I know it sounds truly crazy, and true the visions hazy, but I swear throughout Oz there'll be a fanfiction all to do with Elphie!

You know that feeling when the Plot Bunny starts nibbling? Yeah, well imagine it's the Monty Python bunny, and this is what you wind up with! Yup, it's a new story.

Somehow, Fiyero knew he was in a very bad situation, which would probably get him in a great deal of trouble. No, he was not stuck in some pub, no he had not woken up in some strange room.

No, he was following his girlfriend's roommate through the woods, carrying a baby Tom Lion in a cage, away from their classroom, where she had just done... something to the entire class-except for him, anyway.

And, to top it all off, she wasn't being exactly nice to him, either. "Don't shake him!"

"I'm not!" He was somewhat offended.

"We can't let him go just anywhere! We have to make sure he's safe! And he-"

"You must think I'm really stupid, don't you?" Yup, he was offended.

"No, not really stupid." From her tone, he couldn't quite tell if it was sarcasm or not. But he had a sinking feeling it was.

"Why is it that wherever you go, you cause some sort of commotion?"

She smiled. "Oh, I don't cause commotions- I am one."

"That's for sure," he said under his breath- or atleast he meant to.

"Oh? You think I should just keep my mouth shut? Is that what you're saying?" He tried to speak, but she cut him off. "Do you think I want to care this much? To be this way? Don't you think I'd be happier if I didn't care so much?"

He held his hands up. "Do you ever let anyone else talk?"

She winced. "Oh... sorry- but can I say just one more thing?" He rolled his eyes, exasperated, but held out his hand, gesturing for her to continue. She grew more serious. "You could have walked away back there- why didn't you?"

He felt horribly uncomfortable. "So?"

"So, no matter how shallow and self- absorbed you pretend to be-"

"Excuse me, I happen to be genuinely self- absorbed, and deeply shallow."

She scoffed at him. "No. You're not. Or you wouldn't be so unhappy."

He did not want to be having that conversation. "Listen, if you don't want my help-"

"No! No, I do!" Instinctivly, her hand went to his, and he was startled when he felt... a spark? She awkwardly rushed on. "Oh, look at the little thing. He's scared. His little heart is beating so fast."

His isn't the only one. Fiyero thought. "Listen... that thing back there- why didn't you do it to me?"

She squirmed. He almost felt bad for making her so uncomfortable. She started to speak, but then her hand went to brush his cheek. "You're bleeding! The Cub must have scratched you..."

He swallowed. He couldn't think straight. And she still hadn't moved her hand. "Or- or it must have scratched me."

They sat for a moment. Eventally, she returned her hand to her lap. They were both afraid to say anything. But then, a voice called out:

"Miss Elphaba? Master Tiggular?" Madame Morrible called out.

"Madame!" Elphaba flushed. She suddenly realized exactly how much trouble she had gotten herself into. "I'm sorry about the scene, but-"

Morrible waived a hand, causing her bangles to jingle. "All in time, my dear. I have good news. I have heard from the Wizard, and he wishes to meet you."

Elphaba rose to her feet. "Are you serious? Oh, Madame, thank you!" She hugged the head.

"Make me proud, my dear."

"I will! I'll try." Elphaba said, smiling. Fiyero still sat, realizing he was in even more trouble than he had thought.