a Kite fanfic

By St. Suika Fenderson Roberts (who realizes that it's been a while since she dug out the full name )

Disclaimer:If Kite were mine, I'd be ashamed. I'm just borrowing the characters for a moment.


It's working, unbelievably enough.

When she came in -

I was going to die, I could tell. She was young, pretty, her hair braided, dark. She had a pistol in her hand, same POS that Akai gave me. I sighed, and waited, watching her.

She fired, and I was a little suprised it hadn't hurt. It'd hurt before, every time I'd been shot, hit, blown about.

Then she was holding me, kissing me, sobbing.

Later, she said, 'I looked at you, and it was just so obvious. You were me, just a little older, a little more tired. I looked, and I saw, and I,' she paused for a long time, 'Just wanted you. Had to have you.'

'Thanks,' I'd smiled, when she told me that, and kissed her perfect lips.

Then, she'd just pulled me up, and we'd run, found a new city to hide in for a while. New Orleans, where two pretty girls who like to dress in black and have a . . . liking for weaponry just vanish into the noise. It was nice, until they found us. We killed the ones they sent after us, then fled.

It was then that I came up with my brilliant plan -- we'd just start killing people in power, people who perpetuated this, who left little girls in the hands of corrupt officials who abused them, starting at the top and working our way down, until they caught us, we killed everyone, or things changed.

The sick thing is, it's working. We've had to be careful that no one figured out our agenda, but it's becoming fairly clear, now, I fear.It doesn't seem to have caused a backlash, yet. Almost no one misses the televangelists, and few seem to care that their replacements are more moderate. Opponents of armed self defence are little missed, either, and few really care that BATF was gutted by a rash of "accidents." Right-to-lifers, congressmen, police comissioners, civil servants, DEA supervisors, rapists, reactionaries, revisionists.

We'd've run out of money long since, but our victims often have much more money than can be explained by their day jobs, so we save their heirs embarassment with the IRS.

I watch the news, bemused by the change. When we started, we were labled terrorists, madmen, random. Now we're compared to Robin Hood, with a preternatural power to detect evil and divine backing. I bask in the warm arms of the girl behind me, and wonder how it came to this.

2003/early:Bought a pirate copy of Kite, Japanese with Korean subtitles, German label. I watched it. It was very squicky.
After a little bit, I thought about the ending some more, and this came to mind.
2003/Sep/6:Drafted this out. I think it's finished.
2003/Nov/23:Figured out a title. Mayhap I'll post it.