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Of Kings and Wizards
Chapter 4

Mid June, 1980

Albus Dumbledore eyed the large dusty tomb he recently uncovered in one of the vaults that belonged to Hogwarts. Rowena Ravenclaw had a vast collection of books and ancient tombs that many would pay good money just to see if not give their lives for to read. Like the one sitting before him, The Words of Galen Pendragon; Prophecies and the Future The book was opened to a particular prophecy spoken by the man over fifteen hundred years ago. Even before the Founders themselves laid the first block of marble or raised the first tower of Hogwarts.

The Prince bearing the Rune of DragonWolfe, whose life is marked with the greatest gifts of love, that of two mothers, one who died to bring him into this world, the other to keep him in this world. He shall rise up and with the sword of Iarlaith and with it's seven brothers and bring peace to the land once more. Two Dark Lords shall fall at his feet. One who stands in the shade, the other in the shadows.

Albus knew which he was. But he also knew that Prophecy's could be more or less, depending on how it was interpreted. He had to keep this one from coming to light and coming to pass, or, use it to his advantage.

He stood up in a swirl of garish green robes and began pacing the length of the study. The King of DragonWolfe's current wife was due to give birth in July. As were the Potter's and the Longbottom's.

Lily Potter already confirmed that she was giving birth to a little girl and the King was having a boy. But Alice Longbottom was having a boy. Which they already named Neville. She would also be giving birth on the Longbottom estate as all expectant spouses of the heir had done for the past few hundred years, as was their tradition.

But Lily, the old man thought. Her child could be sacrificed for the greater good.

If the information his contacts had collected was accurate, DragonWolfe's Queen had a frail and delicate constitution. There was a great possibility she would not survive the birth.

Alastor could go to the Isle and find a weakling of a wizard. Place him under their control. Take the child and replace him with the Potter child. But the Potter child would have to go. No loose ends there.

To ensure the Queen dies as the Prophecy states, and, a big enough diversion had to be created to keep everyone busy while they got the child off the island. They would have to slip something to the Queen to ensure that she did die. There cannot be any other children.

Albus would then bring the child to the grieving Potter's and tell them a sad story... maybe a Death Eater attack and the mother gave birth and died. Wait a few months and bring a new Prophecy. If his pawns moved right, per his instructions, Lily would die. As would James and Albus would place the child somewhere.

The Headmaster scratched under his beard when it came to him. Lily's sister. If he was correct, she came to the wedding and brought that oaf of a husband with her. Vernon Dursley made it very clear after the ceremony that he hated magic and forbid the woman to see her freak sister ever again!

A child growing up in that environment would be timid and would look to the one who 'Saved' him.

Yes. Yes. This would work. Make sure the second prophecy is heard by the Dark Lord, leading him to the Potter's and Longbottom's. He could slip a book on ancient blood magic to Lily. The woman would use whatever she could to protect her child.

Voldemort would kill both of them, leaving the child without parents. He would have to make sure that Black and Lupin are unable to take over the care.

He already had Peter Pettigrew under his control as well as Severus Snape. The Slytherin was apprenticing with the Potion Master's Guild in Rome, so he was of no use to him at the moment. Unfortunately, Pettigrew was pitiful at potions, but, he may be able to find someone else who wasn't.

But in the end, he would place the child with the Dursley's and make sure they treat the child as nothing more than a House Elf. He would know nothing of his heritage. Of the Wizarding world. He would come into this new world nothing more than a unsuspecting Muggleborn.

When the time came for his rune to appear, the Great Albus Dumbledore would be there to tell him about finding him at the scene of a Death Eater attack and tell him all about the rune, and the Kingdom of DragonWolfe; and then, bring him home to the King.

A very grateful King.

The young Prince would still look up to his mentor and then Albus Dumbledore would have the ear of the King and the army at his beck and call.

Together they would defeat Voldemort and the first Prophecy will never come to light!


Late July, Headmaster's secret study at Hogwarts, 1995

Albus Dumbledore paced the confines of his secret office at Hogwarts. All his plans would be for naught if the Potter boy was not found before his birthday. He intended to be a guiding mentor to the Prince; an Adviser to the future King of DragonWolfe. He would have a hand in the future of the Wizarding World. His word, through Harry, would be law. Beings the world over would bow down before him.

