Escapism - Protected Blossom

By. V. Kirimi

-Chibi Sakura & Akatsuki-

100 Theme Challenges

Part 1


1. Introduction

She came to them, on her own will of course, smiling brightly with green eyes that gleamed. They stared for a few moments before each one turned to their significant partner wondering what kind of jutsu she had been the victim of. Sakura broke the silence seconds later.

"Konnichiwa! Watashi wa, Haruno Sakura desu...Anata wa?"

Deidara was the first to quickly accept what had become of Konoha's treasured medic-nin.

2. Love

When Deidara nii-chan gave her a customized Akatsuki dress, complete with matching clouds and a clay ring, she knew they were friends. When Sasori nii-chan made her a dancing puppet -well, it only danced when Sasori nii-chan was around oddly enough- she knew he cared. And when a scary nin with the mask of an animal appeared trying to kidnap her, and they all had run into to protect her, she knew it was out of love.

3. Light

At night she would always call out to him, clutching her pink blanket tightly between small fisted hands. The darkness frightened her, but the glowing yellow eyes were made to be a comforting nightlight in the dark rooms. Zetsu grew accustomed to long hours of watching her sleep, even when he was barely able to get any rest himself.

4. Dark

Even coated in thick blood, her dress stained with the malicious fluid, they knew. Pale arms wrapped tightly around lifeless bodies, emerald eyes glazed over in confusion. At this point, she seemed to reach the darkest tunnel in her life, and yet, they still knew. Her innocence was overbearing, it was obvious that she was not the one who caused death in the first place.

5. Rot

One of his older puppets had rotted away. A sting of pain and anger coursed through his body, even when he told himself that it was only in his mind. However, it vanished quickly once tiny hands pressed against his cheek and he was hugged gently from the back by an equally as small body. "It's ok Sasori nii-chan...she knew you loved her." The little one had whispered in what appeared to be a comforting gesture.

6. Break

She accidentally dropped his clay bird after throwing it in the air in attempts to make it fly. Her bright eyes widened and dulled with guilt when it hit the floor and a large crack had danced across the wing. Pitifully, she glanced at the creator and whimpered quite loudly, pressing her hands to her eyes to keep the tears from flowing. Deidara grinned, patting her on the head before fixing the injured model and presenting it to the sniffling kunoichi.

7. Heaven

These were their cherished moments. Sitting atop the branches of a tall tree, stargazing. The pink bundle in sweaters -scolded by the Akatsuki when she came home with a cold- snuggling close to the lucky cloaked man of the night; the others simply grumbled and could only pat her head and play connect the dots with the 'shiny sprinkles' (as she liked to call them) above.

8. Away

Her eyes were always plagued with worry and fear when groups or pairs of them departed for a mission. They always felt a pang of guilt and made sure to make it back unharmed and well, just for her sake.

9. Cut

It was just a small cut, however her whimpers made Hidan mumble prayers to those above -Jashin in particular- and press his lips gently against her injured knee.

10. Breathe

The cold winter had come and Itachi warned the young girl to wear her cloak. Her smiles were contagious and with each breath she took, a puff of hot air danced within the snow. Itachi could only sigh before wrapping his arms around her and picking her up quite easily, pressing her against his chest to hopefully keep her from getting too cold. He himself watched her play with the puffs of air as they quickly disappeared into the darkness.


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