It had been a long time since the Titan tower had been kid free. Today, 17 years to be exact. Minerva, the oldest daughter of Beast Boy and Raven, was sitting in her room not wanting to go down.

She hated parties. But it wasn't just her birthday. It was also the birthday of Luanna, the youngest daughter of Starfire and Robin. The girl was turning 8, and had been looking forward to it for almost a month. Minerva couldn't ruin her day by refusing to come down. She loved the girl too much.

"Mina come down, the party is starting." Minerva rose, her head hung low, and she went out of her room. She went down the hall, her feet dragging behind her, when she was stopped by her own reflection. She hated it. It wasn't that she looked bad. She was of okay height, with long purplish blond hair, big green eyes and her mothers' hour-time figure. She looked normal, and she hated it. She hated it because she was the only one of the Titan children who looked normal.

Minerva went threw the door into the common room, and three children ran over to her side. Luanna, P.C. and William. P.C. was Cyborg and Bumblebees oldest adoptive son. He had been in a car accident when he was one, which had not only killed his parents but also taken half of his right arm. Cyborg had built him a robotic one, similar to his. He was 6. William was Luannas big brother, and would soon turn 11. Both he and Luanna had black, unruly hair, green eyes, and were scary thin, like Starfire.

"Happy Birthday Lua." "Happy Birthday Mina." Lua flew up and gave her a lung-crushing hug. She had inherited her mothers' alien strength. "Happy Birthday sis." Her brothers, Ulrich and Gavin, phased in front of her to give her a hug. They where identical twins, just turned 10, and had short green hair and light green skin. "Thank you guys."

She smiled warmly at them, but saw that they felt something was on her mind. She loved them more than life it self, but since they where telepathic, like their mother, she spent as little time with them as she could. Afraid they would read her secrets. She trusted Gavin, but Ulrich couldn't keep a secret to save his life.

"Happy Birthday girl." Bumblebee walked over to her and gave her a big hug. "Erlea hasn't stopped calling your name the last half hour." The little boy, Cy and Bee's second adoptive child, was only nine months and gently sitting on his mother hip. But as quickly he saw Mina he reached his little tubby black hand out for her to take him. She smiled to the boy as she grabbed the kid.

He looked at her with his good eye, and smiling before laying his head at her chest and closing his eyes. He to had lost his birth parents in an accident, this time a fire which had taken away most of his skin leaving him awfully scarred, including the loss of one of his eyes. He was a healthy child with this exception, and both Cy and Bee had fallen in love with him the moment they met him four moths earlier.

"You have a gift with children." Mina blushed, but smiled and said thank you. Bee kissed her son on the head before turning and walking back to her husband. Mina sat quickly down, glad to have Erlea to hide behind. As long as she had him, people wouldn't bother her too much. "The greatest of blessings on this day of your birth Mina." Mina tilted her head back and smiled warmly at the alien woman standing behind the couch. "Thank you aunt Kori." Starfire almost glowed before bending down to give her a hug.

Mina had quickly learned that her role models had multiple names, and as long as she didn't call them that outside the tower or in front of non-titans guests, she actually preferred their given names to their work names. "I hope again, you are not to sad to share this day of births with Luanna." "As I have said the last 9 times, it is okay." "Oh joy."

Starfire had never quite forgiven herself for ruining Mina's birthday 9 years earlier. Starfire hugged her, and this time Mina swore she heard her ribs cracking. Thankfully William and Luanna started to fight over something, and Starfire had to fly away to meddle before starbolts would set things on fire.

"So how are you angel?" "Fine dad." She rose and gave her the hug her father was seeking. "I can't believe you're 17. My baby's growing up so fast." Her mother was standing next to Beast Boy, and got a hug after her father was finished with her. Erlea started to fuss, since he hated having to share her with anyone. He was very protective, but only when he was with her. Beast Boy laughed and made a funny face, which only scared him. Mina started to stroke his back so he wouldn't scream and hurt her father feelings.

"When are we going to open presents?" "After the cake." "But I can still open one beforehand?" Robin smiled down at his daughter and kissed her on the head. "Get one for Mina too." Luannas face light up and flew over to the big piles of gifts in the corner. "You know I don't need one." Mina smiled as her uncle Richard bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "If she has one, so should you." Mina smiled up at him.

"17. Almost an adult." "Don't remind me." Raven sat down next to her daughter, and suddenly looked very old. Cyborg came over. "You look good with a kid. Ever think of having your own?" Both Raven and Beast Boys eyes widened, but Mina could see that he was just joking.

"Oh no, I'm not old enough to be a grandmother." "I'm only three years younger than when you had me." Mina loved it when she could freak out her parents. Since it only was a joke. She looked at Erlea, and he laughed at the sudden attention she gave him. "Maybe I should think about getting one of my own."

Beast Boy suddenly took Erlea from her. "Oh no you're not." She rose and smilingly took Erlea back. "Lets get you some food." She turned and smiled to her parents, who were standing there still a bit shocked from the joke. "That wasn't nice Cy." Cyborg smiled to Robin. "But it was fun." "We shall think how fun it is when P.C. comes home after impregnating a girl." Cyborg eye widened, and turned, suddenly realising exactly what he hade joked about.

Mina gave Erlea to his mother to be fed. She turned and was startled at Luanna flying in front of her with to gifts in her hand. She gave Mina the smaller one. "Present." Mina smiled and sat back down in the couch where everyone now gathered around. Luanna opened her big gift, and screamed at the dollhouse inside, from her parents of course. She ripped the cardboard away, and started fussing with it. Mina smiled, like every one else, to see how happy the girl was. She opened her gift while most of them were occupied with Luanna and the dollhouse and let out a tiny scream.

She jumped up, clutching the book to her chest screaming as she hugged her mother. "So I guess you want to learn." "Yes." She screamed and twirled around, suddenly realising everyone was looking at her. She breathed in and out, calming herself down, slightly. "I'm sorry." Her smile was covering her face, and Luanna, after getting over the shock of hearing her scream, leaped into her arms and gave her a hug.

Mina was never happy. She was content, or glad on others behalf, but she was never happy. Therefore it was such a pleasure for everyone to finally see her totally happy. Not only happy, ecstatic. For the rest of the party she couldn't sit still for long. She sat down, but was up seconds' later pacing back en forth. Dancing by herself. Indeed she exceeded even Luanna, who had inherited her mothers happiness. And everyone was happy for her, most of all Raven.