His flesh was sickly yellow, drawn taunt against his visible bones. His nose was present in patches but missing for the most part, merely sunken holes where the arch of cartilage was meant to be. Patches of his dry flesh were red, irritated, and oozy. She gazed upon her lovers face hiding her initial disgust. Mollia forced herself to remember that this was Erik. This was the man that she was destined to be with and no matter how he looked she would always love him. She gazed into his drawn back eyes tears forming at the sight of his own. "Erik.. I still love you. I love you more than ever." She leaned forward to kiss him but her body was jerked back. She could feel the purple and blue bruises forming on her arms as the red leather gloves dug into her flesh. "I think you have done enough for one night my love" The haunting voice of the crimson phantom seeped into her ear. Erik's mask less head dropped sobs wracking his body. Mollia felt a pang of pain shoot through her body at the sight of her love so defeated and pain ridden.

"Mollia, I don't think I have done enough to punish the two of you. With my power over you, you are never to tell him that you love him again or the most imaginable pain will be brought upon the both of you, and for our last little act. Mollia Daee, I command that you kiss me as you would kiss your former love." Mollia looked at the crimson phantom in horror trying to fight the pulling from the ring around her finger. She pleaded with her eyes as her arms moved around his neck of their own accord. She internally cringed at the graceful brush of his hands on her hips, hating how her lips drew closer and closer. She glanced to Erik and the horror on his face caused her tears to flow even harder. Her lips met the crimson phantoms and her world seemed to end. Ice cold air swirled around them and warmth traveled from her ring through her body and into his. His tongue slid across her petite lips and his magic forced her to open as if willing the kiss to go on. The kiss lasted until Mollia's mind began to shut down, the flow of power draining her body completely. She fell against the crimson phantom, eyes sliding shut as she joined her subconscious, praying her soul would still be intact when she awoke.

Erik felt as if he were to die from the pain traveled throughout his system. No amount of healing would be able to ease the tearing within his heart. He knew Mollia was under the control of the crimson phantom but as he watched her lips meet his enemy's so feverishly Erik could not help but wonder if she truly loved him. He watched the glow encase the two embraced together and he knew somewhere deep inside getting his love back would be next to impossible. As Mollia fell into unconsciousness the Crimson Phantom set her down and proceeded to stalk towards Erik. "She does not love you Erik. She never will love you again. After all, who could love a face such as yours? I am surprised she did not faint sooner. My powers do not have such a hold as to make her kiss me as she did. I can force her to engage but continuance was all of her own free will. I hope you rot in here knowing you will never see Mollia's beautiful face again." Erik spat at the feet of the monster before him and grunted at the kick he received. He groaned out his lovers name as the Crimson Phantom carried her body into a tunnel of darkness.