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Billys pov

Gone but, wait he's gone?
Hmm, I thought he was still here.
My skunk is gone, hmm, maybe it's with the reindeer.
Aww, no more giant pumpkin.
Now what am I supposed to do?
I know! I'll eat my steak sauce.
Hey wait! This is pooh!
Yay! Why are you readers still here?
Get lost you're boring me.

Mandys Pov

Yet another holiday ruined by an idiot from Grims past.

Why must humanity contuine to last? Up to me to save the world.

Ugh I see Billys bottom, I think I'm gonna hurl. I'm only here to save Grim's neck,

the power is mine, he is mine, the scythe is mine, and no stupid vegetable is going to take it all away.

You made have outsmarted me for a sec.

Yet now you're stuck in heck.

Grims Pov

So many enemies, can't you go after the knight instead?

Stupid Billy leaving me to lose my head. Your jokes are as bad as dose mimes.

Not really scared, just filled with rage, I wish you mortals could accept dat you die.

No, you have to make a fuss, give me back me scythe, I need my head, mon.

The idiots here, showing his rear, so is de bossy brat, still dey didn't outsmart you for long, you rat.

The nerd saved de day, still you got the last laugh. You know it wasn't dat funny, except for de bee part ahahahaha!

I didn't break our deal mon, you're just insane, have fun in Hell. Ugh I hate me life dese kids have ruined it.

Jacks Pov

"Best regards your mortal enemies. Well time to get vengeance...hmm..., on the nerd," he snickered. "Hey! How dare that rotten Reaper compare me to a mime!" Growling he took his sack and left to stalk the night.