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Draco was staring down a stretch of road, from where he was he could clearly see if any type of carriage was passing or not.

He looked back. The castle seemed so miniscule from where he was, but the shiny little lights were still glaring back at him.

He focused on the road ahead of him. He concentrated on finding Hermione's carriage, as though thinking of it as a little Golden Snitch, the best prize he will ever have.

He accelerated some more. His eyes scanned the road. There! A light! –But no, it was just a stray bus. Disappointment rushed over Draco.

He didn't understand why he wanted to see her so much. He didn't understand why he was out here, in the cold, looking, searching and chasing after a girl he wasn't sure would want to be chased. What had happened in between then, and now?

For a moment Draco wasn't looking anymore. He just flew.. –to nowhere in particular, towards no fixed point… he was just, free lancing. Flying with the air, taking himself wherever the breeze led him.

Thoughts started filling in his head, memories inhibited him like the very air he breathed in. His hair was slightly ruffled by the cool wind, but he didn't mind.

He closed his eyes, not minding wherever he was going. He let the broomstick lead him. He then, very carefully, steadily let go of his grip on the broom. He slowly raised his two arms to his side, absolutely no maneuver over the broom. Finally, he was free.

He let himself glide through air and wind with absolutely no worries, no looking nor holding, just plain freedom. He balanced as he sat on the broom, the wind kissing his face, drowning him in a rush of life and freshness. He never felt so alive.

He let his guard fall. For a moment, he allowed himself to forget the vanities and arrogant things he used to do… He let himself not be an arrogant, self-absorbed Slytherin for a while. He emptied himself.

Then, subconsciously, thoughts started pouring inside of him, filling the space he emptied for a while. He saw, as he was flying freely in the night air, images and pictures of the most beautiful girl he jad ever seen.

She's going down the stairs now… And ah! Look, her dress, flowing and as fresh as summer… She glows, like the candle lights around her…

He felt the broom take a left. Still, his eyes were closed, his arms, free to his side, and thoughts came to him endlessly.

I approached with caution, with mystery… this blackness made me blind, and I could not make out the people around me… Remembered Draco, which occurred just hours ago, in the hall. I slid my hands on the waist of my unknown partner, she didn't speak to me… -Like she was afraid, or… expectant.

Draco felt the broom move right.

What surprise greeted me when those lights turned on! The most beautiful girl was staring back at me! My eyes turned that of a surprised cat. Too much beauty blinds it.

Draco smiled. He saw her, right there in front of him, as though he was back at the hall again, and the wind was how he felt when she was there… Absolutely invincible.

She seemed like she was upset I was her partner. My heart sank. I turned around, ready to leave- but she called for me. Those were the sweetest words she ever said, and I came back to her… Her eyes were smiling, willing to embrace me with open arms.

And we danced. She was enchanting. She was amazing. She was more than the music and the dancing and the lighting all combined. She was everything and anything, even more.. She was the light that glowed softly and warmly over everyone, she was the music that made me want to float on clouds with her forever. She was the dance itself- fluid and perfect, effortlessly beautiful as she was.

She was all my dreams in human form, the realization I've been waiting for.

A pit in Draco's stomach started getting uncomfortable. His thoughts seemed new to him, he never did pay much attention to how he felt before.

Suddenly, an interruption! Who breaks this irreplaceable moment? Ah, Pansy. She waits for me, but I do not wish to be waited for. Sadly this mysterious and heavenly girl leaves, her chocolate hair bouncing away, my eyes glued upon her, and my heart-- stolen.

Draco opened his eyes. Suddenly he put his hands quickly back on the broomstick, or else he would fall. He almost lost his balance, for the impact of his last thought struck him so much.

It rang in his head a couple more times.

My eyes glued upon her, and my heart, stolen.

He couldn't believe his ears, or rather, his subconscious? He was now back to reality, looking at the road ahead of him, wondering where he ended up to be.

Suddenly, by a shimmering light, a carriage! Draco squinted, and yes! Elves were driving a carriage with the Hogwarts logo in front. His heart started pounding. He hesitated for a moment—to dive or not to dive?

And before Draco knew it, he was propelling into an adrenaline pumping dive, wind brushing violently against his face. His silver eyes were tearing up with the rush of the wind, his vision suddenly blurred. His heart racing as fast as he was diving, and he followed the carriage as it made its way.

