Disclaimer: If I owned these characters there would be no need of fanficiton.

Mirror and Image

We've done this thousands of times. We do this everyday, several times a day.

We stand side by side in front of this mirror or that and ready ourselves.

Whether for facing the day, the stage, a class, a camera, the city, the family, the bed. It never wavers. No matter what the embodiment of that which we've to show ourselves, it's always the same… but for one.

We never face ourselves.

It's amazing that she does not see. I look in the mirror and see my wife's eyes in my own reflection. I see her staring back at me with all that I am.

But she never sees me.

She sees only what she wants to see. I long for the day she will learn that her own eyes reflect a midnight storm.

She cannot tell me she loves me, of this I finally understand.

She cannot because she does not love herself.

She cannot love me, who is her, if she cannot accept her own self.

Do I love her, love me?

I could spend days listing my faults, years reciting past misdeeds… but… yes. I can look in the mirror and love what I see. Me. Because I love her; therefore I must love me.

Everyday I stand before the mirror, my wife at my side, waiting for her to open her eyes and meet her own obsidian gaze.

I wait for her to see.

See me.

See herself.

See us.

I smile at my reflection and wait for it to smile back at me.