My first Disgaea fic, and it's Laharl x Flonne. Don't like, Don't read.


Bright red eyes shone with delight as the person sat in the center of the average sized bed of light blue flowers. They smiled, reaching to gently feel the texture of the petals, soft and delicate between the digits. It brought a giggle to their ever so happy lips.

"You got these...for me?" They said, voice full of hope, and wonder, orbs turning to stare at the other person around.

The other figure merly huffed, their own eyes red too, but darker, and bolder. They looked away, embarrassed perhaps. "Well...the castle needed some color anyway."

The one known as Flonne giggled again, inhaling the sharp, bright scent that the flowers created. They were wonderful...simply wonderful. "Oh Laharl..." she started, unsure of where to start. "They're so beautiful."

" like them?" The reply was hesitant, unsure, and Flonne couldn't help but feel joy that he wanted to make sure she was unmistakenly pleased.

"Of course." Lingering for only a few more moments, she stood reluctantly, her overshirt ruffling in the sudden movement. She still faced her own little garden, aware of the footsteps approaching her.

Laharl stood next to her, as close as possible, their arms touching slightly. He had always had trouble expressing his feelings, and sometimes he'd give subtle hints that showed that, yes even though he was arrogant and tough, he still felt emotions. He was simply not the one to take initiative in these kind of situations.

Realizing this, she leant closer to him, smiling as his hand took it's time to find a place around her stomach. Though they had been together for a while he still acted like he was new to all of this. But, he was much better than before, back when he got a hug he'd blush and gently shove her away, mumbling things under his breath. But now he let or, or even gave her hugs back.

"You should get some pink ones, to match these," Flonne spoke up in the silence, not wanting him to feel uncomfortable.

Feeling his body relax, she heard bemusement in his voice. "One step at a time. I'm still not believing I somehow put something cute in my castle."