Xemnas shouted, furious. All of the Organization members had left their weapons in the Weapons Room for a short while, and when they returned, they all found that their weapons (along with the rest of the room) were all piles of ashes and soot. As you can imagine, all of them were VERY angry. There was a rather large hole in the wall (presumed to be the outcome of an explosion), leading to the Science Lab. Whatever had happened, they were all sure that Vexen would know…

A few seconds later, Vexen came running into the room, nervously. He smiled sheepishly.

"Y-yes?" he stuttered. Everyone turned towards him, anger painted on their faces.

"What happened, Vexen?" Xemnas asked, crossing his arms and trying to keep a calm tone. Vexen took a breath.

"Well…you see…I was testing a few unstable chemicals, and I…."

"BLEW UP ALL OF OUR WEAPONS???" Axel yelled, walking towards Vexen, getting ready to kill him. Vexen backed up.

"I didn't mean to! It was an accident!" he said. Larxene rolled her eyes.

"You always have to have accidents, don't you?" she snarled. Vexen looked over at Demyx, who was holding piles of what used to be his Sitar. He looked like he was close to tears.

"This was my favorite Sitar…" He said quietly, sadly. Saix rolled his eyes.

"Grow up Demyx." He said angrily. Demyx glared at him.

"The only good thing is that your weapon is gone too!" Saix advanced towards him.

"That doesn't mean I still can't use my hands to kill you!" He growled, his fists clenched. Demyx backed up behind Xigbar. Xigbar rolled his eyes.

"Look, just chill, ok dudes?" he said.

"But what are we going to do about our weapons?" Marluxia asked, somewhat sad about the loss of his Scythe. Luxord smiled.

"At least I don't have a weapon!" He held up his cards. Everyone glared at him.

"SHUT UP!" They all chorused. Luxord crossed his arms.

"Sheesh, just because some of us don't use fancy weapons, doesn't mean you have to be so sour about it!" he said. Suddenly, the room burst into loud arguing. Xemnas put his hands to his temples and tried to relieve the oncoming headache. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

"Everyone!" Xemnas shouted. The room grew quiet, with everyone looking at him. He sighed deeply in frustration.

"There is to be a meeting today—NOW…"

After they had all walked into the Main Meeting Room, and after they had settled down into their seats, Xemnas stood up from his chair. All of the chattering stopped, and everyone looked at him.

"Now that I have your attention, I'd like to inform you that, since everyone's weapons were destroyed except for mine, Zexion's, Luxord's, Larxene's, and Roxas', we will be getting new weapons—"

"NOOOO!!!!" Demyx shouted, close to tears again. "I don't want another weapon! I like my Sitar!" Axel then slapped Demyx in the back of his head to shut him up. Xemnas looked over at him in annoyance.

"Demyx." He said slowly, trying to stop himself from yelling at the dense boy. "We will be getting new versions of our weapons. Not new weapons entirely."

"Oh." Demyx said quietly, sinking into his chair. There were a few snickers from the other members. Xaldin looked up at Xemnas.

"But…how do we get new weapons?" he asked.

"Yeah…none of us can fix weapons, and none of us can make weapons." Lexaeus said. A small wave of murmurs flooded the room. Xemnas held up his had to silent them. It worked and he regained everyone's attention.

"That is exactly why I am hiring someone to create new weapons. They will stay with us until the weapons are complete." He said. Everyone looked around nervously.

"You mean, a Whole is going to stay with us Nobodies?" Zexion asked. Xemnas nodded.

"Yes. I have been recently referred to, what I'm told, an excellent weapons technician and expert." He said. There were a few approving nods

"How much Munny will this cost?" Saix asked. Xemnas raised his eyebrows.

"Surprisingly, none." Everyone was shocked.

"None? At all???" Vexen shouted in disbelief. Xemnas nodded.


"Are you serious?" Roxas shouted, also in disbelief. Xemnas sighed angrily.

"Yes. I am quite serious."

"How come?" Axel asked.

"Well," Xemnas started, "I'm not really sure. But I've been told that they take no money for their work, although it is always top quality." Some of the members nodded.

"When are they coming?" Roxas asked.

"Tomorrow." Xemnas replied. "Everyone, the meeting is concluded. You may leave." Everyone got up from their seats and started to leave. Xemnas pointed at Vexen.

"Except for you." He said. Vexen turned to face Xemnas. Xemnas crossed his arms. "I believe you have a mess to clean up." Vexen frowned; walking out the door and towards the Science Lab. Everyone snickered as they left the room.

"I wonder when they're gonna get here." Demyx said, slightly bored. Xemnas had all of the Nobodies sit in the living room to wait until the person that would make the new weapons came, so that they could all greet him.

"I don't know…" Marluxia said.

"What do you think he'll look like?" Larxene asked. Xaldin shrugged.

"I don't know…muscular maybe?" he said.

"Well yeah," Xigbar said, "they'd have to be strong to build weapons." Roxas crossed his arms.

"I think they'll have reddish-brown hair." He said. Everyone stared at him weirdly.

"What?" he asked. Axel rolled his eyes.

"Random much?" he said. A couple of the Nobodies laughed. Just then, there was a light knock on the door. Roxas jumped up.

"I'll get it!" he shouted excitedly. Xemnas walked over and pushed him back in his seat on the sofa.

"I'll answer it." He said, walking over to the door. Roxas crossed his arms in annoyance.

Xemnas opened the door and looked straight out, expecting to see a man about his height. But he saw no one. Then, he looked down to see, not a man,

But a girl.

One about Roxas' age.

He looked strangely at her. Why was she here? He thought.

"May I help you?" Xemnas asked, still wondering. She looked up at him, her pale gray eyes meeting his bright gold ones.

"Are you Xemnas?" she asked.

"Yes…" he said, confused. Why was this girl here? And where was the guy who'd make the weapons? He thought. Just then, the girl extended her hand, in a hand-shaking gesture, smiling.

"Hi, my name is Xedramon, and I'm here to make your weapons."