Escapism - Protected Blossom

By. V. Kirimi

-Chibi Sakura & Akatsuki-

100 Theme Challenges & One-shots

Part 4


31. Flowers

Whenever rouge-nins found themselves encountering Sakura, Konan, and Zetsu, the two older Akatsuki members often found themselves unconsciously going before the little lady. Their expressions were one of the same, however mixtures of pure horror always dawned on them whenever a soft, and very powerful voice rang;

"Go flower team! Flower Sakura! Flower Zetsu-nii! Flower Konan-nee! Assemble!"

32. Night

Whenever night came, the child always found herself tugging on the mysterious plant man's robes. She would fondly lead him to her room to stand by her window sill. Why?

"Your eyes are like nightlights…And Zetsu-onii-chan can always eat the monsters…"

Zetsu would have hurt Tobi for putting such childish ideas in her head, but the thought always made the young girl feel better: which in turn made the man feel better as well.

34. Stars

Normally the Akatsuki would never belittle themselves to such menial task as stargazing. However dealing with the smallest member, they always found themselves to drop whatever plans they had to sit atop the highest tree just for her. They even gave suggested silly shapes the stars made.

Pein would never forget the day when Itachi bluntly stated that a group of stars looked like a bunny.

35. Hold My Hand

Hands were always so bloody after a day of work. Though, it never did stop Sakura from tugging on their robes to finally grasp theirs into her own smaller ones. Such matters didn't phase the girl.

36. Precious Treasure

There was a treasure box which lay innocently in the middle of Sakura's room. It always got Kakuzu's curiosity whenever he was designated to help tidy of the hideout. When temptation got the best of him, he sneakily opened the box to find nothing but a simple picture drawn by the pink-haired child herself. It was messily doodled with poor quality crayons and consisted of herself as well as the entire Akatsuki group. Kakuzu liked to note that he found his own being covered in what he had hoped to be a pile of gold.

37. Eyes

Her eyes, for a child, were incredibly haunting. No matter who the member, they found themselves entranced, especially over a game of, "Can I have more icecream, please?"

38. Abandoned

The first time they were all assigned a day off (a mistake on Pein's part, he regrettably admits it) they returned to find the young girl huddled in her corner. She hugged her slug plushie tightly, and tears streamed constantly down her cheeks.

That alone made the group feel guilty.

39. Dreams

"Nee, Kisame-onii, what's your dream?"

He's shocked to hear such a response from her as they both much the dango he had bought for the both of them. "Uhm…"

"Mine is to be an Akatsuki member!" Her eyes shine with childish ambition and Kisame can't help but give a dry smile. He can't help but give her a slight pat on the head and whisper a soft, "Dreams don't always come true, you know."

40. Rated

A long string of curses and a couple of battle cries fill the hideout. Curiously, many members, as well as Sakura who seats herself atop of Kisame's shoulder, rush to the source. There they find a heavily panting Hidan and an unfazed Pein.

"What's going on?" Sasori's voice is light and Deidara eagerly takes out a clay bird just for kicks.

"Fucking leader says I can't hang out with the fucking medic because he says I fucking cuss to fucking much!"

Kisame's mouth drops and he instantly puts his hands over Sakura's ear as the others glare angrily at Hidan's words.



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