The body fell to the floor with a loud thump, dark red blood gushing from a wound in the chest. She ran over and bent down. Leaning over, she kissed the still warm forehead, before placing two fingers on the eyelids closing them.

"I'm sorry. I had to do it. Hopefully you would have understood."

She rose to her feet again.

"Who was that?"

Mina turned and smiled to Lochan.

"Zhana. Slade's daughter."

She grabbed the gun Zhana had held, and threw it away. Placing her own back in her pocket. She got to her feet and grabbed his hand.

"Let's get out of here."

He smiled and they ran out into the hall.

Everywhere Mina could hear screams and shouting.

"Look out."

Mina could feel someone push her, and as she fell to the ground she turned around just in time to see Lochan shoot something red out of his eye and the minion who had shoot after her reduced to a pile of ashes.

"Thank you."

Then she got to her feet, and started to run down the hall again, Lochan close behind her. Mina felt a knot in her stomach. The yells, the screams. It was all because of her.

She opened the door, and suddenly felt like she couldn't breath.

Gizmo was lying just inside the door, an arrow pierced through his neck. A few feet away Speedy was lying. His bow still in his hand and his eyes closed. Mina let out a scream as she saw him and ran to his side.

She didn't realise the room suddenly went quiet. She didn't realise that she now had everyone's attention. She didn't realise her entire body was shaking. She didn't realise her eyes were glowing red.

She got to her feet and turned. Setting here eyes on the one person she knew was responsible. He took a step back.

One thing was taking advantage of her. Playing a fool of her. Another was hurting a man she loved very much.


The man suddenly looked very tiny as Mina went over to him. One of the reasons was the dark energy around her. Another was the fact that she was walking on thin air. Her demon heritage was suddenly very visible.

He tried to put some curses on her, but she quickly counted them. He tried to attack her, but she just flicked him around. As a last result he transformed in to a dragon, but she forced him to morph back. She held his body in her black energy.

With out any problem she was suddenly inside his mind. Here her was even weaker, and Mina did the only thing she knew for him would be a fate worst than death. She sucked it out.

All his knowledge, all his powers, she dragged it out of his mind. Leaving behind an empty shell. As she went out of his mind, her powers made a last wave, which made the walls shake and the roof almost come down.

When the wave had died down, she was just hanging in the air. Not saying a word. She looked at Speedy's body. Praying. Then something happened. The man stirred. Not much, but he started to breath and cough ever so slightly.

Seeing this, Mina finally relaxed, and gave in to the darkness wanting to swallow her whole. She fell in to the arms waiting under her, and passed out.

Mina was lying on her side, on the edge of the roof; face out, looking at the sun setting. She used her upper hand to rest her head on, and the lower arm was just hanging over the edge.

She wasn't afraid to fall over. She could just say a flying spell, or teleport, or morph. She had worked hard to gain control over her morphing powers, and even thou she only had a limited resources of animals; wolf, hawk, dolphin, horse, bee, cat, gorilla and the beast, at least she wasn't green when she morphed.

It had been a month, and she hadn't done or said much to anyone. She ate, slept, trained, but it was like she wasn't there. Like someone else had taken control over her body.

Speedy had survived, and with Lochan they had gone back to titans east, with Aqualad and Flash who had also helped to save her. The bee necklace was still around her neck. Bee and Cy had told her to keep it, as a thank you for saving their sons. Mina had just nodded a thank you.

The gun was resting on the bottom of the ocean. She still went to the shooting rink, and she was given to train with her bow and arrow there. They liked having her there, and she liked being there.

Suddenly a green butterfly landed on her nose, and its tiny legs tickled her. She gave of a small smile, but it quickly faded away. The butterfly flew of behind her, and she soon heard her father footsteps. Sitting on the edge by her head.

"That always used to make you laugh."

She just kept looking at the sun setting. She had been lying there the last two hours, and the sun was almost gone by now.

"You want to tell me what's wrong?"

"You know the potion I drank, that woke up the beast."

"Yes, but you got the cure Mina, and always remember that having that thing doesn't make you an animal. Knowing when to let it out is what makes you a titan."

Mina looked quickly up at her father.

"Mom told you that didn't she?"

He gave her a grin.

"When my beast woke up. She's right you know. Real strength isn't, not having dark sides. But knowing when to use the dark sides for good. That way, the dark side becomes good. Like when you used your powers to save Roy."

Mina turned her face back to the sunset.

"Dad, I know all that. That's not the problem."

"Then what is it?"

"I knew there was something fishy about it, and I still drank it. Voluntary. Nobody forced me, or co-horst me. On some level, I knew what that potion would do to me, and I still wanted to drink it."

He just sat there. There wasn't much he could say. She sat up, looking down at the ocean.