He couldn't keep up with it though, it was far too ahead of him, and his broom couldn't go any faster. He might be ejected off his seat if he added more speed.

Draco kept looking at the brighter side. As long as it's still in sight. He thought to himself. He was heavily breathing, slowly in, slowly out, trying to imagine the girl inside that carriage, wanting nothing else so badly but to see her face, An assurance that he wasn't chasing something gone.

Draco pulled left as the carriage pulled left, turned right as it turned right, all the while thinking frivolously of what thoughts just occurred to him, moments ago.

Endless visions of Hermione and the classes they spent together swam inside Draco's head. Their dance together lingered once again. He tried to shut it out, tried to shun it away—but to no good use. It kept coming back, as though a second Draco, a deeper subconscious, a voice he should've listened to long before.

He didn't think of anything else, just the girl feet away from him, whom he was endlessly chasing.

After all this time… He began to say to himself. Maybe I am finally falling for her… He said slowly to himself.

Draco stopped, by accident. All this time, she was just there? And I didn't appreciate it? He thought some more. Seatmates.. Detention… Now she's going away… and only now am I running after her?!

He did not even notice he had stopped until he couldn't hear the carriage anymore. "Wait! Wait wait!" He said to no one in particular.

He let out a sigh of frustration. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" He scolded himself, as he hastily accelerated, trying to look for the carriage he so foolishly let slip away, yet again.

He went as fast as he could, hoping against hope that he had not lost the carriage forever, when alas!-he stopped breathing- The carriage went to a hault!

The elf parked the Hogwarts carriage in a little corner of the gigantic Floo Network, and another little elf opened the door for the passenger.

Draco accelerated even more. He was still very, very far away.

"Come on… Come on…" He kept mumbling.

Slowly, a fine lady dressed in white stepped out of the carriage, with soft, chocolate curls, dirty shoes on her feet, and walked slowly towards the entrance.

Draco slowed down a bit, taken back a bit by the sight of her, but then realized that she could be gone any minute.

"HERMIONE!!" He tried calling helplessly. He went even faster. The rushing wind was hurting his eyes, he couldn't even blink.

"…" He tried to call after her, but the speed of the broom demanded much attention from him, and his mouth was getting dry from the furious wind.

By this time Hermione was already inside the Floo Network, and Draco hastily propelled forward, and landed with a nasty bump.

"Good sir, are you okay?" The little house elf who helped Hermione out asked. He had big square eyes, and a deep green color.

"I'm—I'm okay, really." Draco said sincerely, trying to politely escape from the innocent elf, he was busy chasing someone right now.

"Dear sir… are you in a hurry? Do you need a ride home?" The elf asked him, blocking his way.

"Aaaagh!" Draco said. The elf trembled.

"Oh… I'm sorry…" He said distractedly. He was looking past the elf, inside he saw Hermione take a right. "I'm rather in a hurry.." He said.

The elf suddenly smiled. "Catch her before it's too late." He said gently, and he bowed and went out of the way.

Draco looked at the elf, puzzled. "He knows…?" He said confused, as the little elf went inside the Hogwarts carriage.

He then frantically charged through the entrance, not caring about looking like a total fool in a coat and tie, as long as he caught her in time.

He saw a figure in the distance, -dressed in silver white.

"HERMIONE!" He screamed frantically. Heads turned towards him, eyebrows shot up and giggles came from little girls.

"He's cute." One of them said.

Draco managed a smirk at the sound of her comment, before running after Hermione again.

She rounded a corner—and entered the fireplace, now she was enveloped in green.

Draco was about ten feet away from her, and she was too preoccupied it was impossible for her to see him.

"HERMIONE!" He called yet again. Suddenly, he saw her lips move, and the green flame engulfed her. Draco's eyes widened. "No—" He ran towards the fireplace, time was running out.

He was panting by the time he reached the fireplace, and a great wave of frustration washed over him as he saw the fireplace go back to normal, no Hermione was in sight.

He placed his head heavily against the wall, and banged his fists in frustration.

"I just missed her." Was all he could say.

Hermione was silent as the green flames tickled her skin. A churning feeling crept up her stomach, and she was feeling particularly empty.

She wanted to be alone, yet she longed to have even just a little company, which is why she was very confident with her choice run away destination.

Finally, her world seemed to have stopped spinning, and the moment she took her first step out of the fireplace, she was enveloped in a hug.

