Author Note: Evita Perón and Remus Lupin have little in common, but I love the musical and couldn't help thinking that Remus is also used to trouble—in his case earned by simply being a werewolf—and that he must anticipate rejection, even if he's resigned to it instead of hating it. Also, he knows that he'll get by somehow, because he always has before. This poem was inspired by chapter five of PoA, specifically the description of Remus' suitcase, and by chapter thirty of my story Moonlight and Shadow, after Sirius has fallen through the veil and Grimmauld Place is no longer safe. Thanks to Lalalalatina on MNFF for saying the poem should be longer. After an objective look (not always easy for writers:D) I decided she was right and added another stanza.


Another Suitcase in Another Hall


Loss is a suitcase

fastened with string

tightly knotted,

preventing painful memories

from spilling onto

tattered carpet.


Battered by life,

worn at the edges,

the case

still holds together

after many tragedies,

standing upright.


In one corner,

peeling letters reveal

the name

of a man

who carries loss

with dignity.


Remus John Lupin,

who found that

burdens shared

are burdens lightened

by the love of

Nymphadora Tonks