, he's not a bad catch or anything, especially with those eyes and that scar running over his tanned face that turns red at the slightest sign of embarrassment. Kakashi absent-mindedly ran his hand over the soft fabric of his pajamas in the same area that Anko had violated this morning with her own hand. He has a really nice smile, and look at the bright side, he's done well for a shinobi regardless of rank. Hell, he still has all his appendages and teeth, and that's practically a bonus in a society of ninja…

He let out a soft sigh and he once again ran his hand over the nether regions of his anatomy and felt himself swell under his hand's attention. He had his hair down today, and I almost didn't recognize him when I got to the temple. It wasn't until he turned around and I saw his face that I knew it was him. Mmmm, I wonder if his hair feels as soft as it looks? His cock twitched at the thought and he softly palmed his appendage once more through his pajamas, completely lost in his thoughts of Iruka. I can almost smell his hair… Kakashi tugged a little harder and his breaths became a little shorter. He pouted when he asked me again what the girls said earlier before the wedding and I told him that I had forgotten. He looked so adorable. When he pouts, his lips seem so full and soft…I wonder what they taste like…wait… Kakashi stopped and realized where his hand was and what it was in the process of doing.

What the HELL am I doing? He scolded himself, thinking that his body would cooperate. Bad hand! Baaaad penis! Gah! Stop twitching like that! His cock twitched as if was being defiant. You're mocking me aren't you? Again, it gave him another twitch in response. Little bastard…

A wave of guilt passed through the jounin. What kind of friend am I turning out to be? This is wrong, on SO many levels… His anatomy on the other hand begged to differ as it actually began to ache from the frustration it was being put through. Stupid body! Just stop! Damn it! Not knowing what else to do, he leaned over and yanked the drawer of his night stand open and rummaged around until he found the small bottle of lotion he was blindly searching for. He quickly shoved down the waitband of his sleepwear to let his cock bask in the nighttime air. When in the hell did I become this needy? No matter what Kakashi's frail mind thought at the moment, his body seemed to be going on auto-pilot. For Kami's sake…SLOW DOWN! His hands refused to pay mental instructions any heed because after popping the top on the bottle, he almost poured too much lotion into his palm and began to sloppily work himself to the point of release.

I can't hold it in, when have I EVER lost this much control…he silently mused to himself as his hand jerked back and forth over his pale skin. Grrr…have to…have…to…gah…too much…too INTENSE…too fast… The erratic movements were becoming too much for the jounin to handle. Can't stop…mmm…can't BREATHE…must...I got to…got to…ahhhhh…

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" he half-groaned and half -cried as he quickly made a complete mess of himself and his bed sheets. Kakashi gave a defeated sigh, Kami…what is WRONG with me? It's got to be the alcohol. Sadly enough, the copy-nin realized, that was now sitting up in bed fully sober. Well grat, I can't blame it on the alcohol now. I've GOT to get some answers from SOMEWHERE. He ran the hand that wasn't covered in cum through his hair as he stood up and made his way to the bathroom.

I can't believe that just happened, I mean, all of my Icha Icha-induced masturbation sessions had absolutely NOTHING on this. Maybe the girls were right, it's apparently obvious that I like him….WAY more than what I'm willing to admit to anyone, including my own self. He washed his hands and took a long look at himself in the bathroom mirror. I just jerked off to my own perverse thoughts of a MAN. Something is WRONG with me. He ran his hands along the sides of his face. Maybe this is just some sort of weird stage in my life. I've been fighting out in the field for so long, and now things are much calmer with me teaching at the Academy. I wonder if I'm going through some sort of mid-life crisis. Maybe I have some sort of post-traumatic stress syndrome that makes me horny at the thought of men… He shook his head at the last thought and the utter absurdness of it.

I need to do some research on this is all...he rationalized to himself. I just need some answers to some questions, and I'll start tomorrow…AFTER Iruka leaves from my Sharingan training. And damn it… I'm going to keep myself in check and not act weird around him. He looked down at his lifeless member and narrowed his eyes. That goes for you too buddy…and you should be ashamed of yourself…didn't even last a full two minutes…what happened to your stamina?! The sated part of his body seemed to radiate innocence as Kakashi took it in his hands and flipped the tip up towards his face, as if he really expected an explanation from his penis. Damn you…you almost made me break my wrist… He continued to scowl until his eyes caught a glimpse of his actions in the mirror and quickly let go of his manly goods. He slapped the light switch off in a huff. I swear I'm losing my MIND….

And I have Anko to blame for ALL of this. I was FINE until she started running her mouth about me 'sexing' him up and whatnot… The thought of 'sexing' Iruka up made Kakashi's blood start to run warm again and he groaned as his tried to bury his head in his pillow in an attempt to suffocate himself into a coma so that it would drive his blood flow into the larger of his two heads.

That's it…I'm KILLING Anko…


A dark-haired chunnin on the other side of town finally stopped sneezing long enough to crash head first in his own personal dreamland. Must be my allergies…mmm…wonder if Kakashi is allergic to anything? He lazily thought as he finally slipped into sleep mode. "Mmm…Ka..ka..shi…" he mumbled as he let his mind drift away.