"Hermione!" A familiar voice suddenly said. "What are you doing here?!" The voice asked.

Hermione smiled. "It's good to be back." She said.

Draco slowly slid down to the floor, his back running against the wall. He landed with a thud on the floor, his eyes unfocused, just staring into space.

That wasn't the first time he lost her.

He ran his fingers slowly through his hair, not even blinking yet, -as though he couldn't believe he was just seconds away to keeping, or losing Hermione.

He stayed immobile for a while, just watching people pass and not giving the slightest attention to all the people who looked curiously at the handsome man in a coat and tie, sitting tiredly on the floor.

Suddenly, so very unexpectedly, he covered his face in his hands, and started to sob, for the first time.

A little girl walked near him, and actually stopped to look at him. She had brown hair and brown eyes. Draco didn't want to look at her.

"Are you okay, Mister?" She asked innocently, licking a lollipop, her mom obviously nowhere to be found.

Draco forced a smile. "I'm okay, 'bout you?" He said.

"Why are you on the floor?" She asked curiously. "Mommy always tells me the floor's infected with tiny dirty gargoyles who bite your butt when you sit on them." She said, scared and curious.

Draco gave a slight smile. "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

The little girl nodded, and was about to go away when she said, "Oh, mister, you dropped your notebook." She said, as she picked up the brown little miniscule notebook that must've fallen out of his coat. She handed this gingerly to Draco.

"Thanks." Draco merely said, staring at the notebook, as the girl trotted away.

Draco studied the little brown, curious looking notebook. He couldn't remember the last time he opened it, though he remembered that he found some weird and curious things inside it. He cautiously took out his wand, and brought back the notebook to its original size.

He apprehended at first. Shall I open it? He had nothing better else to do anyway…

Slowly, Draco Malfoy opened the cover, and familiar handwriting greeted him.

From Draco Mafloy.

He skipped that part, he had read it already.He turned the page.

I write because I find no reason not to.
I write because if I do not, there will be no other place for me to hold the feelings I can not shower in curtains of love on her--

His eyes burrowed. Page after page he read poetry written in his own handwriting, but memory of actually writing them –he had none.

He was frustrated at the fact that he could not remember the times he wrote the verses. His head started aching, as though it could not catch up with the intense thinking.

He let go for a while and put his hands directly to his head, massaging his temples, hoping that the pain would alleviate. He closed his eyes, tried to soothe himself… And as he opened them again, he noticed that as he let go of the notebook, it turned on its back.

Draco squinted, his eyes narrowed into slits. This was a side of the notebook he never looked at, as naturally he pried it open from cover to back, not the reverse.

But before he opened the back flop, he suddenly had a weird image of a Burrow. It looked like.. the Weasley's Burrow… as though a sudden haze, or a dream within a dream. Was it a déjà vu? He shook his head and massaged his eyes. He must've been really tired.

He sighed. He opened the back flop, and immediately saw a part of the notebook he never saw before. It changed everything.

July 2: Late night, in a room at the Weasley Burrow.

There is a girl beside me, and I just met her today. Well, she says I've always known her, since 6 years ago, but we've been mortal enemies since. She said I used to hate her to bits, and that I called her a certain term called Mudb--d.

Nonsense! I say to myself. I think she is the most beautiful looking lady I have ever seen. I just don't tell her though-because I don't know her yet. I'm confused rather, she and her friends, the Weasleys and the famous Harry Potter, say I lost my memory.

Turns out, my father sent me to the Burrow for the summer, because he and mother are out on a business trip, and they needed a place where I could be safe. The Burrow was the least expected place the Death Eaters would find me, and so they put me here. Then, I was told my father placed an old, ancient protective charm on me, which backfired as I fell down an escalator in a Muggle mall with Hermione, Harry, the Weasleys and some of Hermione's Muggle friends. Ancient magic can't be messed with, I was told. And so as I fell, once my head hit a nasty bump—I lost all memory.

It's rather okay, I must say, because the very first memory I have of this girl beside me, I told her she had very beautiful eyes. It's true, really. They're this particular color of brown, not too dark, not too light, and they glow like graceful fireflies.

Also, Fred and George are really hilarious. Last thing I heard, they slipped a fake cockroach in Mrs. Weasley's cup of tea, and she went nuts! Haha!

Time to sleep now, Adios!

Draco's mouth went dry. His eyes were staring lost, long and distant. A nasty swarm of butterflies started fluttering in his stomach. His heart was now beating faster as ever.