Only his key player in his plan was missing. He had blocks on the boy that could very well kill him if they weren't removed before he attained his majority in less than a week. And, the appearance of the rune would only make matters worse.

The old man reached for an crystal and muttered a spell. "I can't call Severus at the moment, since he's with Tom, but one of my other little minions should be able to give me some answers, and possibly, start the ball rolling in his court." He would not let years of planning go down in flames.


Unplottable Manor Somewhere in Wales

Narcissa awakened, opening her eyes and scanning the room. Sitting up carefully, she rested a moment before standing and moving slowly and unsteadily towards her vanity. Sitting in front of the mirror, she picked up the Sterling silver brush and looked at her reflection as she brushed slowly and methodically through her long wavy tresses. She sat humming a lullaby only she could hear.

Her head tilted as she studied the image in the mirror. The eyes looking back at her were hurting. She wanted to help the lady in the mirror. She reached out with her hand, but she saw the same bruises and cuts on her own arms, as her fingertips brushed the glass at the same point the reflection did.

She was the lady in the mirror. Closing her eyes, the rush of memories and terrors of the past few days came flooding back to her. The monster putting his scaly hands on her. Touching her. Hurting her. Violating her.

That Monster's words came back to her. He was going to kill her Lucius. He was going to make her his Queen. Her ragged tormented sob broke the silence in the room, echoing off the walls and back to her.

She was carrying the bastard's child! Her eyes widened until the whites were fully visible around her irises, as her face turned ashen and she began to tremble in shock, fear, and fury.



Severus' head was swimming as the memories of the past came flooding through his mind, released from their bonds all these years. They washed over him, settling into their proper places. He didn't know how much time had passed when he finally opened his eyes, weary and tired but feeling whole for the first time in years. "Finally."

"Tell me, Severus," James began, "Do you still have the marks placed on you by the old Man?"

Still groggy, Severus nodded his head. Answering any other way, meant pain.

Minerva's eyes grew wide, "Marks?" she whispered as he head whipped around as to see Severus Snape for the first time in a new light. "Albus Dumbledore marked you!" Her voice grew deadly. "I'll kill him me'self when this is all said and done!"

"James?" Poppy began, "How is he marked? Where is it?"

"The old Codger tattooed him with a snake on his shoulder. The runes are embedded into the scales. You can't see them unless you look closely. Until they are countered, Severus is under his control."

"How long?" Sirius asked in a strangled voice.

James and Severus looked at the other, gauging what could be said. Then James answered, "Right after the incident with Remus. Severus showed me the memories the week before I died. Dumbledore called him to his office. Whoever the Old Man's co-conspirator is, helped with the tattoo and the runes. Severus couldn't see or hear what the other man sounded like. So he remains the unknown."

"Has to be Moody," Remus answered.

"Why him?"

"Why not?"

"He and Dumbledore have been thick as thieves for years. They fought against Grindelwald together." Remus stood and began to pace around the room. "It has to be Moody. He has no morals when it comes to the Dark Arts or Dark Creatures. He wouldn't give a damn if they died or bled to death; or were sacrificed for the greater good! He doesn't give a rip how they were attacked and turned." Remus ran a shaking hand through his graying hair, "I was visiting one of the clans after Voldemort fell to Harry. One of the newer pups said a man, a scarred man, had come to his house and was interrogating him; asking him what happened and where he was when he was attacked. The man didn't care that he was scaring this child, then handed him a vial of Liquid Silver, telling him to drink, that he wasn't worth living now."

"Bloody hell! How--"

Remus raised a hand, and waited until the room was again quiet. "The boy did not drink. He told me that he just looked at the man and decided he would not let the Wolf overcome him. Fate had brought him to this path and he would follow it. And if he thought that he would become a danger to others then he would end his life but not the way the old man wanted him to, but, in the way of the Wolf. He wears the vial of silver around his neck in an unbreakable vial as a reminder."

"But, how did he manage to not be forced into drinking it?" Severus inquired.

"There was a commotion outside. The boy took the opportunity to run while Moody was distracted."

"What clan, Remus?" Sirius asked.

"The Gaia's Clan," Remus whispered. His clan, the ones who taught him control and showed him he wasn't a monster. That he was a warrior for the tribe but with deep convictions. He bore the tribal mark and wore it with pride. He knew if the Headmaster found out, that he would find someway to use him to manipulate the clans.

