In this story, Troy and Gabriella DID sing together on New Years of their Sr. Year, but Gabriella never transferred to East High. Everything else is the same, as in, Troy & Chad are best friends, play basketball, Taylor is extremely smart, they don't get along…There will be more of Gabriella's life at first because this is the first time you're hearing about it!  I know…blah blah blah!

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Episode 1

Everything Changes


As she sat in the large window, looking out over the waves crashing into shore, she wondered how her life could have changed so much in just one simple year.

At what point did everything change? Did she change or just the life around her? That was simple, she knew she had changed along with everything else. A year ago, all she was thinking about was graduating fron High School and how much she was going to miss her friends, and her boyfriend of 1 ½ years when the end of summer came. Now, all she could think about was how much she did not want to leave California, her incredible friends, and her beyond amazing boyfriend of exactly 4 months! Although it felt like so much longer!

Well…now we're getting ahead of ourselves…let's go back to that day 1 year ago…

"I can't believe we graduate in a month! I'm SO excited!" Gabriella exclaimed.

"I know! I can't wait…but I can wait for August 18th…" Logan replied gloomily.

"August 18th… the day I leave." Gabriella concluded as she began to show a sudden interest in her feet.

"Can't you please just stay in North Dakota? Why do you have to go to California?" Logan questioned.

"Logan, you know why I have to. It's the school of my dreams and it is going to help me reach my goals. You understand that-right?" Gabriella tried to reason.

"I understand that. I just don't understand why you have to leave me." Logan said starring at her in an attempt to get her to look at him.

An exasperated Gabriella began to reply, "You know that's not why. I…"

At that exact moment the doorbell rang. Taking the chance to get out of her current conversation, Gabriella jumped out of her seat in the living room and ran to answer the door.

"Hi!" Gabriella exclaimed!

"Hey El! You ready for our study session?" Her best girl friend, Anna, questioned.

A boy standing behind Anna piped up, "Yeah, we have GOT to do well on that test! Otherwise you and I can kiss USC goodbye!"

"Oh right Luke, because we are in such danger of failing!" Gabriella replied sarcastically. "Come on in guys!"

She was so happy to have her friends there. Sometimes she wished that she could hang out with that huge group of "popular" kids or that her friends liked to go out on the weekends, but they were good to her and that was what really mattered. She could always count on them, and she knew it.

"Earth to Ella…are we going to study?" Luke questioned.

Gabriella snapped back into reality, "Oh yeah, sorry guys. Let me just run upstairs and grab my book."

As she walked she began to reminisce…

The four of them had started out 9th grade as a simple study group for Chemistry. Although none of them needed it! They all just liked Chemistry, but thought that they would get teased if they admitted that. Soon their secrets were revealed. Through each other they gained confidence in showing their academic ability and by the middle of 10th grade the four of them had 8 handedly created and became their schools Academic Decathlon team.

She grabbed her Chemistry book and continued thinking...

In January of junior year Logan asked Gabriella to be his girlfriend. She said yes automatically, fearing that if she didn't she would hurt his feelings. Later, once she thought about it, she realized how good of a match they were. They were so much alike and he was one of her best friends.

As she walked back into the room and looked at her 3 friends, she thought…I just wish that there were more…SPARKS when we are together.


He glanced over at his roommates. He laughed as he saw the familiar site of the two of them sitting with an ipod in the middle of them, each with one headphone in, starring at a TV screen playing Mario Kart.

He turned his head to look out the window over the ocean. How could his life get any better? He thought about everything. Leaving home, making new friends, his new team, the late nights...and her.

His first year of college sure had thrown him for a loop. It was a loop he'd be willing to go through over & over again if it got him to this day everytime.

But once again we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's go back to before that loop was even in sight.

"Troy! We're graduating in a month!!!" Chad yelled down the hallway.

"First off, i'm RIGHT next to you. Second off, I know dude! I'm so psyched to go to USC in the fall!" Troy returned.

"That school is never gonna know what hit them when we get there!" Chad chimed.

At the exact moment that conversation was taking place, Taylor McKessie and her friend Martin were walking past the two boys.

"No way! I can NOT be going to the same college as him!" Taylor complained rather loudly.

"Um Taylor...I'm pretty sure that they are BOTH going there. Don't worry though, it's a huge school!" Her friend Martin tried to encourage her.


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