"All this time…" He said to himself. "The answers have been here all along…!" He told himself. He frantically began to flip the pages, in search for more, more more.

More dates and more entries seemed to fill the blank spaces for Draco.

July 6

We played spin the bottle today. The bottle turned to 'Mione once and Fred asked if she liked anyone in Hogwarts. She blushed and said 'yes.' Funny thing though, there's this voice inside of me that's wishing that lucky guy was me.

His eyes widened. He flipped some more.

July 7

Something weird yet wonderful happened today. So I'm sitting in the room I share with Hermione, and earlier Fred and George talked to me about Hermione, torturing me and asking if I had feelings for her. Turns out, as Hermione tells me, Ginny asked her if she liked me! Here's how the conversation went:

"So, what happened a while ago?" She suddenly asked me.

"You tell me first." I said, trying to be clever.

"Ginny asked me if I like you." She said softly.

"What did you say?" I asked, with butterflies in my stomach.

"I said I do." She croaked.

"Good," I told her. "I said I like you too."

Draco's eyes went big. "No way…" He said, in disbelief and amazement. He half smiled, half frowned, wanting to know even more. He flipped frantically.

His eyes traveled up, down, left and right, reading and getting so glued into the different entries he could no longer remember feeling so lonely and frustrated.

He smiled and laughed, enjoying the several experiences he'd written down. He read about a time when they when gnome hunting, and how he ended up throwing one towards Hermione, and –Draco gasped at this—He kissed her!

There was just so much to read! Draco was completely immersed in this curious little notebook. Passers-by looked concernedly at him, as though he was some lost, rich boy. Some even recognized him, being the son of famous Lucius Malfoy.

He read about an icy time when Hermione and him were on rough terms, because he caught her prying over the very notebook Draco now held in his hands. This then led to a very interesting story about three characters: MasterDawg, My Name's Secret, and YGA.

His silver eyes were in deep concentration as he read further, discovering a story where he took Hermione out to a particular restaurant without her knowing, surprising her and sharing an intimate dance with her…

No wonder the day they practiced the dance during detention was so fluid. They had done it before, only in a forgotten memory.

Her dress, light and airy, like silver water and air, glistening, flowing like her hair, elegantly smooth, ultimately breathtaking. I approach her, not believing I have in my hand, the perfect girl whom every guy in the restaurant I see turns their head just to take a good look. I smirk, --Better luck next time boys, This fine lady is mine.

I invited her to dance with me, and it was the best dance I can ever remember. We moved, two bodies uniting as one, synchronized to the beat of the music, flowing like the very material of her dress, smooth and never-ending, a dance of lovers. It was perfect, I could feel jealous eyes rest upon us, and wishful hearts hoping they had lovers, the way we had each other.

He slowly let his gaze wander away from the notebook. The dress… The dance… No wonder it all seemed so familiar, a dream, a hazy memory, a déjà vu. It all happened, once upon a time.

He skipped many other entries and looked at the very last one. There was no date. It was an entry on the day Draco gave Hermione Merlin's Silver Locket, atop a height of air, sitting on a broomstick with the moon itself as the light.

Adrenalin started to rush inside him. Oh no no no… With no date in the last entry, Draco had no idea how long Hermione had been without him, waiting for him… whether she was waiting or not. He had no idea how long he's been gone. But one thing was for sure though, he didn't want to be gone any second more.

He hastily stood up and rushed out of the Floo Network. Surprisingly the elves were still there, and so was his broomstick, waiting for its master.

"You know where to get her now?" The little elf squeaked.

Draco's silver eyes twinkled for the first time that night –but it was mixed with worry. "I can't believe I did not think of it before." He said, mounting his broom.

"Sir- you won't use the floo to travel?" He asked curiously.

"No…" Draco started. "I don't want to catch her by surprise. And besides, I need the ride going there to think of what I'll say to her." He said, waving goodbye and kicking off from the ground.

He went as fast as he could, wind rushing against his face, but it did not bother him one bit. Only one thing was on his mind, --to get to Hermione before she decides to let go of him.

"No kidding?!" Fred's eyes widened.

"That little, good for nothing Slytherin pr--" George was cut off.

"--He's not a prat, George." Hermione giggled. "He's just… moved on I guess." She shrugged. She had just told Fred and George the complete story, everything that happened from the night he was cured to the kiss with Pansy.