"Being a titan, being worthy of being you and moms daughter has always been an obsession with me. It made me hate my brothers. Not be able to be happy, and when Lochan told me he loved me, all I could think was, he must be lying, because I'm not worthy being loved."

Her father opened his mouth to protest, but she interrupted him.

"I know that I'm worth loving. And I know you and mom are proud of me. And I love my brothers more than anything else in this world."

She looked up at the now set sun, and tears where running down her cheeks.

"I was so tired, and nothing seemed to help. Not even training with Roy, thou it was close. So when he came, and offered me that glass, I took it. Knowing it was bad for me, because anything else was better than what I felt at that moment. And that is not good."

She got to her feet.

"So I have decided that I have to move. I have to get away from the tower and just be me. To not be the titans Beast Boy and Ravens oldest daughter, but be the daughter of Raven and Garfield Logan."

He embraced her and kissed her on the forehead. He was smiling as he rocked her back and forth.

"If that is what you want, we might be able to work something out."

She smiled against his shoulder.

"Just know, your mother and I, we love you very much. And I can't imagine anyone being a better role model than you."

They hugged, for a while. Mina needed to feel loved, and Beast Boy was happy to show her how much he loved his daughter.

"If you want, we could always make you a honorary titan. You know, plan B. If you want to. You're good Mina. It would be a shame to waist that talent."

Mina looked up at her father, smiling. She had liked fighting with them; she just couldn't live the life of a titan every day.

"I would like that very much."

He kissed her forehead once more.

"I love you angle."

"I love you too dad."

"I still can't believe you got a tattoo."

Mina smiled as she rolled her eyes. She had been living on her own for three months now, and Lochan was helping her do her weekly shopping. Well, he was standing by the cart, talking to her as she ran around in the little convenient store, getting what she needed.

"Yes, and it's been two weeks get over it."

She dropped two boxes of herbal tea.

"Can I see it?"

She sighed, but moved the cloak out of the way, and scooted down her short green skirt. There on her lower back. A blue and yellow T. The titan symbol.


"Okay calm down hormone boy."

She let go of the skirt, and soon both that and her cloak was covering it. She had started to wear her cloak again, and this was the best sign for anyone to see when she was happy. When she was angry or upset she didn't bother take it on.

"Did it hurt?"

"Well it is a tattoo."

She smiled as she left her boyfriends side to get soymilk. One of the things she loved about that very convenient store. They had vegan food, and lots of it.

"Roy sends his love by the way."

"I know, I talked to him earlier to day."

He pouted as she dropped the milk down in the cart.

"You talk to him, more than you do with me."

She gave a small chuckle.

"Well, he wants to talk about more than my tattoo."

"You told him about it."

"Of course. His like an uncle to me. I told him when I told my parents. Two weeks ago."

She turned to get a new item.

"Two weeks?"

She popped over the self. She never did use her powers in public, but the store was empty and the cashier was reading a newspaper. And she just had to see the look on his face. He looked shocked and hurt.

"Why didn't you tell me when I visited ten days ago?"

"Because you only wanted to talk about my pierced ears."

She touched down and went over to him, dropping the bread and apples in the cart.

"So what else do you talk to Roy about, and not me?"

She started to fiddle with her necklace, trying to remember what she had forgotten. She always fiddled with it when she tried to remember things.

"The triplets, school, Jinx and Wally's wedding. You know, normal things." "Hey, I want to talk about normal things."

Mina looked up at him, and crossed her arms.

"You just want to talk about my body."

"Well it is a nice body."

She rolled her eyes, and he grabbed her, kissing her neck. She never could be mad at him when he did that.

"Okay, how are the triplets?"

He let her go, and she ran over to get some more fruit.

"Their fine. Happy, one month yesterday. Edan and Gau are identical, and dad can't tell them apart. Just like he couldn't with Gavin and Ulrich. Chloris is so lovely. She has dark violet hair, but green skin, and the boys look just like dad."

She dropped the fruit in the cart. It was filling up very quickly, but she always bought more when Lochan was over. He always prepared it, and Mina always ate at least twice as much when he was visiting.

"Do you have everything?"

"I don't know. What are you making?"

He leaned over the cart, looking at her over the edge of his sunglasses.

"I was thinking about a salad with rucula, asparagus, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, and for dessert chocolate covered strawberries."

She let out a small chuckle. She knew all of the ingredients where known aphrodisiacs. She bent down over the shopping cart, looking at him.

"Hoping to get lucky tonight?"

"I always do."

She raised, a shocked look on her face.

"What, get lucky? Do you have some girlfriend back in the east I don't know about? She's putting out because I won't. You and your hormones."

She was hurt. She was the one who wanted to wait, and she had thought he respected that. She still remembered the way Zhana had felt like on top of her, and this still had an affected her.

Lochan knew he had taken it to far, and wrapped his arms around her.

