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The first family and the fight with he who should not be named

Chapter 1

The first family's secret

The first family of the United States had a secret, a very big secret. Everyone thought they were a normal family. Three children 6 year old Amy and the 16 year old twins. The public seen Amy a lot, but the 2 older children went to a secret boarding school, all that the public knew was that it was in the United Kingdom. They thought it was Northern Scotland, and it was also the same school that Mackenzie, Rod and their close friend Carl Brantly and Anthony Prado attended in their teenage years. The only time the media ever seen them was in the school vacation.

Mackenzie and Rod were saying a teary farewell to their 2 oldest children, who would be leaving until Christmas, they had to fly to London before going to Kingscross Platform 9 and 3 quarters, to get a train up to their school. They were both really looking forward to seeing all their friends and Horace was especially looking forward to getting back to his favourite sport Quidditch, but before that they would be visiting Diagon Alley, they had supplies to get, Becca was taking Advance potions this year after receiving many outstanding owls the previous year. Horace was excited to get back to his 2 best friends they were also twins by the name of Fred and George; they were extremely funny and played the best pranks on everyone. And best of all, he had got a new broomstick, a firebolt 3000

Mac kissed both her kids and Amy cried,

Amy: Mommy when can I please go to school too

Mac: Baby you have to wait until your letter comes when you are 11

Amy: But what happens if I don't get a letter,

Rod: of course you will honey, you can already fly your broomstick really great can't you.

Amy: Yes Daddy I can. I can go really really high. Becca what's Harry like, can you really see his scar?

Becca: For the millionth time, yes Amy,

So it was, the twins left for school, and Mac went to run the country, while Rod and her were part of a society called the Order of the Eagle, they had a sister company in the UK called the Order of the Phoenix, there main duty was fighting evil, and especially in these darker days, as he should not be named was growing closer. He was the one person whom Mac was afraid of.

This year was going to be an extremely adventuress for all of the first family

To be continued… …

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