Chapter 17 What The Future Holds

"Robert Ian McKenzie-Potter get down here right now! Your father and siblings are ready to leave" shouted Hermione Potter.

"I'm coming Mum" yelled Robbie from upstairs.

"He probably forgot Angelic's picture" smirked Raven.

"Don't tease your brother."

"But Mum, it's fun."

Harry listened as the argument progressed between the love of his life and his eldest daughter and how the years had passed. He spent nearly a month at St. Mungo's after destroying Voldemort. Hermione nearly went crazy during that time and Harry was still grateful to Narcissa, Draco, and Luna for their help with his family during that time. He had been released just in time for NEWTS and actually did very well considering. Hermione had the highest scores in nearly four hundred years. Both had received several offers of different positions within the Ministry but none seemed right. Hermione had wanted to raise the children and work from home and finally accepted an offer to edit books, for a Wizarding publisher, at home and work her own hours. A perfect job for her and they were very pleased with her work since she still did more than the others and took care of so many children. Harry opted to tryout for a Quidditch team and was drafted by Ron's favorite team, the Chuddley Cannons as a seeker.

Robbie and Raven were now in their seventh and final year at Hogwarts and full of mischief thanks to Fred and George. They were Head Boy and Girl this coming year and Hermione couldn't be more proud.

Laura had ended up being non-magical but no less loved and supported. She had her heart set on being a doctor and had already been accepted at Oxford University for pre-med.

Twins James and Sirius were going into their fifth year and set about proving that they were living reincarnation of their namesakes, led by their older brother Robbie.

Melissa, the quiet one, looked exactly like her mother, and seemed to have Hermione's brain. Entering her third year she was taking as many subjects as Hermione had during her third year and seemed to thrive on studying. She did possess the Potter temper, but it did take a great deal to get her to that point however once she was there no one was safe. She could make Voldemort look like an angel. Her siblings learned the hard way not to tease her.

Remus was getting ready for his first year at Hogwarts and was excited and just a tiny bit nervous. He was already assuming that he was going to be in Gryffindor with all of his siblings. Draco teased that the school should rename the Gryffindor Tower the Potter Tower. This child of his had no fear as he proved on several occasions in teasing Melissa and getting hexed.

"Only three more to go" thought Harry, seeing two of his youngest looking on with sad eyes. Both Harry and Hermione thought that they were done having children after Remus had been born but got a huge surprise when Hermione had gotten pregnant again when Remus was five. Joshua and Joy were now two whirlwind five year olds that Harry swore were channeling Fred and George. Everything those two do causes mischief and mayhem, keeping their parents on their toes. Hermione claimed she now knows how Molly Weasley felt raising Fred and George and swore she would not have another child that is until three months ago when she informed him that they were having another baby. Harry couldn't wait.

Robbie finally came down trying to hide a picture of Draco and Luna's eldest daughter, Angelic. She looked a great deal like Luna. She had Draco's mind and sneakiness but had her mother's singing voice much to the delight of her father. There wasn't a male sixth or seventh year that hadn't fallen for that voice, including Robbie. She had finally got him to notice her and had settled on him, Harry didn't know which but was glad that his son had found someone special.

Raven on the other hand, flirted, lightly with practically every boy she met. Many boys were afraid to ask her out since she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Robbie was very protective of her at school. Then she met Steven, Oliver Wood's son. That boy literally swept her off her feet and onto a broomstick. Harry had a hard time not hurting the boy for that stunt but it did make Raven notice him and they had been together ever since. He had threatened the boy, lightly, every time he came to the house. Hermione told him to knock it off but Harry simply told her it was a father thing and she wouldn't understand. The boy actually defended the Potter men in protecting the women in their family. Harry liked the boy and supposed he would have to get used to him being in love with his daughter.

A knock at the door drew Harry out of his memories and thoughts.

"It's about time Potter. I was starting to get tired, standing here" drawled Draco.

"Malfoy, what, you getting old, Luna lovely to see you. You look radiant" greeted Harry, giving Luna a hug in welcome. The couple walked in with three Draco clones following behind. Triplet boys, all looking like Draco, and each with some part of his personality. At fourteen they were a force to reckon with and just as cunning as their father.

"Hermione, how are you feeling" asked Luna as they greeted each other.

"Not bad. No morning sickness this time around but I've already started the cravings. Strawberries covered in salsa lately.

"Don't you two ever stop? You're getting to old for this" exclaimed Draco.

"Apparently not" smirked Harry.

"Now Draco, just because these two love each other very much and are showing that love by having another baby doesn't mean that they are getting old. Do you feel old now that we are having another one ourselves" asked his wife. Total silence filled the room with that statement.

"Are you….. Are we….uh?" stuttered Draco

"Yes dear I am and we are." And Draco fainted onto the floor.

The End