"Of course I don't. You know you're the only girl for me."

He bent down and kissed her. She kissed him back.

"I'll wait, for as long you need. You're worth it."

She smiled grateful up at him. He knew what to say to get her to forgive him.

"So how is school?"

He wouldn't let her go, and she was fine with that. She loved the reassuring feeling of his arms around her.

"Fine. I didn't know child psychology would be so hard, but I love it."

She kissed the tip of his toes.

"Apparently, I have knack for it."

He finally let go of her, and Mina wasn't surprised that she still wanted them around her.

"Ready to go?"

She looked into his sunglasses, wanting to look into the eyes behind them.

"Can I ask you something, one of the questions you have to answer, you remember?"

He nodded and leaned over the cart. Mina bit her lower lip, suddenly feeling unsure, but knowing she had to ask the question.

"Will you hurt me?"

He scratched the back of his head and heisted his sunglasses up. Looking at her unprotected.


Mina felt her stomach hit the floor.

"I'm only human Mina, and I will do things that will hurt you. Some times without knowing it. Some times I would probably say things when I'm upset, just to hurt you. But I will do my best to not hurt you, because I love you. And I know your father and uncles would hunt me down and kill me if I did."

Mina let out a small chuckle and kissed him.

"Good answer. Go to the check out counter, I have to get one more thing."

He nodded, flipped his sunglasses down, and pushed the cart away.

She went over to the wall and picked the last item. She was sure. Now she was sure. She went over to him, and laid her arms around him from behind.

"Anything else?"

The check out girl was chewing gum, and right then the bubble she had been blowing popped.

Mina opened her hand and gave the girl the item in her hand. She could feel how Lochan's body changed, and she smiled. She went up on her toes and kissed his cheeks. Then she moved her lips very close to his ears.

"Sometimes, hormones aren't always that bad."

She gave the girl the money, and took two bags, and left without saying another word to him. He took the other two, and went right after her. They walked in silence, but something was changed. You could taste the anticipation.

Her apartment was nothing like her classmates. It was huge, a gift from her family, two bedrooms, an office, a huge living room with an open kitchen and a big bathroom. It even had a fireplace. Mina loved it, and quickly thought of it as home.

Lochan was standing by the fireplace, lighting it up with his eye. Mina was smiling as she placed the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. She had taken of her cloak, and was only wearing her skirt and a white shirt. When she was done she went over to Lochan.

They just stood there. Looking at one another. She could feel her heart start to beat louder, and her breath becoming shallower.

"Are you sure Mina?"

She smiled and kissed him.

She laid her hands around his neck. He laid his arms around her back, pressing her in and up. Slowly, she removes her hands from his neck and to his waist. Going up, under his t-shirt. Pulling it of him.

With fingers trembling from anticipation he starts to unbutton her shirt. Soon enough it too fell to the floor. Mina kissed him again, and he fell backwards on to the couch, dragging here with him. They lied there a few minutes, just kissing, when she got to her feet.

He followed her with his eyes as she went to her bedroom door. She smiled, and gestured him to follow. It took him a moment to understand, but when he did he fell of the couch before jumping on to his feet and running over to her.

They where just standing in the door, breathing, looking at one another. He looked at her breasts captivated by her dark blue bra, going up and down with her shallow breaths. She stared at his bear chest. She had seen it before, on the beach, but it was different now. More, irresistible.

She jumped him. Wrapping her legs around his waist, kissing him with more passion than ever before. Her lips, legs, her entire body screaming for what was about to happen. Needing it. Wanting it. Finally ready for it.

He was lying on his back, his eyes closed, breathing calmly and relaxed. Mina was in his arms, her head resting on his chest. Looking at his sleeping face.

"I love you Lochan."

It wasn't that she never said those words, she did. She just didn't say them as much as he said them.

Suddenly a grin formed on the man's lips.

"Are you sure that's not your horm…"

She silenced him with her finger.

"Lochan, I love you, but I swear if you say the word hormones I will never speak to you again."

He grinned, opened his eyes, and before Mina could understand what had happened he had flipped her around, and was now hovering over her. With one hand he pinned her arms over her head, and the only way to get away was to hurt him, she didn't have the energy to teleport.


He might as well have hit her in the stomach. She joked about it, giving Lochan the nickname hormone boy, but that just a trick to distance herself from it. She had never told him how close she had been to believing she didn't deserve love.

He bent down and kissed spot between her shoulder and her neck. Her weak spot. She was still hurt, but liked the feeling of his lips against her naked skin.


His lips moved to spot under her cheek.


"Oh shut up."

She kissed him. This stunned him, freeing her arms. She took advantage and flipped him around, straddling him. She bent down; her face just inches away form his. He didn't looked stunned anymore, just happy, horny, and in love.

"Okay last question."