Alright…I really don't have an excuse to not updating. It's been a long time since I've had a really good chance to write. I've graduated high school, going off to college and have been stressed beyond belief. Maybe writing this will help me settle my nerves. If you're going to bitch me out b/c of not updating, I'd rather read it in a message than a review. I'm really going to try and keep updating every now and again, possibly every other week. I'll have some down time in between classes, so I'll write as much as I can.

For a while, I thought I was floating. I couldn't feel anything under me, and my body felt naked. My eyelids felt like lead, weighing me down and keeping me from seeing the person I wanted most: Mark. He and Roger were going to have a field day once I told them what Steve had done. He was one of the Boho's that I considered a part of the group. He was the one that I thought I could go to if anyone got hurt. He was the one that, if anything happened, we could go and talk to him and he'd be able to get things done. Now…now, he was going to be the bastard that raped Roger Davis' kid sister and Mark Cohen's girlfriend.

From behind my eyelids, light was above me. Something covered the top of me, and it felt warm but thin. I could hear beeps beside me and felt a sting on my arm and heard a woman's voice, one I didn't recognize saying something about waking up in a few minutes. I was already awake and wanting to move, to get up and dance and be thankful that I was alive. For some reason, my body wasn't responding. I was screaming for my body to get up, for my arms to work and my legs to run. The only thing I could do was to wait…and see if I woke up.

I still wasn't able to open my eyes, but sounds were a little bit better to me. I could hear footsteps coming towards me, though I couldn't tell who they were. Voices echoed throughout the room and I immediately recognized Roger, Mark, and Collins.

"Do you know anything about what happened to her? Other than the fact that she was…" Mark's voice sounded shaky, almost as if he was crying.

"No, I'm sorry Mr. Cohen. From the bruising and what's happened to her, I'd say that's all that happened."

"How long, doc?" Roger's voice was so faint; I barely caught what he had said.

"Well Mr. Davis, she's a strong girl. She shouldn't be in the hospital for more than a few days to get some tests. Your sister should wake up in a few hours, so we'll make sure that she knows you were here."

"We're not leaving. We're going to call our other friends and get them here."

"I see. Well, other than the tests, we're going to have to have her go to some counseling sessions here at the hospital, but they're…"

"There's a Life Support group that we go to every week. It's for people with AIDS, but everyone there knows Mark and Kay. They'll listen."

"You'll make sure that she goes, Mr. Collins?"

"We'll all make sure that she goes. We're all supportive and caring for her. We aren't going to let whoever did this get away."

Mark's voice rang low and clear through the room and by the silence, everyone was as surprised as I was at the intensity of his statement. It wasn't like Mark to be the one to make threats, especially because of Roger's temperament and the way he had acted in the past. I heard them leave, and wanted desperately to say "I love you" or "Thanks for stopping by" but another prick in the arm and again, blackness filled my mind.

My mind didn't feel as groggy as it had been, and my eyes decided to shift underneath. I could tell there were more people in the room from the voices. I could feel my extremities, smiling on the inside. Apparently, they had called the whole gang and were waiting around my bed.

"How much longer, Pookie?"

"Maureen, the doctor said a few hours. It could be anywhere from two to two hundred!"

"He was optimistic, Jo. He said a few, so it shouldn't be much longer."

"Roger, I know these cases. They always lie about the hours."

"I have my girlfriend in the hospital, Joanne. Could you not be a lawyer right now?"

"Sorry, Mark."

"Yeah…because being a lawyer is exactly what she doesn't do, Marky." I was able to croak out. It was strange hearing my voice so weak compared to theirs, but it wasn't long before their voices surrounded me, along with the bodies.

"Oh, Kay! We were so worried about you!"

"You nearly gave us a heart attack when we heard!"


"You're one tough gal, you know that?"

"Chika, you were under the snow for nearly an hour!"


"I'll let the doctor know you're awake. He'll want to give you the test results."

"GUYS!" Mark yelled out, making everyone jump including me. "Give her some breathing room, okay? Why not go out in the hall and come in one at a time? That way we're not suffocating her."

Everyone stared at Mark, but slowly filled out into the hall. I never noticed how much respect the group had for him, but they didn't question him when he talked before to the doctor or even when he ordered them out. He looked over and gave me a look that seemed to say "Don't worry; I'll take care of you." It didn't hit me until then that he was always going to be there for me, regardless of what happened. They came in one at a time, each as concerned as the one before. Maureen was near to tears and kept saying it was her fault for leaving me there with "that horrible bastard." Joanne was distraught, but said she would represent me in court. Roger brought the blanket that Dad had made him, mumbling something about him wanting me to have it. Collins and Angel came in together, both saying how strong I was and how everyone would be taking care of me when I got out.

