Chapter one: the beginning

It had finally happened.

And Percy was furious with himself.

He thought "how could I let him do this, she was almost mine!"
A few days earlier in mid-august, trouble began to brew at camp half blood.
And someone got hurt.

Luke had come back in an all- out attack against camp half blood.

His goal was to destroy Percy Jackson.
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Luke and his army charged down half blood hill, sweeping in to camp half blood like water through a split dam.
Luke at the lead was yelling commands to his troops while wielding his blade, backbiter.
An Aphrodite girl was going to the ladies room to fix her makeup, (at the middle of the night) when she saw the troops coming down.

She screamed.

Lighting crackled down, illuminating the soon-to-be battlefield.
The campers came rushing from their cabins, and a weary Hermes camper yelled "I was trying to sleep; it's only what 1 am?"
The warriors came gushing in with no mercy, breaking the bonds keeping monsters out, and the weather blocker.
Rain flooded in, soaking everyone instantly.

Percy pulled out his pen, Riptide and went for the front of the campers.

"Alright everyone we have a fight, beckendorf, take the boys with me! Thalia and annabeth take the--- the war gods daughter herself Clarisse interrupted him, "no I think I will take the girls." "Fine whatever, Percy said. But go with Thalia and annabeth please? This is no time for arguments." Yelled Percy to the campers

The boys advanced with their blades out while some archer's scaled buildings.
The girls took defense and stayed back with shields and swords. Archers lined the front with Clarisse and Thalia.
Clarisse said "why don't you let me do the fighting. I am the war god's daughter."
"You see those bolts? Yeah their dads, so shut up.' Thalia replied mockingly
Annabeth cleverly backed off.
While the kronros troops poured in, Percy went for Luke.

Percy shouted" damn you Luke, invading us here, you must be desperate!"
Luke smirked, and snorted, "if I was so despite as you say, why would I have all of these warriors at my back and call?"
Percy yelled back" you have all of these warriors because of kronros, not you! Kronros is the one they serve; they would abandon you without a second thought!"
Luke charged at Percy and he parried, and then pulled out his fixed shield.
He uncapped riptide, and slashed at Luke.
The sound of clanging metal erupted through the camp.

The battle had begun.

Percy backed up itching closer to the oceanic water.

Percy thought "Luke is no feeble opponent, I need the ocean."
Luke just laughed menacingly.

Meanwhile Thalia was battling an ogre behind a cabin when she saw Luke and Percy battling.
She finished the ogre off and began to eavesdrop.
She heard Luke say" it won't happen, you and--- then a small group ambushed her knocking her to her butt. She had beaten, no mauled, her opponents because she was desperate to hear what Luke and Percy were saying, but they had left.

Camp half blood was losing! Using Marjory with fear, kronros was taking the camp. Clarisse had twisted her ankle early on, so she wasn't much of a help wounded.
That's when the tide turned.

Dionysus came out of the big house and summoned a large grape vine. The vine tangled many monsters up and smashed them on the ground. It rose higher and higher abducting more and more monsters, when lighting struck.
It charred the grape vine and sent it, burning down to the ground.

Thalia gaped in wonder, why would Zeus do that?
a smaller lighting bolt headed for her.

Luke and Percy were fleeing from the grape vine's wrath, now a raging inferno even with the rain.
Percy was quick enough to leap in front of Thalia before she was hit.

Unfortunately, Percy wasn't s as lucky. He was sent spiraling into the Apollo cabin and was knocked unconscious.
Luke turned to Thalia, a fire blazing in his eyes.

He said in a soothing voice, "what has happened? Zeus has turned on you Thalia, you're father. He wishes to destroy you. But you are stronger than that, you- no we can destroy him together, just join me Thalia and I will make you a titan in throne next to me."
Thalia was weeping; she collapsed into Luke's arms.
She sad a weak okay, and fainted.

Percy however had just woken up to see the love of his life being carried away by his arch enemy Luke, when annabeth came in.
She saw Percy starring at Thalia and saw him crying. She knew it then, Percy didn't love her.

Tears burst from her eyes as swift as an arrow and she slapped him. "Why?" She said.
"Because, she is strong, beautiful, magnificent and her eyes…- she cut him off there."
"You abandon me, as if I was some rag." "Wait what?"
You drool over her and ignore me." Managed annabeth
"That's not true; we are friends" Percy stammered
Then Percy was torn between two loves. He was kissed by the wonderful annabeth.
A sensation rippled through him like a stone in the water.
Annabeth left a shocked Percy shivering in the rain.

It was over, Luke had left the camp beaten and bent down.
Aphrodite smiled, as the next great love story has begun.

What will the campers do?

What will happen to annabeth and Percy?

Will Percy be able to save Thalia?

Will things ever be the same?

Find out in chapter two, the revenge!