She sipped some of the hot chocolate Fred so thoughtfully cooked for her. (He just got a box of chocolate powder and mixed it with water, flicked his wand and gave it to Hermione.

"Your hot chocolate is really, really good, though you served it the first time to me cold." She teased.

Fred laughed. "At least I don't put peanut butter stains on paper we didn't even touch--"

"Hey!" George said, hurt. "I didn't mean to." He said sheepishly.

Hermione smiled. She loved the company. Just sitting at the dining table of a place she could call home, sipping on some genuine hot chocolate, and having a good laugh.

Who said she needed Draco Malfoy to smile?

"Do you still like him, 'Mione…?" Fred asked sincerely, concern etched all over his face.

Hermione gave out a smile and an exhausted sigh. "Well… I think I do, but I don't want anything to do with him anymore. I'm done with waiting. I've waited too long. Whatever he says won't bring me back. He should've done that way before." She said with confidence and conviction, so she wouldn't go astray from her word.

Fred nodded. "I'm proud of you." He said.

George suddenly stood up. He stretched, and yawned. "Well, I'll go outside first, to the lawn, I think I need some fresh air. This drama talk is making me sleepy." He sniggered, and left with a couple of playful spank marks from Hermione and Fred.

"That bloke had better not run off after gnomes again." Fred said, shaking his head. "Last time mum had to send him to the hospital 'cause a gnome bit his nose! I didn't even know they could do that…" He trailed.

Hermione gave a little laugh. She sipped some more of her hot chocolate. She and Fred shared a light conversation for some minutes, no interruptions and just feel good jokes.

The door to the kitchen opened. Hermione looked, George was standing right there, looking stupidly at Hermione.

"What is it?" Hermione asked curiously, hot chocolate half way through her mouth.

"I think your decision just got a little harder to fulfill…" George said vaguely.

"What are you talking about…?" Hermione trailed, as she stood up and made her way to the entrance of the house. "What do you me--?" She was about to ask George, but she never got to finish.

There in the distance, she couldn't believe her eyes. Draco Malfoy was there, landing from the air, looking magnificent in his emerald green Slytherin inspired coat, his silver tie matching his even more wonderful eyes, and his hair, slightly ruffled, appearing very, very sexy.

Hermione gulped. She gave a look to Fred and George, and they understood her completely. They left, went upstairs perhaps, to give the two some alone time. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were thankfull asleep already.

She looked to the distance, and yes, he was still there, he had not dematerialized.

She approached him, as if to say she wasn't going to hide anymore. She could face him, without running away this time.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, a little bitterness in the tone of her voice, but nevertheless trying to keep her cool.

Draco did not speak. He approached her, until they were exactly just a foot away from each other. Draco's eyes held unto Hermione's brown ones, never wanting to let go, and Hermione could see in it something she had never seen before.

His handsome, silver eyes were draped with regret.

Her heart dropped, suddenly she felt very heavy.

"I'm sorry." Was all Draco uttered, and the silence of the night seemed to have intensified the night.

A chill ran through Hermione's spine, and the cool wind that kissed her skin did not make her feel any more comfortable.

"What for?" She asked.

"For everything." Draco merely said.

Hermione looked at him before she spoke, carefully, she said, "Don't say sorry, you don't know half the things you're saying sorry for." She said.

"No! I do know!" He said, his voice grew more desperate as he saw Hermione attempting to turn away.

Hermione's eyebrows shot up. "What are you talking about…?" She asked uncertainly, throwing luck and faith in the air.

Draco took a deep breath. He steadied himself. His voice almost shook. He could feel her give up on him. "I write…because I find no reason not to…" He started.

Hermione stopped moving. She stood still, as though petrified, not believing her ears.

"I write because if I do not, there will be no other place for me to hold the feelings I can not shower in curtains of love on her." Draco's eyes seemed so sad now. "-The feelings that I can not throw in admiration at her strides, for an eternity would not be sufficient." You could almost feel his longing in the words he spoke.

Hermione didn't speak for a moment. Silence filled them. "Draco…" She merely said. Draco looked up at her, and she looked away, not wanting to see him as she said,

"I'm sorry Draco, but it's too late." She said, painful, heavy, but she knew it was right.

"No! No, no!" Draco suddenly said, and to Hermione's utmost surprise and newest guilty alarm, Draco's eyes started getting wet.