He would die first.

"Makes you wonder," James began, "What else the old fool has have done. Who else they have hurt in their quest for power? They took Harry and placed him with bigoted Muggles. Never thinking twice. Only knowing in the end, that Harry would be a weapon to wield. What reasons did they have to kidnap him? Can't be for an army at the hands of the King."

"DragonWolfe is known for many things, James. Once the center of magic, the guardians of the council of Mages. The DragonWolfe line is filled with highly powerful witches and wizards of the past," Severus spoke in his lecture voice. "They are the protectors of the magical creature. Legend says that one of Merlin's sons was married to the first DragonWolfe."

"That the King carries the sword of Iarlaith and he leads the seven swords of power. No one can beat them or defy them in battle." Sirius added.

Arthur cleared his throat and with a puzzled expression, "What I don't understand in this grand plan is, why not be training Harry? Shouldn't Dumbledore have been leading him in everything? If he truly wanted a puppet...?"

A stone glowed and Ragnock laid his gnarled hand across it. His eyes closed momentarily, "Griphook has spoken with the King and told him of Master Potter. He's making plans to be here before we place him in the ritual chamber and remove the blocks."

Sirius groaned. "If he knows the King is coming to the mainland, he might follow him to Harry."

Minerva pursed her lips as she began thinking quickly. "Severus, just nod your head to answer the questions."

Severus glared, but nodded his head in accordance.

"Do you believe that Albus has marked others, as he has marked you?"

Severus closed his eyes and nodded, a look of pain on his face.

"Do we know them?"

Again he nodded.

"Are they many?"

Severus shook his head.

"Albus must only have marked those he deemed useful," Remus mused, then asked, "Should we ask what happens if he thinks you've been discovered? Or untrustworthy?"

Arthur paled, "He doesn't... torture you... does he?"

Severus turned his head away, his reply almost a whisper. "He punishes."

Several gasps of utter shock were heard.

Sirius was having a serious change of heart or mind. Everything he had ever known or learned was a lie. Albus Dumbledore, the great defender of the Light was nothing more than a evil bastard bent on ruling the world his way. His best friend, James Potter, and his wife had been nothing but pawns to be used and thrown away when they served their purpose. And it seems the child they raised as their own was as well.

Those he'd perceived as enemies weren't. The dark man before him was just as much a pawn in this game as they all were. Only Severus had been used far worse, and hurt more than anyone else, with the exception of Sirius' own twelve years in Azkaban.

"Do you think he knew that Pettigrew was Ron's pet all this time?" Sirius asked.

"It wouldn't surprise me in the least." Remus replied, angrily. Arthur made a disgusted noise.

"Albus Dumbledore is the Headmaster. He wears an amulet that is tied to the wards of the castle. I've studied those wards and I know for a fact that one of them is an Animagius Ward. It would tell him there is one in the castle or on the grounds. He should have, and would have known that Black was there from the moment he stepped into the Forbidden Forest. Just as he should have known when young Mr. Weasley, both Ronald and Percy, brought that rat into the castle as their pet."

"He's right," Minerva added. "Albus would have known. Everything, even when Alastor was being Polyjuiced by Barty Junior. He would have known it all."


The dark and dower man looked up at the Animagus with sad weary eyes. "Black."

"I'm sorry."

Severus' eyes widen before acceptance. He nodded his head. That would be all he would get from the dower man for now. The past was not easily let go.

"Lord Snape," the old Goblin began, "If you are willing, please allow one of our Cursebreakers to examine the mark. I believe with a combination of Goblin and Wizarding magicks, the hold over you, at least, can be severed."

"I would be most grateful, My Lord Goblin."

The Goblin looked to James Potter, "We must make ready for the arrival of the King. Lord Snape, I'll have our best Cursebreaker meet you outside of this office."

"Arthur?" James called.

"Yes James."

"I think you need to have your children looked over as well. I wouldn't put it past Dumbledore to have placed charms on those closest to Harry."

Arthur's face took on the color of his hair as he grounded out, "If that man has touched my children..."

"Master Weasley, of the Noble and most Ancient House of Weasley, the Goblin Clans would be honoured to see to your children.