Mimi took the longest to convince to come in. She leaned against the door frame, her arms hugging her waist. Roger was behind her, nudging her ever so slightly. It was painful seeing her so shaken from this; she was the one that found me, after all. I wouldn't blame her for being so standoffish, but she was my best friend, and I needed her there for me. I patted the bed beside me, trying to encourage her to come over and she nearly bolted from the door, kneeling with tears in her eyes.

"Oh, Kay! I'm so sorry about this."

"Mimi," I croaked out, "it's not your fault."

"I don't care! My best friend was…"

"Don't Mimi. We know." Mark stood on the other side, hovering over me. "We're going to make sure that she recuperates quickly and we're all going to help her with the sessions."

Mimi nodded, looking me square in the eye. "I want to find who did this and put them near to death."

I chuckled causing my ribs to hurt. "You and everyone else here."

She laughed, kissing me on the forehead. "I have to head to work, but I'll come by tomorrow. We all will." Mimi got up and left, sending me a small wave before heading out the door. Roger grabbed a nurse and asked for the doctor to come in and give the test results. Mark kissed me lightly and said that he'd be by early tomorrow. Roger was told that he could stay; he was the only "true" family member in the area. When the doctor came in and gave me the test results, I didn't open them immediately. Roger tilted his head and gave me a questioning look.

"You know something in that file, Kay. Spill."

"Rog, come on. You know that I would tell you and Mark everything."

"You're hiding something. What is it?" He gave me a look that I couldn't turn away from and opened the file. I flipped through the pages until I found the one that said whose DNA was in me. I handed him the paper and gave him an apologetic look. His face went from normal to purple.

"I didn't want anyone…"

"Steve fucking did this to you?" Roger knocked the chair over, making me wince and lean forward to take the paper back.

"I didn't want anyone…"

"You were in a near hypothermic state and beaten and raped because of that bastard STEVE?"

"I didn't want anyone…"

"Katherine Isabelle Davis, what didn't you want?"

"I didn't want anyone to know it was Steve!" I threw my hands down on the bed and gave him an exasperated look. I wanted to scream and yell, but I was too tired from being up for everyone. "I tried to fight him, but he just…" I motioned to the bruises on my arms. "The Café is our place to hang out and I didn't want anyone glaring Steve down while I was trying to ignore him!"

Roger stared at me. "Kay…are you serious? Even if it weren't someone we knew, we'd still be hunting him down and making sure that he didn't touch you. Now that we have this, we can put that bastard away!"

"What about the Café? Isn't Steve the owner?"

He shook his head and sat on the bed, grabbing my hand. "That doesn't matter. You're always concerned with other people and not about yourself. Do you see what he did to you?"

I shrugged. "It's just some bruising. It's nothing major."

"No, Kay. He raped you. That's not something you can forgive easily, and I'm going to make sure that everyone else knows who did this to you."

Shaking my head, I grabbed his hand with my other. "No, Roger. I'm telling two people, and you're telling none. Only two more people should know, and then let everyone else find out during court."

He nodded and smiled. "I'm guessing Mark and Joanne?" I smiled, and he kissed my forehead. "I'll make sure that they both see you tomorrow, roughly around the same time. Mark's going to have a field day."

The nurse came in and told Roger that visiting hours were over. He begrudgingly left, but not before giving me my favorite smile. I waved weakly back and lay back on the pillow.

"You know," the nurse began, "your boyfriend seems to think very highly of you."

"Oh, that wasn't…"

"I know the man that just walked out was your brother. Family members are allowed to stay overnight, but by the bags under his eyes, he hasn't been sleeping well. I was talking about the man who was here earlier: blue and red sweater, scarf, glasses."

I blushed slightly. "Oh…why would you say that?"

She shook her head, chuckling. "When you were admitted to the hospital, he didn't leave your side. During all the IV's, the needles and tests, he didn't move. He did, however, leave the room when we did one of the tests." She looked down to my feet and gave an apologetic smile. "He's quite the gentleman, you know." She inserted a small needle in, clear liquid shooting into my arm.

I thought about what she had said. Mark didn't leave my side at all, except for a test. He respected me too much to stay for something like that, and it didn't surprise me to hear this. I smiled faintly and looked to the nurse before whatever she gave me kicked in. "I know…and he's always going to be a gentleman for me. No matter what he does."