Ash new being a father meant change which also meant he would have to give up his dream of becoming a pokemon master.

Ash decided to use the funds that he had saved from winning his tournaments on a house in the jhoto region in new bark town.

Ash wrote a letter to his mom teller her he had found the love of his dreams and bought a house in the jhoto region.

It has been 1 year since Pikachu had given birth to their children.

Ash woke up one morning to see a little yellow face sitting on his chest.

Hey dad time to wake up! The little Pikachu said.

Jolt…give me a few will ya. Ash replied annoyed. Ash had not gotten proper nights sleep in a few weeks.

What is it honey? Pikachu's voice came from beside Ash.

Mom! Dad won't get up! Jolt wined. Then the door burst open to see the rest of the litter jump onto their bed.

Looks like it's time to get up. Pikachu said giving Ash a kiss.

Yah I suppose. Ash replied reluctantly.

Life in the catchem household was full of surprises. Just the other day the electrician had to fix the wiring because one of the litter short-circuited the household using a thundershock on the outlet.

Ok everyone please calm down while I get breakfast ready. Ash said as he dragged his legs into the kitchen.

Here let me make breakfast and you set the table Pikachu suggested.

Ash knew that Pikachu knew what the litter liked better than he did. Sure. Ash replied still half awake.

Later that day ash went to get the mail. The money I had stored away is getting low. Ash thought.

Maybe I should get a job at the pokemart. Ash suggested later that night after the litter finally fell to sleep.

Why? Pikachu asked curiously.

Well the money from the tournaments is starting to run low and I wanted to make sure that we can still cover the utilities and food each month. Ash said trying not to panic Pikachu.

You mean we're broke? Pikachu said as she started to panic.

This is exactly what ash wanted to avoid.

Not yet but the money will only last for the next 4 months. Most of It went on buying this house for us. Ash continued explaining.

How much will it pay? Pikachu asked with a slight hint of panic lingering in her voice.

It should cover the general bills and maybe leave a little extra. Ash said smiling.

I guess it would help but I'm going to need help managing the litter. Pikachu said as she climbed into bed. No problem. Ash said releasing Bayleaf from her pokeball.

Hey Bayleaf can you help Pikachu watch the kids? Ash asked politely.

Bay! Bayleaf replied. Ash could not understand Bayleaf so Pikachu acted as a translator for Bayleaf.

She said sure. Pikachu said smiling.

Thanks a lot Bayleaf! Ash said as he returned Bayleaf to her pokeball.

Now that we have that out of the way. Let's get down to business! Ash said taking off his pants and boxers.

What kind? Pikachu asked in a sexy tone as she licked the full length of ash's cock.

Ash shivered in pleasure as Pikachu continued to lick his cock like a lollypop.

Hmm…Pikachu said sucking on the tip of his cock but not taking the full length into her mouth instead she resumed licking Ash's cock.

I love it when you doing this! Ash exclaimed as the pleasure in his cock continued to mount.

Pikachu sucked on the tip of his cock once more. Ash couldn't hold out anymore. Just as Pikachu licked the tip of his cock he blew his load all over Pikachu's face.

Pikachu climbed up on his and spread her legs revealing her wet cunt. Ash immediately began to swirl his tongue in her pussy causing Pikachu the arch in pleasure.

Cha! Pikachu exclaimed she felt her orgasm near. Ash put his hand on Pikachu's breast and squeezed it hard causing his lover to scream in pleasure.

Ash…I'm going to...AHHH! Pikachu screamed in pleasure as she came soaking ash's chest and the bed in Pikachu's cum juices.

Ash and Pikachu both jumped into the shower.

Ash turned the shower head on and began to move for the soap when he felt some suck on the tip of his cock.

Pikachu was on her tail sucking off every drop of cum off Ash's cock.

Ash blew another load but this time Pikachu swallowed it all.

Wow you didn't take long. Pikachu said smiling. I guess the water intensified the tip of my cock. Ash said blushing.

As Ash and Pikachu got into bed a thought hit him. I wonder if the pokemart has any pokemon birth control pills or injection medicine. Ash asked Pikachu.

I hope so because getting my pussy licked can do only so much for me. Pikachu said smiling at ash.

Yah I know what you mean. Ash said and turned off the light as they went to sleep.