"I would be exceedingly grateful for your assistance, thank you." Arthur gave a weak smile as he ran his fingers through his thinning hair.

"I think everyone here needs to be checked as well. If Severus has been marked.. what's to say he hasn't done something to the rest of you?"

Minerva snarled and emitted a hiss worthy of an alley cat, "I'll have the old bastard castrated if he's touched me!"

Her declaration caused immediate silence in the room; a very uncomfortable silence and a crossing of legs, considering the number of males in the room.

Ragnock turned an interested eye on the Deputy Headmistress, "Ah. A punishment worthy of the Goblins. I am most impressed."

There were several muffled snorts and forced coughs heard in the room. Several pairs of eyes danced with mirth, and suddenly the air in the room no longer felt so heavy.

"Miss Granger," Poppy was mentally listing the children, closet to Harry, outside of the Weasley's, "and Neville should be checked as well, since he was the other child targeted by Voldemort."

Sirius was getting sick to his stomach. So much deception and lies, pain and anguish, all over controlling the Chosen One--his godson. Some had fallen for it, other's had seen through the false lies, others ignored it all, and those who weren't worthy of the old manipulator's consideration, suffered--were used.

Remus placed a hand on Sirius' arm, "Siri?"

"All for control. That's what it boils down to, Remus. An old man who wants supreme control, so he kills a child and steals another. Places me in prison and forgets about me. Tells you to stay away from our cub. Promises Minerva that Harry is protected at the Dursley's. What else did he tell us that was lies? Who has died by his hand? Or on his orders?"

"We might never know Lord Black. But rest assured that his time is coming." The aged old Goblin smiled, showing his teeth. "Albus Dumbledore has done a great disservice to our world. He will pay. With his life, if the King has anything to say about it."

Severus was sitting quietly contemplating what to say. In his gut he needed to say something. What was happening in the Death Eater ranks was only the beginning of the madman's new reign of terror. Only this time, it would be more bloody and terrifying.

"The Dark Lord," Severus began as he took a deep breath, "three days ago had all of his servants bring forth their spouses and he chose three of the wives he felt were the perfect Pureblood women to become the mother's of his heirs. He made them ingest a potion to ensure they would become pregnant."

"What happened, Severus?" Minerva whispered.

"He chose Zaliah Parkinson, Lena Goyle and Narcissa Malfoy. Only Cissa lives. The other two took their lives and Cissa is catatonic. I left her, Lucius, and Draco, when I was summoned to the Order meeting."

"Cissy." Sirius had fallen to his knees. She was one of his favourite cousins. She was as close to a sister as he ever gotten. They had played together with Andromeda growing up, before they were all caught up in the mad politics of the Dark Lord. "How bad?"

Severus' normally hard or expressionless face became soft and worried. "She is pregnant. But battered. The Dark Lord was not... kind, in his attentions. As you know, aborting the child is not an option. Lucius was tortured by Bella when he objected to Narcissa being chosen. I was tortured for not answering his call when he was resurrected at the graveyard." Severus closed his eyes. "He's now demanding that all his servant's children be brought forward to begin their training as his next generation of minions."

"He almost killed you, Severus," Poppy exclaimed.

Sirius turned towards Poppy, "Can you help Cissy, Poppy? Please!"

Poppy smiled sadly as she cupped Sirius' cheek, "I will examine her and see what I can do to help her. Severus can you tell me where they are? I assume that Lucius has them hidden somewhere?"

Ragnock cleared his throat. "My Lord Snape, do you trust Lord Malfoy with your life?"

"He is my brother in arms, Lord Goblin. I trust him with my life and my soul."

"Then let us bring him and his family here." Ragnock turned immediately to face the Elder Weasley. "Lord Weasley, please bring in your children so we may begin examining them while we wait for Lord Malfoy and his family."

Arthur nodded for he left to retrieve his family. In his heart he hopped the old man had done anything to them, but in his rational mind.. he had a bad feeling that he had.

Minerva helped Severus as he made his way to an open Floo. "Thank you, Minerva."

Frowning, "For what, Severus?"

"For trusting me."

Unplottable Manor somewhere in Wales

Lucius was nursing a glass of Bourbon when he heard Severus shout for him. He jumped quickly, and ran towards the floo room. He skidded to a halt when he saw Severus being supported by Minerva McGonagall. He frowned, "Severus?"