"I--I looked for you. Everywhere—all around. I rode my broom.. I flew towards you.. B-but I was too late." He panted. "I was too late." He said once again.

"And now, I'm here, you're here. There is no space nor distance in between us anymore. Why? Why've you given up on me?" He asked, looking for an explanation, painfully reminding Hermione of how lost she was, looking for answers the night she lost him.

"Things are different now." She said painfully, wanting to take back the words, but they flowed even before she could think.

A tear actually ran down Draco's cheek. "I went all the way here, for you." He said bitterly, angrily, sadly. His words stung Hermione.

"You don't know half the things I did for you." She said quietly.

"You're right, I'm sorry." Draco said quietly. "I may be unaware of the things you've done for me, I'm sorry I couldn't control my loss of memory. I didn't choose to forget you Hermione—"

"--Don't." Hermione cut him. "Don't you even say that." She said vehemently. "I know it wasn't your choice to forget me, but it took you damn long to even choose to remember!" She said loudly, not intending to scream but to just let it all out.

"I can't do anything about that anymore, Hermione!" Draco was pleading now, talking slowly and trying to convince her, but his silver eyes were alive with pain.

"The past is the past, and I know I messed up but I'm here now." He said quietly. "I'm here, humbly, regretfully, --shamefully missing you, crawling back to you, wanting to be with you again, acknowledging a past I know I can't bring back but hopefully, I can make up for." He told her, his silver eyes getting dangerously wet.

"I'm just asking you to give me another chance." He said quietly. Hermione's heart sank as she saw the Slytherin Prince so vulnerable.

"I've come back now, don't you see?" He pleaded.

Hermione looked away. Tears started strolling down her face. "All I wanted…" She started to say. "Was to have things back to the way they were… when you were still under my embrace." She said. "And suddenly… after seeing you and Pansy, and opening my eyes to the numerous and stupid things I went through for you… suddenly I don't want it anymore." She said quietly, her very own words hurting herself.

"Suddenly I don't think you're worth it anymore." She said finally, closing her eyes, tears now falling, glistening under the cool night sky.

Draco's heart sank. "That's it?" He asked sadly. "You're giving up on me… Just like that?" He said. "The time when I finally come back, you lose hope?" He asked bitterly.

Hermione didn't look at him.

"I've done much more than just wait for you." She said.

Draco closed his eyes. "July 2." He said. Hermione looked at him.

He breathed deeply. "There is a girl beside me, and I just met her today. Well, she says I've always known her, since 6 years ago, but we've been mortal enemies since." He started.

"What are you doing?" Hermione spoke nervously.

"Nonsense! I say to myself. I think she is the most beautiful looking lady I have ever seen. I just don't tell her though-because I don't know her yet." Draco whispered to the air. He then looked at her, his silver eyes streaming with wet tears, sadness etched on his face for the first time.

"Don't do this, Draco." Hermione said. "I'll give it to her when it's full of all the poetry I can write for her. I'll give it to her when it is sufficient enough to give her an idea of how much I love her, and I'll give it to her only when it is full of my love for her, so that when she reads it she is reminded of me, and thus she shall never forget me."

His voice echoed inside her head, as she relived that night she went inside a Pensieve and entered Draco's thoughts.

Draco closed his eyes, he stepped closer, and put his hand around her waist. She shivered at his touch.

"I invited her to dance with me, and it was the best dance I can ever remember." He started, his voice regulated, slow and soft, playing the words he had memorized on his way back to her heart.

"We moved, two bodies uniting as one, synchronized to the beat of the music, flowing like the very material of her dress, smooth and never-ending, a dance of lovers." He looked her in the eye.

"It was perfect," He said. "I could feel jealous eyes rest upon us, and wishful hearts hoping they had lovers, the way we had each other." He finished.

"Francois…" Hermione trailed, her eyes lapsing into thought, far, far away, reminiscing old times.

"Will you let yourself forget me?" He asked quietly.

"I've waited long enough." Was all she said.

"Does it matter?" Draco suddenly asked, conviction in his voice, not looking anywhere but at Hermione's eyes. "Whether I come, in this life or the next? In five years or in five days? Does it matter the length of my journey, or does it matter more the destination I have reached?" He asked longingly.

"I'm here now Hermione." He said. "Because I have fallen in love with you."

Hermione closed her eyes, tears spilling as she tried to push him away.

