Disclaimer: The creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! is Kazuki Takahashi. Any characters listed in this work fail to be in my possession.

Warning 1: Thou shall not steal. Plagiarism is a dastardly deed. Thank you.

Warning 2: No beta reader. Apologies for everything wrong in this extremely short work. This one-shot follows the English dub of the anime and the Americanized names. I've only seen a handful of episodes (up to the Battle City saga), so please forgive any uncharacteristic actions and emotions.

Dedication: To all readers who ponder over why there appears to be more Kaiba brother fics than Serenity and Joey Wheeler sibling pieces

One Hand

By Jan J. (or P.J.P.), Little Sister's Keepress

They were about to cross the street when he felt it. The gentle tugging at his hand as soft, dainty fingers curled against his own firm set. Her hand was now snuggled in his protective fortress of fingers. Smiling fondly at his sister's trusting grasp, he held her even tighter to him as they walked away from the sheltered spot under the trees on the sidewalk to the revealing expanse known as the road. Through this natural action, an observer could almost picture Joey as the vigilant Red Eyes Black Dragon, the ultimate guardian with his sinuous tail swathed securely around his young, as they practically glided over the turf.

Serenity would always unconsciously seek out his hand whenever they approached a street's entrance—whenever they descended into the unknown. It did not matter if she were a teenager or a toddler; her faith in him surpassed Time's chimes. It would not surprise Joey if she still clasped his hand in their seventies as they wobbled among other pedestrians before frozen traffic. Serenity's hand matched the confines of his completely. He granted no one else the responsibility of guiding her palm, for only he was her big brother. No one could serve as a proxy for him just as no one could supplant his Serenity. The connection to the other was deathless. He could never let go.