"Gather Cissy and Draco, Luc. We've been offered asylum with the Goblin's."

"But...how?" Lucius asked, confused.

"Don't dwaddle about, Lucius Marius Malfoy, just get moving. We have little time to spare and we must be secure in our places when the time comes," Minerva spoke in her, don't argue with me, just do it voice.

Lucius nodded once and for once not arguing he set his glass down, sent a message to Draco to begin packing what they needed and Apparated to Cissa's rooms where he found her sitting at her vanity rocking back and forth whispering,'No. No. No.' over and over again. He held back tears as he whispered a Sleeping Spell. Gathering her into his arms, he Apparated back downstairs as Draco exited the library, shoving shrunken bags and chests into his pockets.

One by one they flooed back to Gringotts, where Lucius followed a younger Goblin to their infirmary.

Gringott's Infirmary

Harry moved in his Healing Sleep, fighting off the demons of his nightmares and terrors. In the deepest part of his soul, he wished for someone, anyone, to come and help him. Bring him back from the point of despair and loneliness that plagued him. He knew that Sirius and Remus would be there, but who would save him if they died. Voldemort would kill them all to get to him.

If he only knew why Voldemort wanted to kill him so damn bad.

His dreams continued in a haphazard pattern. Seeing people he knew in the past and present. Others he didn't know. He found himself walking down unfamiliar stone corridors. He reached out to touch the wall as he done many times at Hogwarts, hoping to feel welcome. Looking toward the end of the corridor, he noticed a set of ornate doors. They seemed to be beckoning him.

He reached out towards the doors as they opened on their own. He stepped through to an inviting fire blazing in the grate, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

"Harry Potter." The words were hissed. Harry turned to face the demon of his dreams.

"NO!" Harry sat up straight in his bed.

"Peace, little Master." Drexal placed a calming hand on the young man's hand as Harry breathed hard, fighting his way out of his terrors. "I will tell them you are awake, yes?"

"My Godfather is here?" Harry asked still breathing hard.

"Yes, Little Master."

"Yes, please. I would like to see them."

Sirius and Remus came running only moments later. Harry became upset when he noticed the tear tracks on his Godfather's face.

"Whats wrong? Why are your crying?" Then Harry began panicking. "The Dursley's did something to me, didn't they. And you're afraid to tell me. Or, you're gonna leave me? I'm not worth it, am I?"

Sirius gathered his babbling godson into his arms. "Shhh, Harry. I'll never not want you. It's just been an enlightening day. That's all."

"What's happening now? Voldemort?" Harry's eyes widen, "He hurt someone! Ron? 'Mione?"

"Cub! No one was hurt. Ron and the rest of the Weasley's are fine and will be arriving soon." Looking at Sirius, "Care to tell us why the Dursley's did what they did?"

Harry gazed at everything but nothing as he spoke in a monotone voice, "I had a nightmare and woke them up. Uncle Vernon can't abide freaks waking him from his sleep."

Sirius counted slowly as he cursed the existence of Dumbledore and the Dursley's, "Waste of human flesh, that one..." He mumbled to himself as he fingered his wand.

Remus eyed his wayward mate telling him to back down with just a look alone. Now was not the time. Later. "Harry, Cub," Remus began, "There are quite a few things we need to tell you. Things we only just found out ourselves..."

"What Remus? Is it bad?"

"Well, I would say it's a bit of both good and bad, actually..."

Sirius gathered the boy closer, his cheek against his soft raven coloured hair, "We were informed of some secrets. Deceptions. Things that we never knew."

"Such as certain manipulative old men."

"You mean the Headmaster?"

Remus and Sirius exchanged a silent communication over Harry's head. Remus sighed heavily and sat on the bed on the other side of the boy. "Would you care to explain that one?"

Harry snorted. "I'm not a little boy. Haven't been one for quite sometime. I knew when I entered Hogwarts that I was nothing more than a pawn. When Poppy tried to tell the old man about my conditions..."

Sirius frowned, "Conditions?"

"Malnourished. Broken bones. Small for my age. Outdated glasses. My clothes. Name it. Poppy told him."

"And how did you hear this conversation?"