"Go away now Draco. I don't want to talk about this anymore." She said, pushing him away and looking anywhere else but at him.

Draco said nothing. He moved back, hurt and disappointed, heavy with a broken heart. His silver eyes were now dull, there was no life in them anymore.

"Fine." He said quietly. "I can't force you, if your heart has changed." He said silently.

Hermione's tears spilled some more. She was the heartbreaker now, not him. Both positions did not render any good to her, she thought.

"I just thought I'd want to give you this." Draco said last, as he stepped forward, and carefully slipped something into Hermione's palm, who still had her eyes closed.

Hermione's heart skipped a beat. Cold. Silver. Hard.

The Silver Locket.

Her tears ran down all the more, missing her silver locket, remembering how sweet old memories were, how he flew her to the moon, kissed her as he put the locket around her neck…

What was she doing?

She could feel Draco retreat slowly, taking slow, heavy steps towards where his broom was waiting.

Hermione turned around. Draco's retreating body was dull, but he was so handsome in such a way that turning a man like him down would be the greatest mistake any girl could ever dream of.

Hermione felt more alone than ever.

What are you doing? She thought to herself.

You've waited many months for this, Endured painful nights all for this… and you suddenly don't want it anymore? He's here now… Her fist clenched the locket Malfoy gave just seconds ago.

He was so near his broom now, so near to flying away.

Stop him! He's right. It doesn't matter how long it takes! The man you love is leaving Hermione! Go after him! Hermione hesitated for a while.

"Professor, why else did you allow him to be cured?" Her voice rang in her head.

"I was confident enough to know that he would come back to you anyway. Nothing ever happens by accident. I wanted to show, there is always hope." He said.

There is always hope.

"DRACO!" She suddenly called. Her voice seemed stranger to her. He stopped in his tracks.

He turned around, his silver eyes finally meeting hers.

She ran—She ran and ran and ran, looking at no one else but those silver eyes she madly fell in love with. She ran, heart first, head last, towards the boy she still loved and would never forget, running to shake off her bitterness moments ago.

She wanted to embrace him now with open arms, to forgive him and herself as well.

"Don't leave yet, not now, please." She said, she whispered in his ear, as she wrapped her arms around him.

He didn't respond.

No. She thought. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm sorry I was so cold awhile ago." She said, hugging him tightly and not allowing him to move an inch nearer his escape route.

"But I love you, I always have, for the whole of summer you may not remember, and all the days that followed that night I lost you." She said, sobbing endlessly unto Draco's strong shoulders.

"I-- I just thought you would never come back…" She wept. "T-the way y-you treated me and all… I c-couldn't take it…" She shivered.

"But now you're here, and I'm here, and we both know that's all that matters." She said sincerely.

"You're all that matters." She whispered silently.

Draco broke free from her embrace. She trembled. He moved back, she cried some more.

Draco looked at the girl in front of him. So frail, so vulnerable, so messy. Her hair was untidy now, dirt was still prominent on her shoes, her dress was still stained with tears, but her face, --still perfect. Her eyes were still enchanting, rich, deep color Draco wanted to stare longingly at, and her lips, so soft, so innocent—

He kissed her.

Hermione's eyes widened at the sudden gesture, but his lips tasted so sweet, so perfect, so great. She wrapped her arms around his neck, he held her closer, his hands resting on her waist, and they locked space and distance with a passionate, heart stopping kiss.

Ah, the beauty of bitter sweet endings. This was their collision. This was their fabulous reunion. A clash of orbits, an intersection of paths, of lives, of love.

Draco lifted Hermione up. She let out a girlish squeal. "Draco Malfoy! Let me down now!" She said, giggling and laughing.

Draco was smiling as big as ever. His silver eyes started twinkling, such handsome features were emphasized by the glow of his face; he looked like such a charm.

He finally brought her back down, and he was so close to her, she could inhale his manly scent.

"You know, you still owe me a dance…" He whispered in her ear, his sexy, husky voice cause shivers up her spine.

She smiled and shoved him playfully away. "Already you can't get enough of me." She told him, punching his arm.

Draco smirked. "But seriously, our dance was cut short…" He trailed, a little pout playing on his lips.

Hermione smiled and kissed him again.

"You know, everything begins and ends here. This mayhem at the burrow." And they kissed once again, a reunion of lost lovers, celebrating a new found love under a glowing moon and new born stars.

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