(A/N): Just a little drabble brought about by...stuff.

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It doesn't mean anything.

Axel, of all people, should know that. They're Nobodies. There are no feelings, there is no warmth behind the hard kisses Roxas presses against his lips; there is no deeper meaning behind the broken moans Axel can tear from the Key of Destiny's throat.

It doesn't have to be Roxas. It could be anyone.

But Roxas is the only one who's still there in the morning, the only one Axel can carry on a conversation with – the only other Organization member Axel can stand to be around for more than a few days at a time.

It can't mean anything.

It doesn't matter that being with Roxas reminds him of what contentment must be like, or that their empty kisses make Axel swear he can remember what it's like to have a heart. It can't matter, because Axel can't feel.

So when Roxas leaves, Axel follows – but only because he doesn't care.