"I've always been a light sleeper. Even with a Sleep Potion. And Poppy can be quite loud when she wants to be, or she is adamant about something."

Remus smiled, "That she can be. That she can be, Cub."

"Now tell me what is going on? Why am I at Gringott's? And where is the Twinkling Bastard? Shouldn't he be here telling me how much of a disappointment I am?"

"Ah, Mr. Potter. You've been listening a little too closely to my muttering, haven't you?" Poppy said as she swept up to the bed. "Eavesdropping?"

Remus was just clearing his throat when Lucius came in, carrying his wife in his arms. Sirius jumped up and ran to their side. When he caught sight of her battered face and the bruises, "Oh Cissy!"

DragonWolfe Castle

Thaddeus stood and began pacing. "My son lives." He stopped and faced the formidable Goblin. "Has he been harmed?"

Griphook only nodded, sadness in his eyes.

The King brought himself up to his full imposing height, and the power in the room increased. His voice was full of authority, some of which had not been heard in many a year.

Taking a deep breath. "Gabe! Take a contingent of armed guards and find my brother. He is to be put under house arrest until I bring my son home. Angus, I want an oath of loyalty to the crown from everyone in this castle. From my guards all the way down to the lowliest servant! Check them for the dark mark! Let no one go unchecked. When you are finished, return here. "

"Aye my Lord!" A large burly red headed man stepped back and swiftly left the room.

"Flynn! Tomas! Contact the Mermen, tell them of the situation. Tell them to watch the shores! Ask the Centaurs and Elves to watch for any movement from the forest."

"My Lord," Griphook began, "The warrior Goblins that came with me are loyal to both you and the Goblin Clans. They serve your will."

"I accept your allegiance, Warriors of the Goblin Clans. May we bleed together in battle."

Spears hit the stone floor with resounding thuds and each Goblin pounded their fists against their armored chests, signifying their allegiance as the magic sealed the oaths.

"Griphook, when will my son enter the Ritual Room?"

"We planned on two days before his birthday."

"I wish to speak to him before he enters."

"As you wish, my Lord. I'll send a message to the Goblin overseeing your son's health."

"Thank you Clan Brother. We will leave under the cloak of darkness. My knights will accompany us across the sea." The King looked around the room as he mentally went over what needed to be done. "Daniel!"

"Yes My Lord."

"Send word to my Cousin, Elizabeth that we are coming to the mainland. Be very brief in details to her. That all will be revealed in time. We will travel the Muggle way. Albus Dumbledore will not be expecting that. Prepare for departure!"

"Nygel, take our Goblin brethren and find them suitable housing. Then begin the search of the castle with Gabe. All those found marked, take them to the dungeons."

"Aye My Lord!"

"Nola, work with Griphook. We need to know how many will be accompanying my son on his return."

A tall dark haired woman stepped out from behind the King. She was dressed much like her male counterparts. A sword strapped to her back for easy access. Dressed in soft brown leggings and a tunic with the crest of DragonWolfe. Her long dark hair was braided and hung down her back. She wore none of the usual adornments of the women of the court. A hardness and sternness shown in her gaze, reflecting years of battle and experience.

She bowed, "Brother Griphook, would you follow me?" Nola did not mind this task, two of her sisters had been Ladies in Waiting for Queen Marian at the time of her death. They had joined ranks with her afterwards, in the search for the babe. Neely and Kelby will be more than happy to secure the rooms for the return of the Prince.

"How many should we be expecting?"

"I am not sure, but his adopted family and Godfather's will surely be accompanying them. Master Harry would not leave them behind to face the wraith of Dumbledore and whatever minions he has at his beck and call. Or, to the one calling himself Lord Voldemort."

Nola stopped for a moment and faced the fierce goblin. "I believe the royal apartments will do for the Prince. There are many comfortable and spacious rooms there."

"And well protected?"

"The Citadel has gone through many changes since the night of the Prince's kidnapping. No one will enter without our knowledge. And as we speak the guards are weeding out anyone who would bring harm to him."

"May the blood of our enemies flow if harm comes to him now."

"So mote it be, Brother Griphook!"

"So mote it be!"

Magic flowed from the two individuals out into the ancient stone. The Castle of DragonWolfe added her own oath. No one would bring harm to her returning child.

No one!


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