(KAI) Written for a contest.
(I should be ashamed.)


The Garden

One shade paler than a golden dawn
I saw his skin before it split
upon a thorn

Rounded brow beneath the starlight
I saw it marred
by a frown

Here is the garden you tend
here, beneath one million
brighter stars
than you

With all your love and skill
roses prick you
sunflowers turn from you
violets wither
posies wilt

Their jealousy for your attention
is their ruin

To touch his cornflower hair
or press against
his limbs

I fall under the moonlight
to the petal-soft tune
of such thrills

Though you forget yourself
I will remember you
though you lose yourself
I will watch you
Though you doubt yourself
I will love you

Like no one else
I love you

His tears come softly
from blue
and patient eyes

Even if his feet fall from beneath him
he moves forward
more beautiful than any flower
undeserving of his love

The day you give up
I will be by your side
I promise

Desperately, darling... don't dream only on the wings of dandelions...
You mean more to the world
than the rest of them
give you credit for

He is not dying from this
He is not alone
he has exceeded all expectation...!

Where you fail
others have succeeded
And where you were turned away
the more fortunate will thrive
but beneath this glowing canopy
you will prosper